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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Prostate - Flat on your back

...and here's today's factoid:
Q. Who invented swim fins? A. Benjamin Franklin
07/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Good morning. Lovely poppies. Another hot day expected today but worse predicted for tomorrow (Tuesday)
07/Jan/13 12:03 AM
07/Jan/13 12:18 AM
I'll wait for Vici . . .
07/Jan/13 12:19 AM
I waited. This one's for you, my dear buddy!
07/Jan/13 12:28 AM
Now onto my fav number . . .
07/Jan/13 12:28 AM
getting close . . .
07/Jan/13 12:28 AM
07/Jan/13 12:28 AM
07/Jan/13 12:29 AM
And a CP, too!
07/Jan/13 12:29 AM
That was bloody quick, shosho.
07/Jan/13 12:29 AM
Well, got before you came in!!! How are you CP (Cutie Pie)!
07/Jan/13 12:30 AM
When I posted my hearts the count was on 4.
07/Jan/13 12:30 AM
Should I take Queen Anne's number? Why not?!?
07/Jan/13 12:31 AM
Okay - but at work.
07/Jan/13 12:31 AM
Ooops, I didn't but you did!
07/Jan/13 12:31 AM
You are in a naughty mood.
07/Jan/13 12:32 AM
Okay you go back to work . . . catch a baby for me!
And I'll go for a run
07/Jan/13 12:32 AM
07/Jan/13 12:32 AM
See ya later! Report back please! Would like to know if the next citizen of Australia was caught by you!
07/Jan/13 12:33 AM
What a time to arrive.
07/Jan/13 1:36 AM
07/Jan/13 1:36 AM
Interrupted the CP & shosho show show.
07/Jan/13 1:39 AM
California poppies blanket the hillsides in the Spring. Very prolific wildflower. I had no idea until I went to Spain in the Spring, that they have a blood red version that appears identical in every respect except flower color.
07/Jan/13 1:47 AM
I'm b-a-c-k!
07/Jan/13 1:51 AM
07/Jan/13 1:52 AM
Good morning people in the world.
07/Jan/13 1:57 AM
Cuddle Up Day
07/Jan/13 1:58 AM
Comfortably busy here, and yes, SHaron, I'll be welcoming a new little (Vietnamese) Australian before I go home this morning.
07/Jan/13 2:02 AM
Big mix-up re work tonight (6th). I thought I was on the 7th, but the system had me on the 6th.
07/Jan/13 2:05 AM
So I got a phone call as I sat in my jammies literally about to go to bed. 'You're supposed to be here'. Quickly into my scrubs and off I went. Bonus: I don't have to work tonight!!!!!
07/Jan/13 2:11 AM
Has anyone else seen Quartet?
07/Jan/13 2:13 AM
It may be a bit British for some, but I thought it was lovely, and the music was exquisite.
07/Jan/13 2:14 AM
07/Jan/13 2:21 AM

I, on the other hand, didn't realize there were poppies any color BUT red. I guess I've never been in California when they are blooming.
07/Jan/13 2:33 AM
Funny, Kathy, I didn't realize that poppies were any color but orange! Although I did learn about the Coastal poppies which were a variation of the orange. They're yellow with the orange center, same shade of orange as the California poppies.
07/Jan/13 2:42 AM
The answers to yesterday's MATH poozle: A=12 B=16 C=10 D=20 E=26 F=18 G=2 H=6

Just in time for the New Year, winners Serena, Jamie, Shosho, Keith, and youkidme receive this amazing 2013 calendar so they may have a chuckle-a-day at some persons misfortune at the hands of a wacky medical professional.
07/Jan/13 2:44 AM
Ooooh, that's scary!!!
07/Jan/13 2:46 AM
As long as I'm here . . .
07/Jan/13 2:46 AM
07/Jan/13 2:47 AM
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