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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Feb/08 1:26 AM
Is that a chicken nugget?
06/Feb/08 1:28 AM
Hmmm....lots to comment on. I don't about a 1969 Qld flood, the big one was 1967, but Judy/Bendigo, Mareeba would be the first town threatened if Tinaroo Dam gave way/overflowed. The hydro plant is still working as far as I know. I don't think the dam could be described as a white elephant as it is More...
06/Feb/08 1:28 AM
Good morning all. We had rain and we got rid of a lot of snow but......more snow is on the way. We have not had a winter like this in awhile.
06/Feb/08 1:29 AM
Remember, he's only to help you flip the page GannieMo!
06/Feb/08 1:30 AM
Victoria, disappointed to hear you won't be visiting at Easter, maybe later?
CynB and Jane, the worst thing about the government importing the cane toad to fix the cane beetle problem is that the toads didn't even control the beetles. Toads have no natural enemies, will poison anything that More...
06/Feb/08 1:36 AM
you're up late tonight Susan.
06/Feb/08 1:36 AM
and with that she went to bed!
06/Feb/08 1:37 AM
06/Feb/08 1:49 AM
Susan - One of the worst "fixes" our government instituted was the importation of kudzu to prevent soil erosion in the southeastern states. This plant is totally out of controld, covers over 7 million acres of land in the southeastern states and has decimated many local plant species. More...
06/Feb/08 1:52 AM
GMo- AHHHHH......My eyes!!! They're burning!! I can't believe you sent me that calender!! I'm passing it on right now!
06/Feb/08 2:02 AM
Then there are the 'fake' ladybugs. They were imported to control aphids in crops in the midwest. Now they are all over and contrary to the cute little native ladybug beetles, they bite! They can cover the south side of our house in fall where the sun hits it.
06/Feb/08 2:05 AM
Shiela - I celebrate Mardi Gras by eating lots of chocolate. I usually abstain from chocolate during lent. Talk about meaningful sacrifice! Usually hubby and I go to our favortie restaurant for dinner, but not this year. Hubby has clients in town so I will be dinning with our 3 kids.
06/Feb/08 2:16 AM
The U.S. government is just as bad. We are always having weekends to remove some plant or other.
06/Feb/08 2:16 AM
2:14. Good Maen to All.
06/Feb/08 2:29 AM
a blast from the past from the Waterboys on my youtube - for those who remember good eighties music!
06/Feb/08 2:40 AM
CHECK THIS OUT!!! Thanks to Gath, I have found a way to post on my page a link to the "Sudokudos Cookbook". I took all the recipes from the recipe page and organized them into a workable cookbook. Go to my page, and click on the link provided to access it. Enjoy!
06/Feb/08 2:57 AM
06/Feb/08 3:00 AM
2:25 It's soggy here, too, Stella and Debby, but we'll see what the predicted "storm" brings tonight.
For those celebrating Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes, I hope you're using Canadian syrup!
06/Feb/08 3:03 AM
everyone from sunny SW Arizona ...
Jane .. they did the same thing to the Colorado River. In the late 1850, they introduced several species of Tamarisk for erosion control. Now it has taken over and choked out many of the native plants alone the Colorado River and its More...
06/Feb/08 3:23 AM
1:37 Maen! Awwwww, that's a cute little baby. Was that zwieback he (she?) was eating?
06/Feb/08 3:35 AM
06/Feb/08 3:56 AM
The worst introducd pest round here is the Japanese Knotweed. It was introduced as a decorative garden plant by the Victorians, but it has gone beserk. It has thick invasive rhizomes that destroy the fabric of walls and buildings. It is very difficult to eradicate because it grows deep and is resistant to many herbicides
06/Feb/08 4:15 AM
I have just examined your cyber-cook-book. It is fantastic. What an idea!! - and completed so quickly. You have been working hard.
06/Feb/08 4:28 AM
Jane, I, too, am impressed with your cookbook. Very well done.

People in California bemoan the introduction of Eucalyptus trees from Australia as a species that takes over and chokes out native plants.
06/Feb/08 4:33 AM
It's very good Jane, thank you for your time and effort xx Just finished going through it.
06/Feb/08 4:40 AM
Shrove Tuesday = "Fasching Dienstag" in Germany. Fasching (Carnival) is celebrated widely and most cities had parades on Sunday. Cologne and Mainz are the main places to go to celebrate.
06/Feb/08 4:47 AM
Oops! Just noticed that I omitted a definition for the first item in the glossary of the cookbook. It should read: BAKING POWDER (US) - Contains sodium bicarbonate (like baking soda), but also includes an acidifying agent (cream of tartar) and also a drying agent (usually startch).
06/Feb/08 4:52 AM
Thank you for the comments on the cookbook. Hopefully, it will make searching for recipes a little easier!
06/Feb/08 4:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! Cute photo today. Whose child is this?
06/Feb/08 5:09 AM
Wow! Thanks, Jane, for the cookbook! I've added it to my "favorites".
06/Feb/08 5:18 AM

Back to the early '70s. Enjoy the Hollies performing "Long Cool Woman."
06/Feb/08 5:19 AM
Thanks to Jane for her hard work putting the cookbook together. It looks fabulous, but I didn't see a recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce? Perhaps I will add to it.

Thanks to CGreg for sending Gath an email about the T-shirts. He responded on that forum page.
06/Feb/08 5:21 AM
Jane: Great stuff, but where is the recipe for boiled eggs!
06/Feb/08 5:21 AM
Hi Angie (W). Yes, I noticed he gave a preliminary decision on his choice for best design!
06/Feb/08 5:22 AM
06/Feb/08 5:25 AM
There is much more to boiling an egg than you might think. At the worst if you forget about it and the pan boils dry the egg EXPLODES and replasters th kitchen walls and ceiling.
06/Feb/08 5:37 AM
Love the cookbook Jane! Will we be able to add to it over time?

06/Feb/08 6:18 AM
I wrote a note in my own page to thank all of you who have visited me for Christmas and in January...if you may, take a minute to go to my place and read it...many thanks...
06/Feb/08 6:23 AM
Good Tuesday Maen, all!

Jill/OH: I LIKE your idea of eating chocolate on Mardi Gras! (are you with me, André?) I made a pan of Peppermint Bark Brownies this weekend and had a piece for my breakfast dessert just now...

Will check out the cookbook, then it's
off to vote cuz it's also Super Tuesday here in California!
06/Feb/08 6:28 AM
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