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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Why Knot?
07/Dec/13 6:08 AM
Was that really necessary. You could have just wee'd!
07/Dec/13 6:16 AM
Bee-ing the courteous person, I am, and not having enough umbrellas to pass around, I just had to pass.
07/Dec/13 6:25 AM
Seems like you only need one brolly anyway. No other bugger around.
07/Dec/13 6:29 AM
Easy 1 - 9 puzzle today. I love the reward of that beautiful child. I just wish it had a caption.

I'm ready for the winter storm that's hitting now. Freezing rail and sleet right now, and moving into snow within the hour. I'm glad that we have plenty of food in a nice, warm house.
07/Dec/13 6:29 AM
Hello everyone
07/Dec/13 6:56 AM
DorA - thanks for that link - just wonderful!!!
07/Dec/13 6:56 AM
Nice pix, DOA.
07/Dec/13 7:09 AM
Well Beehive. What brings you out of your honeycomb? Good to hear from you Buzzy.
07/Dec/13 7:10 AM
Good morning.
07/Dec/13 7:13 AM
Up early for some reason.
07/Dec/13 7:14 AM
Could it be excitement?
07/Dec/13 7:14 AM
We drive up to Sydney today to go the The Lion King.
07/Dec/13 7:15 AM
With a short visit to the grandies I hope.
07/Dec/13 7:16 AM
Good morning everyone. When I was moving cattle the other day, I almost tried on a snake near the dam. I went home to grab my camera, but when I got back the snake had decided to scarper, but the platypus was out and about on the dam. I've put 3 photos of it on my page.
07/Dec/13 8:12 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
07/Dec/13 8:38 AM
Uh-Sacky, I try avoid trying on anything snake, anywhere, at anytime.
Man had a snake skin belt one time, I even avoided that. Do not think I would survive long enough to get a picture of one.
07/Dec/13 8:41 AM
Well, to add to, my impending heart condition, the bus driver decided to help it along. Each day, my darling is dropped off, at the same spot at 3:16, there are days, she is dropped off a few minutes early, which helps my breathing tremendously, and there have been a few days, where the bus has More...
07/Dec/13 8:50 AM
Becoming a parent, has given me a different perspective on parenthood. For those of you who survived it, way to go. You have my utmost admiration.
07/Dec/13 8:52 AM
Did the driver forget to stop or just change her routine to get your adrenalin going, Karen?
07/Dec/13 8:55 AM
Keith I answered your question on my photo.
07/Dec/13 8:55 AM
Karen, snakes will generally go in the opposite direction to you. If you know where they are and keep your distance there is not too much to worry about. It's the ones in the long grass, that you can't see that cause the problem.
07/Dec/13 8:58 AM
Oh, Sacky, I stay under my belief, that if a snake is in my vicinity, there is a problem. A huge problem.

As for the drop off, we are having a strange, winter day. It is very cold, wet and icy out. There are three kids, dropped off at City Hall, that are in less than a two minute walk home. More...
07/Dec/13 9:11 AM
Nicely done ... I could tell what it was.
07/Dec/13 9:54 AM
everybody. I decided it was time to dispense with my Michigan M. They didn't have a very good football season this year, & the last game was a heartbreaker. Dottie's Ohio State team beat us 42-41 in the final game last Sat. So I'll switch to something that makes me happier - our wonderful dog Ebony.
07/Dec/13 10:31 AM
This has been such a busy week. I've caught up with the laundry from our two weeks away, but not the mail. We babysat Chase Tues., Thurs, & Fri., & consequently I haven't had much spare time for computer stuff, Christmas preparations, etc., etc. I'm getting to be more of a lurker here than a More...
07/Dec/13 10:42 AM
Kathy, it's getting to the point where your posts are surprise visits. Noice to see you on the site.
07/Dec/13 12:32 PM
Yes, Keith--much better than when the pieces are too big to fit in th frame!
Good maeN, all.
07/Dec/13 12:33 PM
every one.
07/Dec/13 1:39 PM
UnclePaul and Mr.ED - Geez, you two haven't been around for a while. What brought you back?
07/Dec/13 1:47 PM
Maybe we should plan a big reunion someday??? Have a great weekend everyone.
07/Dec/13 2:04 PM
Going to be kind of nippy out tonight. The weather guesser says 11 °F.
07/Dec/13 2:07 PM
Finally have internet again. Had an ice storm yesterday so we normaly loose the net. We did get snow last night, predicting we will get more tomorrow. All the schools were closed today.
07/Dec/13 2:25 PM
Not too far behind on the temp 16F here, if I do ti in C then it -9.
07/Dec/13 2:27 PM
Everybody. It's chilly here but only a little snow. Most of the snow and ice has fallen south of here. Grass was lightly covered today, but concrete was still clear. Probably won't be so lucky this weekend!
07/Dec/13 2:30 PM
So with nothing else to do today and Kevin was home- he is my helper- I decided to make christmas cookies. I know they won't last until Christmas but they sure are good.
07/Dec/13 2:34 PM
Dottie, I think the storm we had is coming your way, we had very little compared to some here in southern Oklahoma.
07/Dec/13 2:36 PM
CP - I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing The Lion King. I saw it here in Cleveland a few years ago and loved it.
07/Dec/13 2:36 PM
I have a book that is calling my name, haven't been able to read much today.
07/Dec/13 2:37 PM
Since I am so close
07/Dec/13 2:37 PM
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