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Easy Sudoku for 8/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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08/Oct/07 7:43 AM
Tree Shiela, hope all goes well with your daughter's surgery. I can imagine your nervousness, with her so far away from you. Do come back and let us know how it goes with her, please.
08/Oct/07 7:45 AM
Tree Sheila, we are all thinking positive thoughts for a successful procedure!
08/Oct/07 8:00 AM
Did anyone else have trouble connecting today? I was unable to access the site for at least six hours. Might just be my computer.
08/Oct/07 8:03 AM
2.23 What a toot widdle tiddy widdy!
08/Oct/07 8:05 AM
Jane, I think it was a universal problem with the site. I couldn't get on, and there's a very long gap between messages on the first page. I was experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms!
08/Oct/07 8:08 AM
Tree Sheila, wishing all the best for your daughter's surgery.
Jane, I couldn't get on here earlier, either, I gave up and actually did some housework before trying again.
08/Oct/07 8:09 AM
Does the widdle tweedy pie want sum sup sup? Or a nice tummy wummy wub??

(tell me something, do dog lovers talk like this? Gail I assume you are a cat person)
08/Oct/07 8:12 AM
Other Jane and Rena - good, I'm glad it wasn't just me! I'm not ready to buy a new computer yet. I survived without the site because I had a tennis match this afternoon. Otherwise, I don't know how well I would have held up!!!
08/Oct/07 8:14 AM
Hi all. I just posted a video on the Sudoku forum that I hope you all will enjoy.... Nina Conti and Her Monkey! Cheers!
08/Oct/07 8:22 AM
Happy birthday Mon. Today I will send in some photos.
08/Oct/07 8:43 AM
Jane - Did you break the site. You were the last to post before it went down for about 5 hours.
08/Oct/07 8:45 AM
Morning all, did et some sleep finally.
08/Oct/07 8:46 AM
08/Oct/07 8:46 AM
Tree Sheila, good thoughts coming your way about your daughter's surgery. May it be all that you've hoped.
08/Oct/07 8:47 AM
1.55 oh so cute .....
wishing you a very happy birthday

Also special wishes More...
08/Oct/07 8:47 AM
Welcome to Jaspal and Zoki
Tree Sheila
thinking of your daughter today. I am sure everything will go well for her and a great new hearing world will open up for her.
08/Oct/07 8:49 AM
Tree Sheila - all the best for your daughter's surgery. Have 2 friends whose daughters have cochlear implants, but both were very young when they had the surgery - one about 2, and the other 6 months. Both mums tell me they are doing very well. The mum of the older girl said it mad3e a huge difference to her speech and behaviou.
08/Oct/07 8:50 AM
So Jane's the culprit. All the time I couldn't connect, I was worried it might have been me.
08/Oct/07 8:50 AM
There's gremlins in my pooter. I'm sure I typed that last comment perfectly!! I even proofread it!!!
08/Oct/07 8:51 AM
Tree Shelila : Best Wishes to your Daughter. hope the surgery goes well. will be thinking of her today.
08/Oct/07 8:58 AM
08/Oct/07 8:58 AM

CP's Daughter

Anne's Daughter

08/Oct/07 8:59 AM
Tree Sheila, I hope that your daughter's surgery goes well and that the implant opens a whole new world for her.

Keith, I have submitted pictures for the puzzles, but as far as I know, they have never appeared.

Gath: Is there any way of knowing whether the pictures are stored? Is More...
08/Oct/07 8:59 AM
Roger/Wantage,UK: Great to see you posting again. It's been a long time. How are you?
08/Oct/07 9:01 AM
Can't tell if it was the all caps thing, or the joke itself that did it.
08/Oct/07 9:02 AM
Tree Sheila, I'll have a good thought and prayer for your mom.

Jane, that's a good one. (I taught my dentist in the eighth grade.)
08/Oct/07 9:03 AM
Actually, dino, I submitted one for easy over a year ago that has never shown up on easy, but did show up on a Kakuro one time.
08/Oct/07 9:05 AM
08/Oct/07 9:07 AM
So I'm taking the rap for shutting down the site, eh? Well, perhaps it WAS me. Using an old computer to post a joke about old age might have done it. And all those caps surely must have weighed a ton. Yep, it was me, all right.
08/Oct/07 9:22 AM
Did anyone else have trouble getting onto the site today? I have tried hourly for seven hours before I finally got connected.
08/Oct/07 9:34 AM
Prayers are with your daughter today Tree Sheila hoping that a whole new world will be opening up for her.
08/Oct/07 9:35 AM
Well...that's what happens when you post before reading all the way through to the end.
08/Oct/07 9:37 AM
Only good thoughts for you and your daughter, Tree Sheila.

To all Canadians - Happy Thanksgiving! I think it's the best holiday of the year - maybe next year, I'll celebrate with you in Canada, and then here at home, so I can enjoy it twice!
08/Oct/07 9:42 AM
Wishing all the Canadians happy Thanksgiving
hope you enjoy your celebrations
commiserations to the Scots on the loss in the Rugby World Cup also.
Do you barrack for the French team now?
08/Oct/07 9:50 AM
Mon~I hope you have a wonderful day!
08/Oct/07 10:37 AM
Steelers done good today
shut out seattle seahawks 21-0
sorry Suz
08/Oct/07 10:41 AM
oh I have company!and she looks just like me!
08/Oct/07 10:42 AM

Canuk Greg: beng pedantic I need to point out that the word is spelled 'kitten', not 'critter'!
08/Oct/07 10:42 AM
Tree Shelia: Is that technique an implanting of an artificial device or a transplant of a donated cochlea? Either way I hope it all goes well. Maybe your daughter will find everything sounds 'deafening' soon!
08/Oct/07 10:47 AM
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