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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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08/Jan/13 3:14 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. dog 2.gnu 3. monkey 4. beaver 5. bear 6. lion 7. camel 8. cat

So winners, HalT, Shosho, Captain J, Kathy(V), DotCom, Jamie, Greg, lonewoof, Kate, Keith, Sarah, and Meg (welcome back!) are awakened in a timely fashion to contemplate the daily poozle, I More...
08/Jan/13 3:15 AM
Because of the off white background, it looks like the picture was taken in a studio.

Agreed, shosho. As the old saying goes, ''Laughter is the best medicine.''
08/Jan/13 3:15 AM
08/Jan/13 3:16 AM
08/Jan/13 3:16 AM
Whoops! Too late. Let me just go grab a towel......
08/Jan/13 3:16 AM
Kathy - Tough break for RGIII. The coach should have taken him out earlier. Hope the knee is not so badly damaged that he would not be able to play again.
08/Jan/13 3:26 AM
Off to another afternoon at the pharmacy. Later.
08/Jan/13 3:27 AM
Yeah, I thought so too, Hal. We'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed.
08/Jan/13 3:36 AM
And for today....

In history, I'm found, just look!
I fill with cheer or wonder or fright.
I follow news and precede book,
And measure any building's height.

What am I?

Answers to the ''Some may want to add a letter'' inbox, please.
08/Jan/13 3:38 AM
Happy Monday, although I don't subscribe to Karen's TGI Monday...
08/Jan/13 3:56 AM
Hey! I used to have a flying propeller beanie just like that! I wonder what happened to it? Maybe my hubby tossed it 'cause he was embarrassed to be seen with me when I wore it.
08/Jan/13 3:58 AM
I didn't get yesterday's animal poozle done, Kathy, because I was still too tired from my long drive to think clearly. I'm kicking myself over that. I wanted the hat.
08/Jan/13 4:00 AM
Very interesting plant, Kate. Does the grass grow on the tree trunk, or is this a tree that has grass as leaves?
08/Jan/13 4:04 AM

Kathy - Seems to me that the coach should have the last word as to who plays. Didn't they learn anything from the first time he was injured? I think they were afraid of the flak they'd get if they removed him & lost. Well ... Sorry, off the soap box.
08/Jan/13 4:24 AM
Jackal I, the leaves of the grass tree do look like grass. I have not seen a view of the trunk like this before. As Rayray said, I think this is an after fire view.
08/Jan/13 4:39 AM
Oh bother, luckily I saw my post on the first page = I meant NO offense taken!!! Rayray, I hope you see this post!
08/Jan/13 4:59 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is that the grass tree that used to be called a Black Boy? I just received a Black Bot wooden pen from Oz as a gift.
08/Jan/13 5:08 AM
Hal and Kathy, I echo your thoughts. RJ3 should have been pulled out at half-time to avoid further damage. Washington may have benifited from there other QB being in there for a full half as well.
08/Jan/13 5:10 AM
Okay, is anyone else pulling for notre Dame tonight?
08/Jan/13 5:11 AM
Kathy has the right idea with that 'brolly'.
On the other hand (neither on this hand) I cannot see the witch's whee falling down (as rain of course).
08/Jan/13 5:57 AM
Yes CG.
That plant is also known as 'black boy'.
08/Jan/13 5:58 AM
Ha ha, Shosho !
I thought you HAD taken offence and was pleased about that.
I was figuring out a detailed diagnosis for your masochism !
08/Jan/13 6:00 AM
Kathy was too late.
She is DOOMED - dowsed in evil potion.
08/Jan/13 6:01 AM
the leaves are more like a hard leathery sedge than a grass. They are produced close together on the trunk and each one leaves a diamond-shaped scar when it eventually falls off.
If you Google ' Xanthorrhoea ' you will find lots of picture galleries of the whole plant - it is very famous.
08/Jan/13 6:05 AM
For example:
http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en-GB&q=xanthorrhoea&gbv=2&gs_l=heirloom-hp.1.0.0l10.235 9.13265.0.17562.
08/Jan/13 6:07 AM
Quote from:


'Xanthorrhoea take about seven years to mature. After maturation, the plant can bloom anytime, but seems to do so more prolifically after being singed in a grass fire or exposed to smoke.'
08/Jan/13 6:14 AM
Maen, all!
08/Jan/13 6:35 AM
08/Jan/13 6:36 AM
Looks like RG III has alittle time to work on his knee...
08/Jan/13 6:37 AM
Morning all,I had never seen these in flower till two years ago after a fire had been through near the golf course I play at, truly beautiful.
08/Jan/13 6:44 AM

Sorry (tongue-in-cheek)CG - Bama all the way
08/Jan/13 6:51 AM
08/Jan/13 7:42 AM
Hello everyone!
Thanks again Kayo for the daffys etc!
08/Jan/13 8:38 AM
Tonite's game: ...Roll Irish!...
08/Jan/13 8:48 AM
Me thinks that I should go into hiding until Rayray has cooled off
08/Jan/13 8:50 AM
Some info on Grass trees, formerly called Black Boys.
This genus of about 15 species comprises perennials with an underground stem and with or without a tall, rough stem above the ground. The long, narrow leaves are crowded at the tops of the trunks.
08/Jan/13 8:50 AM
Hopefully Kathy won't get a cold out of this
08/Jan/13 8:51 AM
So close . . .
08/Jan/13 8:51 AM
Hmmm WHEEEE!!!!
08/Jan/13 8:52 AM
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