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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2008


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08/Dec/08 11:22 AM
Grasshopper - not a good way to start the Holidays. I hope you have strict DUI laws & haven't been hit by a "turnip" or your insurance covers the losses & hospital. My dog bite, does not compare to the pain you are going through, unless you are heavily medicated.
08/Dec/08 11:30 AM
Grasshopper, wishing you the best possible outcome.
08/Dec/08 12:01 PM
Hello saylz. Had a look at your photos of Tasmanian wildlife. I notice that you included a koala, but there are no wild koalas in Tassie. There is however one exception...do you know where it is to be found? A clue...it's not a real one, but it is pointed out to visitors as Tasmania's only wild koala!
08/Dec/08 12:08 PM
Grasshopper, thinking of you and hope you heal very quickly. From personal experience I would say find something to laugh about, lots of smiling. I coped very well when I was smiling and around people and only lost it when I was alone and let myself think too much.

Wishing you smiles and laughter over the holiday season!
08/Dec/08 1:00 PM
Spellmaster you have given me my 'learn something on the site everyday' comment. I'm sure I must have heard that there are no wild koalas in Tassie before, but I had forgotten.
08/Dec/08 1:06 PM
Good afternoon all.
Shosho - glad your Mum's Ok
Eve - sorry you hurt yourself. Hope you're feeling better soon
Grasshopper - same to you - sent you a message.
Great jokes today - can't remember who posted them - Greg, for sure, and Daplap, I think.
Greg - liked the poem and the sentiments - thanks.
08/Dec/08 1:14 PM
Oh Good, It's after 6 (1800, my time)

08/Dec/08 1:15 PM
I want to thank Jerry for an insight. In my time of being scared I need to see beyond myself. Thank you Jerry. I needed that.
08/Dec/08 2:02 PM
Hello Suzy...thanks for the reply...if you're a mainlander, there's no reason why you should know much about Tasmania...few of them do. As for the rest of the world, most people would have trouble telling you where it is. And between you and I, we're rather pleased about that!
08/Dec/08 2:02 PM
Just got back from the judo club Christmas and award dinner. It was good to see old friends and children who joined when my son was there, now are taking the adult parts - instructing, referees, helping. I'm watching a third cycle going through of children who joined at age 7-8 years growing up with the dojo, marrying and having their children join.
08/Dec/08 2:08 PM
True about not knowing much Spellmaster. I went to Tassie for 2 or 3 days in about 1986, but all I saw was the casino, a steam train ride and meeting rooms. I will never forget the view flying in though. I'd never seen anything so green and beautiful.
08/Dec/08 2:31 PM
shosho, my brother in law spent several years of his childhood in an interment camp outside Sacramento and had to help his family rebuild their lives after WWII. So unfair and so unjust. Will we ever all respect each other and allow each other to be who we are?
08/Dec/08 2:31 PM
Shosho: It is fun to see families work & play together. I think I may have told the story about a father whose son came and worked on the float with him, before he was even 13. The father worked at JPL, taught his son how to weld & many other things. When the son went to Univ. of More...
08/Dec/08 2:32 PM
Shosho, thank you for the "flowers."

Here are some for you...
08/Dec/08 2:32 PM
Jerry - those are not very fresh
08/Dec/08 2:34 PM
Suzy...yes, it's a pretty place. My favourite part is the coastline, but then, being a keen fisherman, it would be. Having lived on the big island for many years, it never ceases to amaze me that Tasmania is relatively so sparsely populated...we're just now passing the half million mark for the whole state. Hopefully, the secret of Tassie won't get out for a few more years yet. So....ssshh!
08/Dec/08 2:44 PM
Thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts & messages, it really helps to talk on-line. 2 days after the accident & I am able to get around without too much difficulty. Spam rules makes it impossible for me to answer everyone individually, but each & every one of you is appreciated. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
08/Dec/08 2:47 PM
The kittens are adorable. Malia and Sasha should consider the likes of these little guys for the White House instead of a puppy... Too cute.
08/Dec/08 2:57 PM
"Kittens" and "adorable" in the same sentence....yuk! Two more bird-killers.
I hope Obama gets a cute mutt dog from an animal shelter, people abandon far too many dogs every year.
08/Dec/08 3:03 PM
Ah, come on Jim, let the Obama kids get dogs and cats. Should make for a lively household! Kind of like having the Democrats and Republicans together. Bet the cacophony would sound the same!!!
08/Dec/08 3:28 PM
Well, got my festive avatar out and a new youTube - Celtic Woman singing "Carol of the Bells". I'm ready for the season . . . NOT!!!
08/Dec/08 3:32 PM
Still have to buy the tree and get the trimmings out of storage. Still have to start shopping and write the cards. And got to figure out how to work in between!
08/Dec/08 3:34 PM
Shosho I have had a slow start to getting ready this year. It took 3 days to get the tree decorated, I haven't written a single card, and my CD player is broken so I can't play my Xmas CDs... guess what I'm asking for for Xmas....
08/Dec/08 3:43 PM
Bless you, Grass-hopper -- I am sorry about your car, but glad you lived to tell the tale!
08/Dec/08 3:44 PM
Wow Linda, you have done a lot of typing for someone with your injuries! You win the resilience prize - take a bow!
08/Dec/08 3:44 PM
Jim, would you say cats are Republicans and dogs are Democrats? I think so -- definitely! I love both breeds and make sure mine are spayed or neutered. I agree that a mutt (or a stray cat) would be a good example for the Obamas.
08/Dec/08 3:56 PM
Choosing a mutt or a stray cat would set an a good example I mean......
08/Dec/08 3:57 PM
I'm not decorating the tree again this year. What's the point when the house will be empty and we are all at the beach. We have a small tree for the table to take with us and that is then beginning and end of the Christmas decorations.
I've bought my sons vouchers from one of our local More...
08/Dec/08 4:02 PM
At the place we stay, if you can't cook it in a microwave or on the hotplates it doesn't get cooked. So Christmas lunch is always seafood, cold ham, chickens and salad followed by mum's trifle for dessert.
No one has to go to any great effort to get lunch organised and we all get to enjoy the More...
08/Dec/08 4:07 PM
Eve, whatayoumean, I had jus pick dem
08/Dec/08 4:28 PM
OK, I'm ready. Lookin' for a warm-blooded gal with her own ride...
08/Dec/08 4:35 PM
Came home to a lovely surprise today! 4T had sought out and found the christmas tree, lights and decorations and put the tree up.
08/Dec/08 7:57 PM
2.01 Can't resist a kitty.
08/Dec/08 8:59 PM
Oh CP, how wongerful.
My youngest is usually the one to decorate the tree (the reliable artificial one if I don't get around to getting a real one). I think she gets sick of waiting!
08/Dec/08 9:03 PM
Vicki, double up the trifle please, I've got the taste for it, thanks to Liz!
08/Dec/08 9:04 PM
Evening All.
Great poem Greg.
Loved Rudolpf The Red, Kathy!
Eve and Grass-hopper, hope you both recover from your injuries quickly. Eve, I'm sure that Tipper is very embarrassed that he accidentally bit his mother!
08/Dec/08 9:23 PM
Hello everyone,Eve and Grass-hopper hope you are both feeling better soon and if I've missed anyones birthday over the last few days I hope you had a wonderful day. Well we have had a fantastic time at our Goddaughters wedding and my Bill did a wonderful job of giving the bride away.
08/Dec/08 9:52 PM
NCTee hope you have all your wishes come true
08/Dec/08 9:54 PM
09/Dec/08 6:21 PM
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