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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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3.09 Hi rich from Bermy.
Bluey just read your post from last night. Everyone must be so pleased with Miles progress. Good work Miles, keep it up!
I will help you with your music, tell me who you like in different genres. I will suggest albums in that genre which I feel you would like. You could google them for more info.
I'm hip 12 seasons not years, you tricky little devil. I'm on to you.
Thank you for the update. I am been worrying about you. Hope all goes well. My prayers are with you.
to Evvie & Deb - my sincere sympathy on the loss of your kitties. It is always hard to lose a member of your family even if they are an animal. We have had many many pets, & shed tears every single time we lost one.
Eden - how wonderful that adoptive mothers get the same privileges. U.S. could learn a few things from your country!!
Ed - do you actually still play 'albums' instead of CD's? See, I told you I am ignorant! Bet you have a great sound system in your house along with that giant TV!!
Bluey: I hope that life on campus in Hawkesbury isn't like life on campus in Hobart. I had lots of headaches from the marijuana smoke coming from underneath everyone's doors, people would poo in the showers lots of people went to hospital with alcohol poisoning.
Kathy: All we need is better paternity leave my Husband got 3 days and i don't know if they were paid
Albums sound better than CD's due to the fact they are mostly analog rather than digital. Just as tube audio and recording equipment sound better than solid state. I have over 2000 albums but only 500 to 600 CD's I once sold 1500 +- albums to a music store in Bryn Mawr called Plastic Fantastic than bought half of them back. Lets keep the stupid remarks to a minimum.
Kathy, I always label music 'albums'.
Hope kitty's ONLY asleep!!!!
7min 27sec today, getting faster
I'm new to this. Can someone tell me what you mean by 'mAen'?
Oh I hope not Eden, she lives in a 'villa' with only 3 other girls and they have their own bathroom. She will be in her 3rd year when they go back and the girls she rooms with are all friends and so know each other pretty well. Buy they do have some wildish parties and those B & Ses - still you're only young once
Sorry suzy/oz it was Eden who commented about living on campus not you
kris from CT. Go back a couple of days and read the comments. (See Archive at the top of the page). There are a lot of explnations there.
MAEN is morning.afternoon,evening,night with capitalised alphabet for the time you greet from,coined by a sudoku lover on Gath's i.e. this great site to be used as an international net greeting to cover all times zones whichever day one is in.
kris From CT GOOD Maen to you.
Kris, the acronym 'MAEN' stands for Morning Afternoon Evening Night abd is a Sudoku word, curtesy of Sweta from India, as we have people from so many different time zones on here. The capital A neans that it was afternoon where the person was who posted it.
Thanks for the explanation. Good maeN to all!
what a terrible thing to do to a kitten it looks dead
I pro-claim you thirst of knowledgemaster.
Eden from Aus,
Whats wrong with a little headache?
Evvie & Deb,
Sorry for your loss. When we lose one we adapt an other one. Saving a life, but it still hurts.
I went to Sydney Uni, but lived in a flat with other people from my country town. For all but 2 nights a year we were very good. On those nights we had parties. Very loud, very noisy parties, no drugs but lots of alcohol...
I'm Australian but my girls were born in the US. Not long before my first was born (1993), CA and Clinton brought in the family leave bill which meant I got to have nearly 4 months off work, only the first 6 weeks of which were paid. I understand that in Oz all women can take up to 12 months, but in most cases it is unpaid. Some, like nurses it sounds like!!, have a better deal.
Bluey: I did 3 years at the Universtiy of Tasmania had a fight with a lecturer and he failed me so went to the University of Newcastle for 1 and a half years. Only lived on campus for the first year. i think there is more drug and alcohol abuse in tasmania because there is nothing else to do
I prefer drugs over alcohol.
My Uncle died of a drug overdose when i was quite young and have not been a big fan of drugs since. he was 33. now my brother who is 29 is a bit of a pot head i don't know what else he may or may not be using and i worry that he will end up cold and dead 6 foot under before too long. so i hope you More...
My most sincere apologies, I was kidding, I don't do either one. I eat clean, workout every day, meditate, and pray. I am also far from perfect. I have NEVER eaten at a McDonalds, Burger King or any other fast food joint. Please forgive my bad taste, it happens now and than.
I feel awful. It should bother you and it bothers me to have made the comment. I'm sorry.
you weren't to know. No hard feelings. I shouldn't be so sensitive anyway
You may not believe this, I am very sensitive, to a fault. So when I do or say some of the things I do it catches most people off guard. I need to be more careful here because so little is known about me.
4:04 Love the kitten but I didn't know eating was such hard work.
You are allowed to be what ever you want to be. And I would believe that you are a GOOD person. I find so many good people on this site, I am honored to be part of it.
4:04 was me. Too tired to sign my name I guess.
5:21 - And another cat! Why so many cats?
Sorry I get on so late and thanks for reading archives - must look for the other teachers! Just so glad to have weekend! You're an active commenter and help hold us together! GmaeN to all! Going to the Wild Animal Park (San Diego) for son's birthday - my baby's 25 now! But I'm only 30 - how did that happen??????????? Wishful thinking!
what does Maen mean??? sorry to be so dumb
I think if there was a contest between who was more sensitive i may just beat you. Don't worry about catching people off guard. It is just all part of getting to know each other. if someone on here doesn't accept you then there is always 100 or so other people that will. And if not from what you have said previously about your wife who needs the reat of the world when you have her.
Thx Anne....that is what I thought it was but wanted to check. GmaeN everyone.
just read some of the earlier comments - no explanation needed. thanks
MAEN = Morning Afternoon Evening Goodnight. you're not dumb, everyone asks.
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