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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I will get the second page started.
04/Feb/12 5:19 AM
See you later, folks.
04/Feb/12 5:19 AM
Oh, Jamie, I like doing the daily celebrations, even hunting for them and in some cases looking up why we celebrate.
Have not decided if I am continue, have noticed some repeats and some new days for the future, though. Then there are the days that I just love, like those clothes optional days, cannot ignore those days.
04/Feb/12 5:36 AM
I foresee the next few months to be very busy. If we do purchase MIL's house, I see us having to clean out two homes. She has been in hers for over 30 years, I think and we have been out here for over 10, that is a lot of stuff. Don't know about MIL, but I do not plan to take all this stuff with More...
04/Feb/12 5:43 AM
Saying that, this tush better get a girl down for her nap or we will have complications this afternoon. I don't care for complications.
04/Feb/12 5:44 AM
Karen, I for one enjoy you posting a reason to celebrate each day; I go looking for it. I wish your mother the best as she undergoes chemo; my heart goes out to you.
04/Feb/12 6:26 AM
04/Feb/12 6:53 AM
3.13 good morning all.
04/Feb/12 7:17 AM
Good afternoon to all! Now that would be a boating hazard at night!
04/Feb/12 7:25 AM
Neil, thanks for the jokes.
04/Feb/12 7:27 AM
Karen - so sorry to hear about your mother. Hope the treatments are successful. My thoughts are with you...♥
04/Feb/12 8:02 AM
Karen, keeping you and your family in my thoughts also.
04/Feb/12 8:41 AM
1:54 Morning All
04/Feb/12 9:12 AM
TTrying to add pictures of my wedding.
04/Feb/12 9:17 AM
Karen - big decision for you regarding MIL's house. I hate moving house, the thought of all the packing and cleaning sends me into a tailspin! I hope all goes well for your mother. Does she live near you?
04/Feb/12 9:19 AM
Three dogs were sitting in the waiting room of a vet's surgery. The first dog asked the second dog: "What are you here for?"
"I poop all over the house," said the second dog, "so I'm going to be put to sleep. What are you here for?"
The first dog More...
04/Feb/12 9:21 AM

I’m sick and tired of all this stuff like ‘Wear Red Day’ to help prevent heart disease in women (Nothing personal Captain J), ‘Stop Violence against Women’ campaigns, Pink Ribbon Day for breast cancer.

There are men and children in this world who also suffer from More...
04/Feb/12 9:41 AM
Good morning everyone, hope you're all well.
Karen, will try to keep your mother in my thoughts - all best wishes going to her. ♥
04/Feb/12 9:43 AM

Sorry to hear about your mum, Karen. Keeping your family in our thoughts and hoping for the best.

Not going to be an easy time for you but you can count on us all for support.
04/Feb/12 9:47 AM

I'll take the sixty.....was my age once!
04/Feb/12 9:48 AM
Thank you all for keeping my family in your thoughts, I do appreciate it very much. Most of you know that we have been going through this for years, so far we just take each step as it comes.

Mads, Mom is 25 minutes away
04/Feb/12 10:06 AM

Latest news........

Dust bunnies have killed the cleaning fairy..
04/Feb/12 10:45 AM
Those darn dust bunnies are just taking over.
04/Feb/12 10:48 AM

Feeling bored,.....looking for something to do?

Simply send texts to random numbers saying....

I'm pregnant!
04/Feb/12 10:49 AM

That ought to get a few hearts racing.............
04/Feb/12 10:50 AM
Amen Peter -- I fully agree that funding should go around - but the research for Breast CA does help others --- The reason mainly for more awareness for Women with heart disease - was that our symptoms can mimic others and we were not be listened to ---Thus -- remembering that Women need to also care for myselfs
04/Feb/12 10:54 AM
When I got marriage -- I have to paid 25 dollar fee for a fund that assisted women in abusive relationships -- now how about that for a marriage license ! seems - the government felt that most women that were abused where married - this funding was overturned - and 5 years later, I did get a refund -- yes, abuse can go both ways - most men don't talk about it - but it's there
04/Feb/12 10:57 AM
talk about FFS for the post above - I knew what I meant -- maybe it was a puzzle for you to figure out ???? I wore red today !
04/Feb/12 10:59 AM
Good morning.
04/Feb/12 11:06 AM
There is this strange yellow glow outside.
04/Feb/12 11:07 AM
It's familiar, but I haven't seen it for a while.
04/Feb/12 11:08 AM
Mr P says it's "sunshine".
04/Feb/12 11:08 AM
"Sunshine" is also 4T's name amongst his friends, and he's moved out - so maybe that's why I haven't seen it for a while.
04/Feb/12 11:15 AM
Did see 4T, though, yesterday.
04/Feb/12 11:16 AM
Woohoo...I'm back!!
Password sorted.. Thankyou Gath
It is NO fun having things to say and being muzzled by the inability to log in.
The Beanpad has been experiencing some communication difficulties but is up and running again... sort of... three cheers for mobile More...
04/Feb/12 11:51 AM
Ouch... that avatar was a bit out of date.. obviously haven't posted for a while!!
04/Feb/12 11:56 AM
Hi Bean, welcome back.
04/Feb/12 12:00 PM
Hey, it looks like...
04/Feb/12 12:00 PM
it's about time...
04/Feb/12 12:01 PM
for a page change.
04/Feb/12 12:01 PM
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