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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page 3.
04/Feb/12 12:02 PM
Guess I didn't have to hurry.
Is it my imagination or have the number of posts per day dropped rather dramatically since the first of the year?
04/Feb/12 12:22 PM
Maybe it's time to try a new deodorant soap, Hal.
04/Feb/12 12:51 PM
Hi Ho, I O, it's off to work I go.
04/Feb/12 1:14 PM
Welcome back Bean
04/Feb/12 1:42 PM
Have been for my loong walk this morning. I was much later leaving than I had planned and thought I would have a medium walk but once I started I turned into a Forest Gump and just kept going. Walked 20.8km 4hrs 10mins. My feet are a little weary . Now I have to go and hit the supermarket for the weekly shopping. But the coffee shop is on the way
04/Feb/12 1:47 PM

Welcome to the newbies! Hope you all have a good time here
Lyn from Lyn Collingridge
myspeedrider from Melbourne
lou from keighley
Copy of welcome.JPG]
04/Feb/12 1:51 PM
Geez, Jane, is it that bad?
04/Feb/12 1:52 PM
Ok I'll be back later see ya'
04/Feb/12 1:58 PM
I can't smell you HalT THat's not the reason I am going - I really have to buy food
04/Feb/12 1:59 PM
Go, Meg. Jane is a lot closer than you. And apparently she has a very sensitive nose.
04/Feb/12 2:04 PM
04/Feb/12 2:34 PM
2:19 Good morning one and all!

The "new" Busselton Jetty is well over a mile long (as was the old one, it's just been restored at great cost) and has an underwater deck to view the ocean life and a restaurant on the end. I haven't walked out as far as the restaurant yet. Next visit to Busselton I may.
04/Feb/12 2:48 PM
Hello everyone, like Greg said , it would be a danger at night.
LOL Neil great jokes.
04/Feb/12 3:00 PM
If anyone is interested, I have just uploaded a couple of photos of Busselton Jetty in My Gallery. Busselton is near Margaret River where GannieMo has visited before.
04/Feb/12 3:04 PM
All feels right now, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Was able to talk to mom, in person this evening. She said, she is tired and does not want to go through another round of chemo again, but will do it. She did some shopping therapy, which always puts her in a good mood, now step-father seemed like she would take up a different type of therapy.
Thanks again for your support.
04/Feb/12 3:22 PM
Just keep supporting her, Karen - sometimes that is all we can do (unfortunately).
04/Feb/12 3:46 PM
BIG hug Karen.
Thanks Hal & Meg .. it is good to be back.
Look forward to visiting Busselton aqgain one of these days.. good job with the upload Anne!
04/Feb/12 4:24 PM
Thanks Bean, and good to see you back on site.
They were the best of the few photos that I had taken.
04/Feb/12 4:44 PM
Good night people of the world.
04/Feb/12 4:50 PM
Where is everyone? Have just been out for tea with my mother and come back nearly 4hrs later and no posts in that time!!!
04/Feb/12 9:33 PM
No point sitting here talking to myself.... will go and feed animals and shut them up for the night
04/Feb/12 9:34 PM
I'm just back here too, Meg.
04/Feb/12 9:40 PM
And I just crawled in from work.
04/Feb/12 10:56 PM
A bit tired.
04/Feb/12 10:56 PM
Eating dinner as I type.
04/Feb/12 10:56 PM
Peanut butter on toast.
04/Feb/12 10:57 PM
And a cuppa. Life is good. Goodnight.
04/Feb/12 10:57 PM
That's it for me too...time for bed
04/Feb/12 11:52 PM
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