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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I think it's the latter, Mary. Nobody seems to care, especially with all this text message slang around.
05/Oct/08 1:46 PM
another TOPP!
05/Oct/08 1:47 PM
I am going to have a quick snack and then go to bed. I am going to meet my dad for lunch tomorrow and then go to a retirement party. So much for being a couch potato tomorrow!
05/Oct/08 1:48 PM
All Hail the Queen, Heidi
05/Oct/08 1:49 PM
I have a feeling that I am going to regret walking to the Elks today, my legs are already getting sore!
05/Oct/08 1:51 PM
hey Heidi, I only asked because I copied the report from the newspaper and it was niggling me that it didn't 'look right'. Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy
05/Oct/08 2:00 PM
Then.... Three cheers for "Old and Grumpy"!!!
05/Oct/08 2:25 PM
I do believe my SM has been reinstated - TY Gath
05/Oct/08 2:26 PM
OR NOT ! (yet)
05/Oct/08 2:27 PM
I don't believe that we should ever lower our standards!
05/Oct/08 2:27 PM
Hello Col. Having an interesting day?
05/Oct/08 2:28 PM
Had a lovely day yesterday catching up with the extended family. thank you Angie and Bruce for a lovely day. Wongerful to see and cuddle baby Flynn and of course Gath and Kym, Bruce and Angie and girls, Em and Mark and girls from WA. Col and kids from ballarat, Mickey and Damien and kids, Mon and More...
05/Oct/08 2:28 PM
wishing you a very happy birthday today
hope you have a lovely relaxing day
05/Oct/08 2:29 PM
I've always loved that "ancient Chinese curse"....
"May you live in interesting times."
05/Oct/08 2:29 PM
~~~~~~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ditto - what Rosemary said !

A very very very special Thankyou for Angie, Bruce, Bec, Telly, Emily and Mon for putting up with us, putting on such a special day and for eating the leftovers for the next 2 weeks. Thanks for Angie's More...
05/Oct/08 2:33 PM
And I shall third what both Mum and Col said!!!

had a ball, Flynn is just adorable ( looks very much like his daddy though I reckon he has Kyms nose!!)

Thank you angie bruce and the girls for a wonderful day.... very tired today but was very much worth it
05/Oct/08 2:45 PM

05/Oct/08 2:45 PM
2:26 to you all from rainy Beijing.

Maureen and I went to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Ming tombs, The Temple of Heaven, the Antiquities market, and the Silk Market here in Beijing.

In Xi'an, accompanied by one of the students in the nanocenter, we saw the More...
05/Oct/08 4:06 PM
Oi!! Why wasn't I invited??!!! sniff, sniff.
05/Oct/08 5:32 PM
So jealous...!!!!I really miss all you guys!
Glad you had a fabulous day!!
05/Oct/08 5:34 PM
Manly 18, Melbourne 0, with 26 minutes to go!
05/Oct/08 5:35 PM
05/Oct/08 5:36 PM
And one more, just for the CP. Everyone else must be watching the football.
05/Oct/08 5:37 PM
Hello everyone, Jaz enjoy your day.
05/Oct/08 5:46 PM
Not me CP I would rather be on the pooter lol
05/Oct/08 5:50 PM
I love the colour of your rose avatar Rosemary great to see you posting.
05/Oct/08 5:52 PM
Its a nice old homestead just wouldn't want to mow the lawn.LOL
05/Oct/08 5:54 PM
If CP can cp sop can I hehe
05/Oct/08 5:54 PM
Football? Finished in August
05/Oct/08 5:58 PM
Hubby just told me Manly won 40-nil
05/Oct/08 6:08 PM

Just arisen - at least most of me has -
- to a dreadful day of weather. Darkening dismal clouds; Howling chilling wind; driving drenching rain; sodden squelching ground. I doubt the rest of me will want to get up at all today.
05/Oct/08 6:29 PM
Thats when you nee a laptop Rayray so you can stay in bed.
05/Oct/08 6:31 PM
oops nee=need lol
05/Oct/08 6:57 PM
Oh Dear!!! 40-0 what a whitewash!!! Congratulations to Manly they were the better team on the day.
05/Oct/08 6:58 PM
Happy Birthday Jaz I hope you had a great day.

I just want to say I had a great time yesterday, it was wonderful to catch up with everyone again, I feel like I've been gone for ages
05/Oct/08 7:58 PM
2:28. A little slow today, but that's nothing to do with the nice South African Cab Sav I had with dinner!
05/Oct/08 8:12 PM
Happy birthday Jaz.
05/Oct/08 8:14 PM
05/Oct/08 8:18 PM
it's time...
05/Oct/08 8:19 PM
to go...
05/Oct/08 8:19 PM
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