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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Welcome to page 4.
04/Mar/11 3:26 PM
Well, let's try for a CP.
04/Mar/11 3:28 PM
OK, where is everyone??
04/Mar/11 3:29 PM
Must they be mutually exclusive (being fromover the rainbow or from Colorado)? I've been over the rainbow and I'm here to tell you that pot is full of pyrite. So where are you off to? We can play "Where in the world is Hal"? hmm, maybe you should not tell and then make us guess from your pics
04/Mar/11 3:29 PM
Could Gath ever have imagined what he was creating when he developed this puzzle page? It's been amazing that people have traveled across town and across oceans to meet each other, but supporting another member by attending her son's funeral is so outstanding it brings tears to my eyes.
04/Mar/11 3:30 PM
Any comment Gath? What do you think of what you have created?
Past my bedtime. Good night all.
04/Mar/11 3:40 PM
Sarah... When Ruby passed away, none of us could make it to her funeral, but those of us on the SA pages made sure that there were flowers from us there. Ruby was like family, and we still miss her.
04/Mar/11 3:40 PM
It is wonderful how close we have become to one another.
04/Mar/11 3:41 PM
Oops, sorry Shannon. We are going on a Caribbien cruise next week. Then our 50th in June and a trip to the Dakotas in September.

04/Mar/11 3:47 PM
Good night people of the world.
04/Mar/11 3:52 PM
great, now I've got Billy Ocean running through my head,lol. g'night
04/Mar/11 3:55 PM
I am tired. TM has had me helping him with records for the local volunteer fire dept. There is a backlog of reports that need to be filed. This will change.
Only one new calf today, a heifer.
04/Mar/11 4:41 PM
Hello all!

For those who remember Beehive, he's in Albany over this long weekend and I'm catching up with him at Dylans for a coffee. It's been awhile since I caught up with him so looking forward to having a chat with him.
04/Mar/11 6:17 PM
Hello everyone,another great photo from NZ.
Sarah/DC, I agree with what you are saying, I also had tears in my eyes. Thank you Sheila and Nancy for supporting Debby for all of us.
Anne, I remember Beehive say hello for me.
04/Mar/11 6:38 PM
And from me, Anne.
04/Mar/11 7:09 PM
I had a lovely time with Beehive at Dylans.
I passed on a couple of "hellos" to him and if I see him again over the weekend, I'll pass yours on too, CP.
He's well and said to say hello to everyone who remembers him and to those who asked me to pass it on to him.
04/Mar/11 9:06 PM
Off to bed - goodnight!
04/Mar/11 9:42 PM
I'm so impressed with this tight knit family of sodukoland. ...glad to be here and thank you for the 'welcomes'.
04/Mar/11 11:07 PM
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