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Easy Sudoku for 8/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Next challenge, is to figure our how to create, bake and decorate a cake in less than two hours, which said two hours is generally my nap time.

Now there is a challenge.
08/Mar/09 12:40 AM
08/Mar/09 12:40 AM
Karen.. phone the cake shop and have them deliver
08/Mar/09 12:41 AM
Warning people. I was typing in 37 and then I flip the page. Not enough coffee in me yet to do such tasks.
08/Mar/09 12:41 AM
Lie down while you phone the store, Karen
08/Mar/09 12:42 AM
Day 19 – Love is impossible
Let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. – 1 John 4:7

Today’s Dare:
Look back over the dares from previous days. Were there some that seemed impossible to you? Have you realized your need for God to More...
08/Mar/09 12:42 AM
Oh GannieMo you were warning me, I was just talking too much to notice, please forgive me.
08/Mar/09 12:42 AM
Day 20 – Love is Jesus Christ
While we are still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. – Romans 5:6

Today’s Dare:

Dare to take God at His Word. Dare to trust Jesus Christ for salvation. Dare to pray, “Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner. But you have shown your love for More...
08/Mar/09 12:43 AM
merci beaucoup, mais I have been too much an instigator of challenges the past few days. I already got people speaking languages other than French today. I'll pass and let someone else start a little mischief. Jane, Judy, Kathy, Cathy, Greg, Heidi, deltz, Ian, Keith, Jim, etc. ... the list of usual suspects grows long.
08/Mar/09 12:45 AM
Mymare, I was just thinking if we had a challenge yesterday, which is great effort to look up. By posting two challenges today, does that mean there was not one yesterday?
08/Mar/09 12:45 AM
Good Maen, all! By the way, GannieMo, I saw that last limerick referring to my knees that you sneaked in on the last page of yesterday's posts. What is it about my knees? Why, just the other day I overheard some locals commenting "You know, Jane hasn't aged particularly well, but she's still got her knees."
08/Mar/09 12:48 AM
Thanks to all for the limericks. This should get us off to a fine start on our own compositions. I told my hubby that I had people on 3 continents writing clean limericks for us. He replied that I should apologize to you all, as a clean limerick is a waste of a good limerick.
08/Mar/09 12:49 AM
Hello all, I didn't make it to the site yesterday so double the love today -- I had some problems with the puzzle today, just couldn't get the eye/hand coordination to go.
08/Mar/09 12:55 AM
Also, if you are following the challenges, I have to work tomorrow, sot will post after work -- I'll be late in the day -- and with our clocks changing - I hope I get to work... wonderful day yesterday, got to walk at lunch -- without my coat -- love it, love it, love it.
08/Mar/09 12:57 AM
It's a beautiful day here, and I'm looking forward to a bike ride to the village later with Jaime and friends for the St. Simons annual chili cookoff. Last night we went to a really fun place with live music and a barbecue buffet (pulled pork, ribs, chicken and catfish). All for $10. The band More...
08/Mar/09 12:58 AM
Jane it is because they are Jaynees
08/Mar/09 1:05 AM
I give in what is pulled pork? Is it like a pulled muscle or pulled toffee?
08/Mar/09 1:06 AM
08/Mar/09 1:14 AM
Pulled pork is basically a pork roast that's been slow-cooked on the grill until it falls apart. I have a recipe for one that Jaime does on the grill that is divine! It's in the Sudokudos cookbook.
08/Mar/09 1:16 AM
....Kneed I say more?
08/Mar/09 1:17 AM
Speaking of knees (as we were earlier), good legs run in the family.
08/Mar/09 1:18 AM
They walk, too.
08/Mar/09 1:18 AM
All my nephews and kneeses have great legs.
08/Mar/09 1:18 AM
I hear you. I'll shut up now.
08/Mar/09 1:19 AM
Knot at all Jane, No kneed to shut up.
08/Mar/09 1:22 AM
Seems Jane has had her morning coffee.
08/Mar/09 1:23 AM
Seems my world is taking notes from a detective show. Yesterday, as my hubby was leaving for work, he came upon incident, where a motor cylcle, that he recognized was in the ditch in front of our property. This is at 2 AM. He called 911 and looked for a body. He said the condtion of the bike, it was very unlikely the person survived unless thrown off the bike.
08/Mar/09 1:27 AM
The person that owns the bike is also an advanced in age person, which you never see him out after dark on his bike.
Turns out the bike had been stolen, stripped and dumped out here.
Now along with the people Man has invited to celebrate his getting older over this evening the sheriff department will be here too for their investigation.
08/Mar/09 1:30 AM
Now what is the proper etiquette for this. Do I offer them cake and a beer. Which I could offer them tea, since I will be the only sober one. How many will come? Will I have enough cake?
I do watch the detective shows but they only show what happens to the bad guys. Not how to be semi-witness.
08/Mar/09 1:33 AM
Plum: Your hubbie is mistaken. Clean limericks are real good practice for writing the real ones!
08/Mar/09 1:37 AM
This brings up another question for Jane. Whenever you talk about riding your bike, my image has always been of the pedal kind. But now, that I said bike in my tale, now makes me wonder if your bike is of the vroom, vroom kind.
08/Mar/09 1:38 AM
My bike doesn't make any noise, but I go "Vrooom vrooom". Scares the stuffing out of anyone ahead of me on the bike path.
08/Mar/09 1:43 AM
I think perhaps I've had TOO much coffee this morning. If that's possible.
08/Mar/09 1:44 AM
Karen - the cops are probably not allowed to drink beer while on duty, so perhaps you could offer them a doggy bag.
08/Mar/09 1:46 AM
Well, it's getting late, so I must shower and don my biker chick ensemble. See you later....
Vrooooooooooooooooom vroooooooooooooooom!
08/Mar/09 1:48 AM
Now I have an image of Jane, in a black leather jacket with those fringes hanging down. A sporty red helmet with a picture of a rose on the back. Black leather biker shorts, as to show off her wonderful knees, and for some reason bright green crocs with white socks on, vrooooming down the street. Now do I need more coffee or not?
08/Mar/09 1:54 AM
Oh Karen! You probably need something a little stronger than coffee, but do to our delicate condition it will have to wait!
08/Mar/09 1:59 AM
do = due
08/Mar/09 2:01 AM
And yes we are "due" but not until June unfortunately.
08/Mar/09 2:02 AM
"We'll always have Paris"
08/Mar/09 2:03 AM
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