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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page two.
07/Feb/12 4:52 AM
07/Feb/12 6:55 AM
Dear Abby,

I am concerned about the mental health of my dear husband. He insists on starting each and every day by watching the Yodeling Cat video. Is this weird or should I just lighten up and watch it with him?

I love cats, but....
07/Feb/12 7:08 AM
2:13 I suppose that any team that beats The Pack deserves to win the Superbowl!! What a finish!
07/Feb/12 7:39 AM
Anne, liked the places you've been to or don't want to go to.
07/Feb/12 7:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! Siberia would be a remote place to vacation in. Who took this photo?
07/Feb/12 7:47 AM

A Diamond Jubilee! Congratulations Queen Elizabeth. You have reigned just a few years less then I have been alive. God save the Queen!
07/Feb/12 7:50 AM
Anne, loved reading about where you have been and haven't been. One you missed was in Probable. You never know, but you might just go there sometime.
07/Feb/12 7:53 AM
everybody. Some of you mentioned that you might not be able to see the commercials during the Super Bowl. Most of the favorite ones involved dogs! My favorite was created by an amateur & cost only $20 instead of the $3.5 million the ones made by professional ad agencies cost. More...
07/Feb/12 8:00 AM
Mr. Cee, I missed your riddle yesterday, but sent you an answer for today's puzzler.
07/Feb/12 8:00 AM
Jane, the Doritos ad was good, but the one I got a kick out of was the Acura Transactions ad.
07/Feb/12 8:05 AM
You can find ALL the commercials at admeter.usatoday.com

All consumers can vote on their favorite ad. Doritos had two of the top five in today's USA Today newspaper report. But I see that the current online vote shows different results. Voting closes at 6 PM EST on Tuesday. I'm wondering if they will accept votes from people in other countries?
07/Feb/12 8:06 AM

That message was for Kathy. Sorry!
07/Feb/12 8:06 AM
Greg, what was that one about?
07/Feb/12 8:09 AM
That's a logical error, Greg - seeing as how I was in the advertising business for many, many years!!!
07/Feb/12 8:10 AM
...and now I'm off to the site Kathy posted to vote!
07/Feb/12 8:11 AM
Kathy (and Jane), that was the Jerry Seinfeld ad where he was trying to be first on the list for a new Acura. Flying squirrels indeed!
07/Feb/12 8:18 AM
Jane, I'll be interested in hearing which ads you liked best. I also liked the Volkswagen one about the dog getting fit, the Bud Light one about the rescue dog named Weego, & the Skeechers one about the bulldog in little tennis shoes winning a race against greyhounds. Can you tell I like dogs & so do lots of other Americans! Those were all in the top 10 yesterday.
07/Feb/12 8:31 AM
I don't think I've ever seen a picture from Siberia before. Are those trees Larches?
07/Feb/12 8:45 AM
My favorite was the Doritos ad (with the dog)! Since I didn't watch Super Bowl yesterday, I hadn't heard tht it only cost $20 to produce!! Advertisers have known for a long time that people relate well to animals in commercials, and they milk it for all it's worth!!! Animal commercials aside, I also thought the M&M ad was cute! (I guess that's because I'm basically a chocoholic!)
07/Feb/12 8:46 AM
2.51 good morning all. lovely photo.
07/Feb/12 8:50 AM
Just read the background of the producer of the Doritos ad - didn't realize it was a contest. He's a graphics designer and photographer who enjoys making videos, so he had the credentials to come up with a winner! I predict he's going to get multiple job offers from advertising agencies!
07/Feb/12 8:53 AM
Karen..... What chicken is coming?
07/Feb/12 8:59 AM

Have you ever been in Excusable. People there tend to have very red faces.
07/Feb/12 9:05 AM
When I read what Thing II was yelling, I thought the poor child was confused, and was actually being Henny Penny yelling "The sky is falling".
07/Feb/12 9:20 AM
I do love your chickens, Heidi.
07/Feb/12 9:21 AM
I have to admit I didn't get the yodelling cat post, Jane.
07/Feb/12 9:22 AM
I add my congratulations to our Queen.
07/Feb/12 9:23 AM

60 years doing the same job with very few days off, and still looking good!
07/Feb/12 9:24 AM
Karen, I did what Thing II did once, several years ago... Barbara took my beer away from me for a week.
07/Feb/12 9:41 AM
Jane, the guy that did the Doritos commercial has already won a $1 million cash prize & also gets to work on a commercial project with the production company Lonely Planet. I think you should enter the contest next year. You can borrow Ebony if you want! (I'll only ask for 10% of your million.)
07/Feb/12 10:04 AM
Or you can borrow one of my rescue collies. That would tug at the viewer's heartstrings.
07/Feb/12 10:30 AM
CP - this is the Yodeling Cat video. Jaime has been watching it almost every day since Christmas!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAvLlPCbyQQ
07/Feb/12 10:38 AM
Kathy & Heidi - I would love to try my hand at producing a commercial starring your dogs. Of course, I would have to buy a better camcorder than the $40 Big Lots special that I current have! LOL
07/Feb/12 10:40 AM
Heidi, I really liked that Bud Light put in a plug for rescue dogs in their ad. I also agree very much with your advice to Karen. I wanted to say that myself, but was afraid to!
07/Feb/12 10:40 AM
Tsk tsk tsk! That should be "currently", not "current".
07/Feb/12 10:42 AM
Off to the kitchen to see if dinner has made itself yet.
07/Feb/12 10:45 AM
Jane, we can make this a joint effort. You write the ad & Rob can help with the filming. He has the right cameras & is pretty good at using them! And he'll work for food - your good cooking!
07/Feb/12 10:46 AM
Speaking of dinner, I've half a mind (no comments, please) to try to persuade Kathy and Rob to meet us in Port Royal for dinner one night this week for soft-shell crabs.
07/Feb/12 10:46 AM
That would be a blast, Kathy! Let me ponder that!
07/Feb/12 10:47 AM
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