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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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08/Jan/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition (especially for Keith):
n. The other major food group.

Rayray, I usually give a Daffynition of a word, but yes, there are often several variations or permutatiuons that may exist.
08/Jan/12 12:00 AM
Make that "permutations"
08/Jan/12 12:01 AM
1:37. Good night everyone.
08/Jan/12 12:02 AM
Haven't made it to bed yet. I'm waiting for a game to finish downloading.
08/Jan/12 12:13 AM
Ooops, sorry Vici - and Heidi.
08/Jan/12 12:14 AM
Spoiled you run of #5s.
08/Jan/12 12:14 AM
08/Jan/12 12:15 AM
Everyone has run away!
08/Jan/12 12:15 AM
No worries, CP - love giving it to your CPing arse
08/Jan/12 12:21 AM
Good Maen all.
...and such an important part of a happy diet, Kayo!
08/Jan/12 12:22 AM
What a beautiful artistic work...and so functional, too!
08/Jan/12 12:26 AM
Good Morning. Interesting seat but my nether end likes something a bit softer to sit on!
Why does my computer always go sloooow from about 11.30pm onwards?
08/Jan/12 12:27 AM
June, have you got a download quota per day?
08/Jan/12 12:40 AM
So that once the quota is used up, the download speed is much slower?
08/Jan/12 12:40 AM
Ok, goodnight from me.
08/Jan/12 12:42 AM
Game has finished downloading...
08/Jan/12 12:42 AM
...and installing.
08/Jan/12 12:43 AM
WILL need today!
And another warm day here in winter.
08/Jan/12 12:43 AM
08/Jan/12 12:52 AM
Why not?
08/Jan/12 12:53 AM
08/Jan/12 12:53 AM
(Hello Keith!)
08/Jan/12 12:53 AM
Good Maen, all!
08/Jan/12 2:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Jan/12 2:25 AM
I am not going to take anymore day.
08/Jan/12 2:26 AM
According to my dopydictionary, a 'permutation' is a sudden change in hair style (such as when you encounter a sudden gust of wind)
08/Jan/12 2:50 AM
'Bring your own cushion' to Ayre's rock
08/Jan/12 2:58 AM
It is not we who are 'running away'. You have left us behind and we are trying to catch up with you.
08/Jan/12 2:59 AM

I think "permutation" is just a really bad perm. Sue your hairdresser!
08/Jan/12 3:05 AM
I stoically trooped around Ayers Rock. I wish I'd seen that bench. I would have used it, cushion or no!
08/Jan/12 3:08 AM
Charming wooden bench at Ayres Rock. If that was around here, vandals would have destroyed it already. They can't seem to leave anything alone.
08/Jan/12 3:13 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle: 1. live and learn 2. come and go 3. hill and dale, rag and tag, chili and ale 4. trial and error 5. show and tell

It's The year of the Dragon! To celebrate, winners Eve, lonewoof, June, Margo, Captain J, More...
08/Jan/12 3:20 AM
And for today.....

Here are three sets of three words. Each word has another word in common with the other two. The new word will make the three original words into common word pairs.
For example
CAP, DEEP and PAD could all be linked by KNEE to form Knee Cap, Knee Deep and Knee Pad. More...
08/Jan/12 3:50 AM
That reminds me..... Where's Judy?
08/Jan/12 4:02 AM
Lurking, I'll bet.
08/Jan/12 4:22 AM
Maybe Big Foot will lure her back. Judy.
08/Jan/12 4:24 AM
everyone. Heidi, how's your fence project coming?

08/Jan/12 4:25 AM
I was just replying to your post on FB, and here you are, Kathy!!
08/Jan/12 4:27 AM
Almost to page 2...
08/Jan/12 4:28 AM
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