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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Of course I'm more of an orchid person myself.
08/Jan/10 3:04 AM
Shiela - loved your story! Thanks for being so kind to your little intruder.
08/Jan/10 3:23 AM
1:49 Maen! That is a gorgeous color combination... love the blue!
08/Jan/10 3:42 AM
I did, Kathy, and haven't found what I'm looking for under wandering jew images.

Eve, it's much more outrageously flocked than an African violet, and the color of the flocking is a crayon purple color. Plus, the plant is very spindly, not compact like an African violet.

Thanks. I'll keep wondering ...
08/Jan/10 3:44 AM
Grats, Plum.
08/Jan/10 3:46 AM
Kathy, you say "Only Fiona would have a wandering sailor in a pot."
Shiela had a storybook mouse in a jar...
08/Jan/10 3:51 AM
Keith, it was no fault of mine. Do you go through every day and count to find out who hit 22? What do you do with this information?
08/Jan/10 3:53 AM
Eve, finally loaded your you-tube. Wow.
08/Jan/10 3:53 AM
When I notice it's not mentioned, I check to see who wasn't even thinking about it. Not very often any more is there good competition. When there were 4 or 5 all trying for it, that's when it was fun.
08/Jan/10 4:03 AM
Sheila, I can appreciate your encounter with the mouse. Our cat, K.C. (for kitty cat) has manage to bring in a live chipmunk to play with a couple of times. We also have two good size dogs. The havoc and damage this has caused belongs in a sitcom. The only solution I have discovered is to take a screen off a window or get a door open and hope it makes its escape
08/Jan/10 4:21 AM
We had a squirrel/cat confrontation in our living room once. I was able to get the front door open for the squirrel exit, but not before losing a curtain and a lamp.
08/Jan/10 4:53 AM
I can just imagine how happy the squirrel was to have a curtain and a lamp for its tree.
08/Jan/10 4:56 AM
Vici, maybe I missed an explanation, but what is your Avatar? ... I'm seeing a kitty inside a purse.
08/Jan/10 4:59 AM
Shiela, I loved your mouse catching story. Glad you have a soft heart & set her free.
Fiona, wandering sailors do not like being confined in pots (I married one!) Oops, I should clarify - I married a sailor, not a pot!
08/Jan/10 5:00 AM
My cat always brings me critters she thinks belong to me! Well one did, the Houdini hamster! Kept escaping the old cage, and Nemmy would always catch him and drop him off at my feet. Once Nemmy brought a little bird, I thought was one of our zebra finches. I picked it up and tossed in the cage More...
08/Jan/10 5:10 AM
From my calendar - Jan. 8
"Every noble work is at first impossible."
---Thomas Carlyle (wonder if he's Scottish?)

Did Shiela prove this today?
08/Jan/10 5:11 AM
I keep a clear plastic cup and a strong cardboard square by my sink in my classroom. Both are clearly marked "Scorpion catcher". I get the occasional scorpion (about 3 inches in length). Catch 'em and toss 'em into the canyon next to the school just behind the building where my classroom is.
08/Jan/10 5:17 AM
My cat used to leave "well played with" little critters on the back deck. Trust me, you do NOT want to step out the back door with bare feet! Yes, I learned this the hard way. You can slide quite some distance on a dead and decomposing mole.
08/Jan/10 5:23 AM
ooh, ooh, ooh. I am NOT happy I checked back in to see where the conversation was going ... I'm going to reread Kathy's Thomas Carlyle quote and get back to school. I have some noble work that seems very, very impossible right now. I'll need to get back to my manuscript because I have to do a draft chapter a week and I haven't gotten any done this week so far.
08/Jan/10 5:44 AM
shosho - you are brave to catch scorpions!
Kathy MD - does a mole count as a "little critter"? I have never seen a mole. Guess I should Google.
Down here in FL our rescue efforts are mainly confined to little lizards the cats bring in. Often when I am vacuuming I find tiny little dead carcasses of the ones we aren't able to save.
08/Jan/10 5:48 AM
... And I bet the little carcasses are all dried up, Kathy ...
08/Jan/10 5:50 AM
You betcha A lot of things here in FL are all dried up, including little old lady tennis players like me! And now I'm not only dried up, I'm frozen
08/Jan/10 6:04 AM
Oh, & while you're here, Judy, could you give us a brief review of Avatar. Did you like it?
08/Jan/10 6:04 AM
I Googled mole & the Wikipedia article I pulled up did not tell it's size!
I also Googled Thomas Carlyle & found out he really was Scottish (I just guessed!) & was born on my birthday, Dec. 4!!

