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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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08/Nov/08 2:04 AM
And now off to shower and get ready for a boat ride up the Intracoastal Waterway to Darien to Mudcat Charlie's for lunch.
08/Nov/08 2:05 AM
everyone from sunny SW Arizona ...
08/Nov/08 2:06 AM
Shih-Tzu dogs are so mello, they will put up with just about anything.
08/Nov/08 2:18 AM
Kathy - what a great way to end a week! Give Ebony a scratch behind the ears for me.
08/Nov/08 2:23 AM
and Happy Friday to all!

Kathy: Great news about your finished bathroom and the accomplishments of your granddaughters! Best for quick recovery for Ebony
08/Nov/08 2:24 AM
Are you still a part of Sudokuland?
All the best on your special day!
08/Nov/08 2:25 AM
Ah, heck, Kathy ... give Jamie a scratch behind the ears, too!

All wonderful news, Kathy!!
08/Nov/08 2:28 AM
Thanks, Judy!! Today makes 1/3 of the way through the school year. Not that I am counting or anything.
08/Nov/08 2:32 AM
Jim ... I would agree with you when it comes to cats, raccoons, sheep, horses, cows, snakes, turtles, etc.....but this is what most small dogs live for, attention and love from their masters, and sometimes that means dressing them up in funny little outfits.
08/Nov/08 2:36 AM

Good Maen to everyone!
08/Nov/08 2:37 AM

Little ducky is thinking "Oh, how I hate you".
Put me in the "Say No to Dressed Up Animals" column.
I think it's ridiculous!
to your grandies, Kathy! Give Ebony a More...
08/Nov/08 2:55 AM
Yahoo, Kathy! So delighted with all your good news; celebrate heartily!
I don't mind a jaunty bandanna around a dog's neck, but when it comes to slippers and clothes, I have to ask: wasn't the dog cute enough as he was?
08/Nov/08 2:57 AM
Hey Jim, I just found an animal cruelty picture for you. It is a picture of our little Shih Tzu in a pet carrier in a dog show at a motorhome rally a couple years ago. Thought you might enjoy it.
Also, found a "hottie" picture of me on my new Gold Wing back in 1983. Wow! Was I ever skinny then ... What happened.???
08/Nov/08 2:57 AM
Great new pictures, Dave. I tend to come down on the side of not annoying dogs by dressing them up, but your comments about Shih Tzu enjoying it have me rethinking my position ... at least for that breed. We did have a dog that wore one of those little cone shaped birthday party hats for the whole party one time. He seemed to enjoy having it on ... and everybody else was wearing them.
08/Nov/08 3:12 AM
Very slow today - 2:43, must be because I'm up in the middle of the night and really should be in bed asleep.
08/Nov/08 3:14 AM
I cannot believe how many people do sudoku puzzles in the middle of the night, presumably on the way back from the bathroom! The logic of this escapes me!
08/Nov/08 3:22 AM
2:21 Maen! That's just a little too much cuteness, isn't it? :)
08/Nov/08 3:36 AM
Judy - you might be on to something.
08/Nov/08 3:39 AM
It seems Sudoku "brings out the best" in some of us, Judy!
08/Nov/08 3:41 AM
08/Nov/08 3:48 AM
08/Nov/08 3:49 AM
And now off to lunch. Sea you later!
08/Nov/08 3:50 AM
Good grief, Kathy! How long have you been saving that smilie?! Gross ... but wonderful!
08/Nov/08 3:52 AM
Good one, Jane.
08/Nov/08 3:52 AM
Hi, Keith ... another of the "I'm-up-so-I-might-as-well-do-a-little-sudoku-before-I-go-back-to-bed-type-of-guys"!!
08/Nov/08 3:57 AM
all! I agree with Jim about dressing up animals -- my dog is only about 12 pounds but she still has a right to her dignity. OK, once I did put a Halloween pumpkin sweater on her but she clearly hated it/me. Kathy, I've been following the saga of your Ebony -- so happy for you! More...
08/Nov/08 4:05 AM
Just went back an caught up on yesterday's posts. From 7:41pm to Midnight, Australian time, there were 3 posts.
08/Nov/08 4:10 AM
Yes, Judy ... I have been known to do that. Once in a while it has earned me a #22 post.

So happy to hear all of Kathy's good news.
08/Nov/08 4:12 AM
PS, Anne -- loved your joke.
08/Nov/08 4:14 AM
Judy, I have an excuse. I'm just getting over a nasty cold and got up to try to stop coughing and so I wouldn't wake up my wife and children. 1 1/2 hours later I think I've succeeded, so I'm taking those eyes that are falling out of my head back to bed!
08/Nov/08 4:22 AM
Uh, OK, Chris ... feel better ... but I thought Potty Break Sudoku was funnier!
08/Nov/08 4:40 AM
I may have to change my name to Okie Judy to stop the confusion -- mostly mine!
08/Nov/08 5:27 AM
Kathy - loved your smilie...reminded me of the book "Everyone Poops"!
Here's my version
08/Nov/08 5:46 AM
You need a reference book, Vici???
08/Nov/08 6:25 AM
hehehe, Kathy!
For those traveling to the SF meet next weekend - Saturday's weather is suppose to be sunny with the high reaching 65 degrees F...not too bad for the middle of November!
It'll be great picture taking weather!
08/Nov/08 6:59 AM
That's very good news Vici. I hope the weatherman is right, for a change. Be forewarned though, all who are coming, in SF, that can still feel chilly considering possible fog and the breeze off the ocean.
08/Nov/08 7:43 AM
Why is it my people think this is cute? Oh well, they DO take good care of me.
08/Nov/08 8:13 AM
2:27 Good Morning all.

I woke up with a pirate this morning... Paul had gone to a Father/Daughter dinner last night and they had to dress and make up their father's like pirates. Arrrr.
08/Nov/08 8:47 AM
08/Nov/08 8:57 AM
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