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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Wonderful World that we live in.
To any who are struggling with circumstances...hang on, things will change...If life is good ...hang on and enjoy.
Hoping that you all have more joy than challenge today. Peace.
07/Feb/13 2:36 AM
07/Feb/13 2:37 AM
Bye bye page one.
07/Feb/13 2:37 AM
Good grief. Mamacita tops and I get wheed on.
07/Feb/13 2:37 AM
Yikeeess! Mama beat us both to the TOPP!!!
07/Feb/13 2:37 AM
So awful for the boy's family, friends and classmates, Jamie! I imagine that everyone is in shock.
07/Feb/13 2:38 AM
Karen! We were both outraced by the lady!
07/Feb/13 2:39 AM
LOL! She who laughs last, feels good!
07/Feb/13 2:39 AM

Good job, Mama!
07/Feb/13 2:42 AM
After reading Heidi's post, I went back and saw Jamie's post. It's heart breaking when a child dies. But the agony of not knowing it was coming or why must be shock numbing for everyone who knew him. I hope they do get some closure.
07/Feb/13 2:43 AM
the answer to yesterday's poozle: A miss is as good as a mile.

Speaking of miss.....I'm sure Darwen Jim, Greg, Sacky, and harrumphing Mr. Cee have missed seeing The Coveted Bat Crown. It's been awhile, so, winners, please kneel for the presentation..... All rise.
07/Feb/13 2:51 AM
And for today.....

Separate the words in this list into 2 different categories.


Answers to the ''No, the dog does not have a tiny good gut''inbox, please.

07/Feb/13 3:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! It looks like folks were enjoying themselves in that photo.
07/Feb/13 3:28 AM
Mamacita gets a new car and immediately races to the TOPP of page two.
07/Feb/13 3:29 AM
Jamie, it seems incidents like this are happening over and over again. We had a 17 year old drop dead on a basketball court a short while back. Tragic.
07/Feb/13 3:31 AM
Like the 18 year-old who had played on the high school soccer team in our town that died at breaktime at his part-time summer job. He had a hidden heart defect. A shock to everyone since he was in such 'good physical shape'. So sad.
07/Feb/13 4:05 AM
Peter, Didn't mean to ''pick nits'', Just didn't want anyone to use the wrong ingredient(s) in yesterdays 'recipe'.
07/Feb/13 4:22 AM
Mamas' timing, this morning, was impeccable! Onya -
07/Feb/13 4:23 AM
07/Feb/13 5:41 AM
Morning all, funny faces today.
It is back to golf day for me...byr.
07/Feb/13 6:17 AM
07/Feb/13 6:30 AM
What a sad story from Jamie. I can't imagine getting that phone call ...
07/Feb/13 7:04 AM
CG, for the Mandela Memorial pix, I .
07/Feb/13 7:05 AM
07/Feb/13 7:10 AM
Moving slowly today. woke up once and decided to go back to sleep.
07/Feb/13 7:11 AM
I got a giggle out of Mama TOPPing Karen and shosho.
07/Feb/13 7:11 AM
So sad about the child dying playing dodge ball(not that dodge ball was the culprit, I think they banned it because of self esteem rather than danger; kids were getting hit (chosen) on purpose and hit hard). It is a blow to the childs fellow students, something they never get over. Also heartbreaking to the parents.
07/Feb/13 7:15 AM
One more for CP
07/Feb/13 7:16 AM
Did I break the site?
07/Feb/13 9:02 AM
07/Feb/13 9:21 AM
On the whole, I think school sport saves more lives than any other activity. I don't agree with banning a sport because of misuse. Deal instead with the real problem. The student being picked on needs counseling on how to cope with bullies. The bullies need to be dealt with, decisively & publicly.
07/Feb/13 9:23 AM
Where have my manners gone? all.
07/Feb/13 9:25 AM
I think I may need to look for a 'soapbox' smilie.
07/Feb/13 9:27 AM
Ahh 73 my fathers number. I always think of him with a smile when I see that number.
07/Feb/13 9:28 AM
Now I can smile thinking of CP.
07/Feb/13 9:29 AM
Good morning all
07/Feb/13 9:55 AM
Totally agree with you G-h. With so many over weight and sedentary children (and adults) in our society physical activity is to be encouraged and social problems dealt with appropriately. A tragedy for the student's family and school community in any case.
07/Feb/13 9:59 AM
High fire danger in northern and southern Tasmania today. One fire out of control down south, with 2 schools closed for the day.
07/Feb/13 10:01 AM
House plumbing and leak problems still unsolved. It's very frustrating cos every time I want water I have to go outside and turn on the mains to the house. I then have to go back out and turn it off when I've finished!
07/Feb/13 10:04 AM
07/Feb/13 10:05 AM
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