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Easy Sudoku for 6/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jun/15 12:00 AM
HalT & everyone!
Going to see the grand-twins this evening! Yippee!
06/Jun/15 12:02 AM
I remember Rocko.
06/Jun/15 12:10 AM
06/Jun/15 12:14 AM
Gidday from WA, Walpole.
06/Jun/15 12:26 AM
Hello Hal, Shiela, Serena, broni, and wow - Mr. Cee! ...as well as the later arrivals.
06/Jun/15 12:47 AM
Do I ''see'' Mr. Cee???
Hi Broni! Nice to see you checking in as you travel along!
Nice to see everyone else, too, of course.
06/Jun/15 1:37 AM
I dream of a better world
where chickens can cross
the road without having
their motives questioned……
06/Jun/15 1:40 AM
... and, DorA ... pigs can fly for no particular reason!
06/Jun/15 1:53 AM
Si, Senora! You CAN see Mr. Cee! Way there over the sea!
06/Jun/15 1:56 AM
I may have had too much coffee this morning ...
06/Jun/15 1:57 AM
Every once in a while, I go to nal's Flickr page, just because there are so many beautiful photographs there. She has a wonderful tribute to Rocko in her photos.
06/Jun/15 2:11 AM
, y'all! Prep going on for our rafting trip today! WE ARE PUMPED!!
06/Jun/15 2:34 AM
Since I won't be here this weekend and Greg isn't able to put a puzzle up, I'm posting the weekend rebus early for top-siders, and on time for our Aussie group! If anyone asks tomorrow where a weekend puzzle is, refer 'em to today . Answers to my 'Rolling on the River' inbox.
06/Jun/15 2:42 AM

Nice weather here today to have doors and windows open. But it will all be closed up again tomorrow with a high in the low 60s. Hopefully, the furnace won't kick back on for the day. Following day might be warm enough for the air conditioning!
06/Jun/15 2:42 AM
Haven't had a joke for a while so here goes.

The Italian Wedding

I was a very happy man.

My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year.
so we decided to get married.

There was only one little thing bothering me.

It was her beautiful More...
06/Jun/15 2:42 AM
I love Rocko's face. So full of love, and we can tell what a faithful pal he was.
06/Jun/15 2:42 AM
Silvergal - Have a great weekend with the Scouts and rafting.
06/Jun/15 2:43 AM
Run for it time.
06/Jun/15 2:52 AM
Might I be alone?
06/Jun/15 2:53 AM
Here goes.
06/Jun/15 2:53 AM
06/Jun/15 2:53 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Nice to see Rocko's kind face today
06/Jun/15 2:56 AM
06/Jun/15 2:57 AM
Thank you to all my friends at sudoku who wished me a speedy recovery.
06/Jun/15 5:11 AM
Is there supposed to be a space in the second keet?
I don't think so..
06/Jun/15 6:40 AM
Morning all, sweet memories for nal.
Dottie, not sure how far you are from Dublin , Ohio but I know you live there somewhere. You may have guessed the golf is being played there.⛳️
06/Jun/15 6:45 AM
I am here!
06/Jun/15 7:21 AM
Where is everyone
06/Jun/15 7:31 AM

Good question Sue.

I know I is here.
06/Jun/15 8:35 AM

Judy Judy Judy

There is NEVER enough coffee.
06/Jun/15 8:36 AM
Twice in one day, Mr Cee?
06/Jun/15 9:08 AM
Sue, where've you been?
06/Jun/15 9:09 AM
Good morning all.
06/Jun/15 9:09 AM
-4C frost this morning, but lovely and sunny outside now and headed for a top of 14C.
06/Jun/15 9:11 AM
Had one of the worst night's sleep for ages lasst night.
06/Jun/15 9:12 AM
So, heading out to do some errands, and then it might be an early nana nap for me.
06/Jun/15 9:13 AM
And for poor Mr P who had lots of wakeups with my restlessness and getting out of and back to bed multiple times overnight.
06/Jun/15 9:15 AM
06/Jun/15 9:15 AM
Ready, steady, go...
06/Jun/15 9:16 AM
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