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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A good Aussie Sunday Morning to all. You had fun last night Anne. Beat you back this morning. ZZZZZZZ. Don't know how you guys do these so quick. I thought I was going well--zoom zoom zoom but my time was only 3.18. Must be a trick to it.
kind of long but funny
Back in the old west, there was a need to connect the east and the west with a telegraph line. The Manager of the project advertised for workers to complete the job. Three groups responded. A team of Irishmen, a group of Italians, and a final team composed of Blondes.
Cute Beth. A new one for me!
thanks lisa - i had quite a chuckle! i've read the women's rules before! easy today.
Jamie! Your Aggies defeated my Jayhawks! No great shock. Typical game for the Hawks. Lost it in the last few minutes of the game. The football team forgets to show up in the 4th quarter. The basketball team only plays in the 4th quarter!
(My son got a C in PreCalc the first 6 weeks. Much better than an F. I think I'll keep nagging!)
Canuk Greg, I am going to become a SM so I can be counted among the SM's who will be participating in the conversation next weekend. Thanks for the nudge!
Stop me before I CP again!
1:23.. 4:30pm Saturday here
Too late! I guess everyone else has a life. I should follow suit.
GiGi saved me!
Sarah Beth: Good on you. If those who want to participate all support the site finacially, then we can be assured the site will survive! My only concern with this whole exercise is that the chayyers may alienate the regular players elsewhere. The plan is to block a particular page (the Parent Page) More...
and my best time ever...2:24....what a great day.
how come?
A whole new page to myself!
okay, why aren't the comments showing.....nuts!?
Oh,oh - my smilies have gone missing and my last comment disappeared!!!
That was weird - my first comment was written when I appeared to have a blank new page in front of me, and so was the second. Now I'm at the bottom of page 3 and my smilies are back.
Beautiful morning in Canberra - just right for the first games of the Baseball season today.
Son arrived back from Japan yesterday, had a fantastically wonderful time. He is not keen to play baseball today, but since I have to score, he is going to the game!!
And for the last CP from CP, I'll tell Kristi/Bedias, TX, that we have tried the apple/bacon soup recently and it was great. The macaroni dish is on the menu for this week.
CG, not to argue for Judy, she does that plenty well enough herself, but she never specified the 25 people she mentioned were all Supporting Members, just that they were all users of this site, which seems to me is a very valid reason for having the discussion on this site. Over the time I've been More...
Keith: No offense meant, but let me clarify my question. What 'distant corners of the earth' do these '25 residents' of this site come from and who are they? Seems to be a fairly simple qustion now I think.
Hi, Can you help? I am going to be a godmother to my new niece ans would like to put a non 'twee' comment on the card. Bible quotation etc. Any suggestions? Jimmy feels that you guys may be able to help with my delimma.
Kerina: The simplest thing in my mind is to wish your godchild a life of good health, joy and happiness and to promise to be there for the child if they need your support.

Look! I have smilies now!
Don't normally do these online - but this was fun - am now going to do the picture as a jigsaw - whoo hooo!
One day I recieved a letter from grandma...

The other day I went up to a local Christian bookstore and saw a 'honk if you love Jesus' bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed by a thunderous prayer More...
Did not know there were so many uses for WD40!!! Very interesting.
Have to agree with Keith that there have been many, many, many topics discussed here that aren't about the puzzle. I have to say that if there are that many people who are interested in having a chat about a particular topic then I can't see a problem with it. I also agree that Judy has gone to More...
zerina i have 3 god children the most important thing to let them know is you are not mom or dad but someone who still cares for thier well being something like 'i will always be there for you when times are good and bad.' my neices used to just want to get out of mom and dads house so we would More...
It is only for a couple of hours next weekend, isn't it?
I'll quit the subject Deb and Judy. Keep in mind others concerns.
I'm not one of the Outlanders, but have been following the discussion over the 'appropriate' use of this site, which began yesterday with Greg's reply to the 'chatter' by 'people who are upset', at which point there were only TWO postings, both by snippy ANONYMOUS posters (who were probably one and More...
There are many discussions here that aren't about the puzzle - most of them, probably. But they aren't planned (mostly; some are, e.g. when someone tries to initiate a discussion, as in vomit, favourite foods, or whatever).

I'm not too sure about 'taking over' a particular page, just More...

Tomorrow is hubby's 60th B-Day!

To the 'bestest' man in the world!
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