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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/May/18 12:00 AM
Good morning HalT
06/May/18 12:11 AM
Hal, Wow_Axel & everyone!
Cooler, more springlike and a little of both sun & clouds.
Variety is good... right?
06/May/18 1:02 AM
TftD: Why do people check when you tell them the paint is wet?
06/May/18 1:11 AM
Everybody!! Or more to the point, HalT and Shiela! Hopefully more later.
06/May/18 1:14 AM
Interesting picture. Pristine, impenetrable birch grove?
06/May/18 1:41 AM
06/May/18 2:10 AM
06/May/18 2:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
06/May/18 2:39 AM
It must be a delightful day everywhere - only 8 appearances so far and it is midafternoon here! Happy day to all!
06/May/18 4:53 AM
Here's to a successful & uneventful recovery, DoA!
06/May/18 4:54 AM
Be sure to check out Wombat's new poozle which he posted on the previous day's chatter board.
06/May/18 4:55 AM
06/May/18 5:03 AM
Morning all,Greg should be happy, no snow in that picture.
06/May/18 6:21 AM
1:38. Good morning everyone.
06/May/18 6:23 AM
I don't think my new knee likes cold weather, feels a bit better since I've been up and moving around.
06/May/18 6:28 AM
up & moving is good Amelia. You go gril - keep working it!
06/May/18 8:07 AM
06/May/18 9:29 AM
Best wishes to everyone. Thanks to Joyce for reminding people about the poozle.
I've had 5 responses so far and they are all correct. It would be lovely to have some more.
06/May/18 10:11 AM
I hope all those who have had their limbs improved, are making good progress. Both Amelia and DoA seem to be doing well, and Plum is continuing to make progress.
06/May/18 10:15 AM
I'll leave 22 for Keith, so stir yourself Keith and take your favourite.
06/May/18 10:16 AM
Morning all, what a wonderful autumn day it is!! Have a good one.
06/May/18 11:07 AM
Missed that one Keith so I'll just wish everybody a good day. We're having rain and quite sever squalls this morning but at least it makes the grass green. do you ever drive past a herd of cattle or horses in this weather when they have their backs to the weather direction and think - poor buggers?
06/May/18 12:03 PM
Thought I turned to medium but not so. I've just done this puzzle again
06/May/18 12:08 PM
Ah well, busy doing other stuff during the critical time. Thx for leaving it for me, Wombat. Too bad I didn't rise to the occasion.
06/May/18 12:09 PM
Welcome Snazz, nice to see a new name in the comments.
06/May/18 9:11 PM
06/May/18 11:21 PM
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