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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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The answer to yesterday's poozle: 4, including the driver.

Step into the HalT, CP, Peter, Mr. Cee, Margo, Greg, Darwen Jim, lonewoof, Mads, Kathy, Grass-hopper, and Wolf!
Crowded, isn't it?
08/Jul/12 1:07 AM
We all wheeeed!
08/Jul/12 1:08 AM
It is supposed to be about 103 in Nashville today - I thought I left Texas! It was also very hot for July in New Mexico while we were there.
08/Jul/12 1:08 AM
I think I will jump in the shower and catch the end of the Wimbledon final.
08/Jul/12 1:08 AM
08/Jul/12 1:31 AM
Jamie, I thought you were here, enjoying this nice weather, that is below 100 degrees.
Generally, this time of year we are counting how many days the weather has been in the triple digits. Now, I am not saying it is cool here, it is definitely hot, but we are still in the double digits.
08/Jul/12 1:32 AM
Oooooh chocolate day!!! More...
08/Jul/12 1:32 AM
My shower took longer than normal. I was not interrupted, so I stayed in there just enjoying the peace.
08/Jul/12 1:34 AM
Oh dear, Karen, you cannot have a chocolate day on such a hot day! Come here we're still in the 70's until afternoon then we'll be in the high 70's. But if you wait until Tuesday then we're suppose to reach 80°.
08/Jul/12 1:36 AM
We might reach triple digit, barely, for a week in September.
08/Jul/12 1:37 AM
I better go before I get scalped!
08/Jul/12 1:37 AM
Here is one for today....

The following are the prices of items in a store:


How much would SOCKS cost?

Answers to the 'OMG, are those numbers??'' inbox, please.
08/Jul/12 1:39 AM
Thanks Shosho, we are just in the mid 80's right now, high today should be just 97.
Since, I had good numbers, but one, at my last doctors visit, I am trying to be a good girl, so I will be admiring chocolate from afar today. Maybe.
08/Jul/12 1:41 AM
OOPS! Add Neil to the list of yesterday's winners! Come on in, Neil!
08/Jul/12 1:42 AM
In our last furniture browsing session, I thought we had chosen items we wanted and all was left to do was give the people money and have the items delivered. Guess, I thought wrong, Man wants to go furniture browsing again today.
08/Jul/12 1:44 AM
You'd better run, Shosho. It's not nice bragging about your lovely temperatures to those of us who are suffering from excessive heat. At least we have a cool front moving in tomorrow.
08/Jul/12 1:46 AM
Karen - did you get moved since I was last around?
08/Jul/12 1:49 AM
I don't know Jamie. I am still sleeping in my bed in my old bedroom, so I think I am still here. But All my treasures are being moved away. Though Man, has not put any more papers in front of me to sign, blindly, in at least a week.
08/Jul/12 2:06 AM
PICTURE PUZZLE #12 has been posted to my page. Hint: If Karen had been born several decades earlier, she would probably be more apt to use this than anyone else I can think of on the site.
08/Jul/12 2:09 AM
Answers to my inbox, please...
08/Jul/12 2:19 AM
Jane, where are you finding all these strange articles? I have no idea what #12 is. Based on your clue it must not be something used in the FPA. Or are you trying to throw us off?
08/Jul/12 2:21 AM
Gorgeous photo. Colourful, well placed and a beautiful sky. Who could ask for more?
08/Jul/12 2:22 AM
Don't know what you mean by FPA, Kathy. Based on its age, the item would be considered an antique and was in wide usage at one time - at least in the U.S. (Finding these items on the internet is fun and challenging!) Good luck solving this one!!
08/Jul/12 3:00 AM
Off for my daily bike ride. Don't think I'll be setting any speed records today. It's hot!!!
08/Jul/12 3:06 AM
Isn't FPA (Food Preparation Area) what Karen calls the shhh (... kitchen)?
08/Jul/12 3:20 AM
Kathy, because Jane said I would use it, in her hint, I knew, I would not use the item in the FPA. Thanks for shh-ing that horrible word.

But, if the item is what I think it is, we could take the item out of the FPA.
08/Jul/12 3:29 AM
Well that's it then I must have guessed wrong! FPA, indeed! I don't mind that area if I'm making something I crave!
08/Jul/12 4:16 AM
102°F today. This is getting old.
08/Jul/12 4:52 AM
Karen, every day is chocolate day. I stopped yesterday in Springfield MO at Askinosie Chocloate. Had to restock my chocolate stash.
08/Jul/12 4:55 AM
Thanks for those encouraging words, HalT! I might feel right at home tomorrow.
08/Jul/12 5:00 AM
One correct answer so far in Picture Puzzle contest!!!
08/Jul/12 5:22 AM
Kathy - glad you clarified the FPA puzzle. I googled it, and here were a few of my choices: Financial Planning Assn., Foreign Policy Assn., First Pacific Assn., Florida Pharmaceutical Assn., Florida Psychological Assn., Flexible Packaging, Assn., etc. None of them seemed to fit except maybe one, but it was the wrong state. Ok! Back to work, kids!!
08/Jul/12 5:27 AM
08/Jul/12 5:50 AM
Looks like more fo the same tomorrow Jamie. I'm afraid it's going to be a long summer.
08/Jul/12 6:40 AM
Stumped me on this one Jane.
08/Jul/12 6:42 AM
Finished packing boxes for the day. I only packed 4 this afternoon. I have 6 boxes to go through and make sure the list is what is in the box, would rather do it now than later.
08/Jul/12 7:35 AM
The weather people say it is only 99 but I am not sure I believe them, must be over 90% humidity. I was drenched the one time I went out this afternoon.
08/Jul/12 7:37 AM
Those same weather people are saying we will have some moisture from the sky tomorrow, will believe that when it happens.
08/Jul/12 7:39 AM
We are close so might as well try
08/Jul/12 7:40 AM
almost time
08/Jul/12 7:40 AM
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