shosho - would like your opinion of Avatar, too, and anyone else's who'd like to comment. Thanks.
08/Jan/10 6:12 AM
Ah, Kathy, let me rephrase what I wrote above ... "And I bet the little carcasses are all dried up" ... by the time you get around to vacuuming! Geez, we can't let an insult go unappreciated! LOL
08/Jan/10 6:17 AM
It's back to work this week at the tax office. Gave a presentation yesterday about tax issues for small businesses to my "mompreneur" networking group. No new tax clients, all the moms have their own accountants! Oh well. Got to get back to my Jockey More...
08/Jan/10 6:27 AM
Oops, I was hoping that I wouldn't be asked my opinion of Avatar, which varies drastically from my husband's. Yes, it's a fantastic achievement, and I enjoyed it ... but there were little things that bothered me. I viewed the movie through the eyes of a grandparent, and, in doing so, I don't More...
08/Jan/10 6:28 AM
I have to agree w Plum -- a wandering Jew is a houseplant in my neck of the wood and my Mother had one -- grows very well -- lots of snow here - but lots of birds at my feeder --
08/Jan/10 6:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! I do hope everyone is having a great day.
08/Jan/10 6:59 AM
Snow predicted here tonight. We shall see....

Kathy, I don't think the mole I slipped/slid on was an adult. If I remember correctly, it was maybe 6-7 inches long. Of course, I was hopping around and screaming, so that may not be too More...
08/Jan/10 7:12 AM
Good Afternoon everyone. I just stopped to do a puzzle and see what was going on. Talk of snow, flowers, and little dead animals. Hmmm.
08/Jan/10 7:18 AM
1:52. Hi and 'bye all, I'm off to work.
08/Jan/10 8:06 AM
Wandering Jew is eay to pull out but persistently comes back unless you get it all. Schultz was terribly allergic to it. It brought him out in a mottled rash all over the membranes of the mouth and nose (and gave him hayfever). Wandering Jew allergy in dogs is not uncommon apparently.
08/Jan/10 9:00 AM
Quick hello. Mr P is installing computer updates, new security program..... It's easier to come back later!
08/Jan/10 9:55 AM
Keith - cat in the bag! (it's a small cat in a purse)
Our cat has brought in birds to play with...keeps the squirrels as outdoor toys. It's been quite fun when the local racoons have entered the house through the cat door. We had to build a special wooden block to keep them from breaking in...such clever critters!
08/Jan/10 9:58 AM
Vici - as Keith asked what is your avatar? I'm seeing a 'cat sandwich'...

As for seeing the movie Avatar in 3-D, I thought it was a pretty great movie. Great action, good story, neat visuals!
08/Jan/10 10:02 AM
A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around, looking for valuables when a voice in the dark said,

'Jesus knows you're here.'

He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze.
When he heard nothing more, after a bit, he shook his More...
08/Jan/10 10:03 AM
Hello everyone,looks like everyone has the wanders today. Thanks for all the laughs today.
08/Jan/10 10:05 AM
The 'Wandering Jew' brought a lot of comments so I did some research.
What grows in my backyard (like Kates) 'tradescantia albiflora'is green with a whitish flower. Hard to eliminate as it brakes into pieces as you try to remove it and causes rashes etc in dogs.
The striped variety More...
08/Jan/10 10:28 AM
Eve, the Utube of the float was wonderful. A work of art, well done.
08/Jan/10 10:59 AM
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