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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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It’s a brand new page.
04/Mar/10 4:08 AM
Now to go back & read...
04/Mar/10 4:09 AM
A Cool Morning here. 44° F. (6.6° C.) and foggy (But the fog is lifting).
04/Mar/10 4:16 AM
Very sunny and spring-like here today; actually saw a convertible with the top down yesterday. (No, it wasn't me.) Still crossing fingers for good ski conditions on Friday.
04/Mar/10 4:40 AM
Good day to all of you.
Sunny day in Cairo .
JUNE: have enjoyed your pictures of your trip .
04/Mar/10 5:54 AM
1:56 Maen! Nice photo of a lovely rose...
04/Mar/10 6:46 AM
Quiick hello - about to head out.
04/Mar/10 7:26 AM
A few days ago I posted this puzzler:

3 men are ina life boat adrift at sea, they have 4 cigarettes but no matches or lighters. How can each man smoke a cigarette?

There were a few clever responses, but no one really nailed the wording correctly!

Sorry I have not been back, More...
04/Mar/10 8:10 AM
If children were allowed to dig for coal, would they still be miners?
04/Mar/10 9:01 AM
We can take the fridge doors off but we cannot put them back in reverse position. And - good heavens - the engineer will not necessarily do the doors for me. He is "coming to look" at them and an 18 inch dent in the panelling sustained during delivery.
04/Mar/10 9:37 AM
I missed your puzzle, Glenn!
Probably best, I would have spent the day trying to come up with something to do with fire....rubbing two dried fish together, or some such thing.

Off to do the kitchen thing....
04/Mar/10 9:39 AM
Wow! What a slow day. Here's something for you to ponder while we wait for the site to liven up:


Stephen Stills, who went on to join Crosby, Stills, and Nash, originally tried out to be a Monkee. He didn’t get the part. Producers felt that he was losing too much hair and that his teeth were too bad.
04/Mar/10 10:16 AM
Rayray - I'm sure you are going bonkers by now with all your kitchen problems. Hope they're resolved soon. In the meantime why don't you just come over here and use my kitchen????
04/Mar/10 10:18 AM
04/Mar/10 10:19 AM
Good morning all!
June - those photos are spectacular! Thanks for posting them.
Fiona - my answer is on it's way to you.
Kathy - glad you had a nice birthday.
Glenn - 'a cigarette lighter'! So simple! Why didn't I think of that?
04/Mar/10 10:23 AM
Hi Kylz - you and I seem to get here at the same time each morning.
04/Mar/10 10:24 AM
Where am I, good ladies and gentlemen? Tis the morrow? Who so curteous to speak? Utter quiet tones of mortality, and such a thought would drift through my weary torso:

Come away, oh human child! To the waters and the wild.
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of More...
04/Mar/10 10:28 AM
I once put my fridge doors on my toaster. I found that if I also used the spring from my screen door (instead of the factory-authorized one) that it created a sufficiently powerful pop that it was useful to have the fridge doors to direct the toast upwards. The only problem was they landed on the More...
04/Mar/10 10:28 AM
Hither shall I sleep, ssh the Realms are quiet, go ye to your beds and rest. I bid thee good night.
04/Mar/10 10:30 AM
The toast flew off the ceiling fan, not the refrigerator doors. The refrigerator doors were firmly attached to the toaster.
04/Mar/10 10:32 AM
Okay Glinda I'll add that to my words and see if it fits. (Momentarily out of costume).

Hither shall I sleep, though toast did cease to draw breath in the heights of the squirrel kingdom. Sire Squirrelius watched with quiet eye to see his reflection in the fridge doors of the Glinaric kingdom.
04/Mar/10 10:38 AM
Survivor Montana Style

Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows, Montana is planning to do its own, titled 'Survivor - MontanaStyle.'

The contestants will start in Missoula, travel over to Butte and Bozeman and then, they will head North to Great Falls, down south to Lincoln. More...
04/Mar/10 10:38 AM
Nroc Inu travelled to the forest with quiet eye, hoping to find his way to the Glinaric kingdom. But alas, the fair Eitreb would have none of it and thwarted his path most thwartingly, stretching gossamer socks between the trees to knock him off his steed, the noble Zaj, and his kitten, Skraps.
04/Mar/10 10:43 AM
Where has Appy been this long while??
04/Mar/10 10:45 AM
A striking delicate shade of pink.
04/Mar/10 11:47 AM
Yes Jane. I would like to come over to your kitchen right now!
Here - the fridge won't let me reverse the doors and it is a very heavy fridge to move - even enpty. At my age I am not into tapping screw-holes underneath the base of a heavy fridge; holes that should already have threaded by the More...
04/Mar/10 12:30 PM
1:50, hi all.
04/Mar/10 1:00 PM
Good Afternoon All.
Will get my internet allowance back soon.
Rayray I am exhausted just reading your woes.
Take care.
04/Mar/10 1:25 PM
Back again - off work for a further 2 weeks and then I may be allowed to do 4 hour shifts of light duties, admin......
04/Mar/10 3:08 PM
I am not allowed to go to the conference in New Zealand that I had booked and paid for.
04/Mar/10 3:08 PM
And such is the power of the compensation/return to work people, it is possible I may not be allowed to take the 3 weeks annual leave I have already been granted, nor to travel to the UK as I had planned!!
04/Mar/10 3:10 PM
I aspire to be Maxine:

Sassy, classy and kicking assy!!!
04/Mar/10 3:12 PM
And - I'm at that age when I need my own warning label!
04/Mar/10 3:13 PM
Jane... to add to your useless information.... I graduated from the same High School as Stephen Stills: Colegio Lincoln in Moravia, Costa Rica. He used to walk up and down the halls of the school with his guitar, playing his favorite song... "Puff The Magic Dragon". It became the unofficial school song.
04/Mar/10 3:44 PM
Is the rose "Princess de Monaco" or "Seduction".
WE have both and I can't tell one from the other.
04/Mar/10 4:02 PM
Hi all, beautiful rose,who ever submitted it thanks. CP, I think they just like to stuff up our lives some of these govement people.
04/Mar/10 4:31 PM
CP - your woes sound like my hubby's 9 months off work after his shoulder reconstuction - all of which we funded ourselves. Not fun!
04/Mar/10 5:29 PM
Lovely rose.
04/Mar/10 8:11 PM
Yes the rose is magnificent.
I love the white with the flush - or better to say - 'blush' - of pink.
In the old days one would say it is like "a blushing bride" - but these days brides don't blush anymore - they know it all already!
nod -nod--know what I mean -nod-
04/Mar/10 8:39 PM
Just in time........
04/Mar/10 8:40 PM
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