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Easy Sudoku for 9/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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41.07/8 Anyone got a beach handy?...
09/May/09 2:08 AM
I'm a beach ...
09/May/09 2:37 AM
Do you have fine sand Judy and is the tide out? I only want a gentle paddle...
09/May/09 2:48 AM
Judy - not much, I really think it is all an act.
09/May/09 2:49 AM
Do "we" have any members from up around the U.S. Military Academy? I am getting an expense-paid weekend in late July.
09/May/09 2:49 AM
Tomorrow I'm having an 'Abigails Party' party. Abigails Party was a play on the beeb, written by Mike Lee. Iconic of the 70's. It was hilarious. All my guests are wearing their best 70's garb. Anyone heard of it? I've got my 'How to be a Good Hostess' cookbook out for the occasion...I'm practising the perfect serviette folds for that added decor!!
09/May/09 2:53 AM
Everything about me is fine, Andre ... and while my tide has been out for a long time, I always paddle gently ...
09/May/09 2:58 AM
*sp - Mike Leigh not Lee...sigh...

You sound like the perfect ocean Judy x
09/May/09 3:21 AM
Jamie: I had a ship delivery job up the Hudson a few years ago and have never seen anything so dramatically beautiful. Take a river tour if you can: http://www.hudsonriver.com/cruises.htm

You might even get to see the Clearwater, the sloop which belongs to Pete Seeger (who just gave a 90th More...
09/May/09 3:38 AM
Hi, everyone. Just checking in real quick then back to work. Hope to take the day off tomorrow and get away for a while.
09/May/09 6:00 AM
and she only has one oar in the water.....

I'm near the U.S. Naval Academy, Jamie, but that doesn't count
09/May/09 6:35 AM
Easy access to all those young sailor boys, eh, Old Woman??
09/May/09 7:04 AM
Keith - Loved the photographs, somehow our day in the rain wasn't the best photo op, maybe because none of us had underwater cameras!!!!!! Gordon and I will do the Barossa helicopter trip sometime and send you pictures of what you should have seen
09/May/09 7:14 AM
What, are you Judy???
My walker doesn't go fast enough to chase them down!
A kayak, on the other hand, could get right up to the sea wall.....
09/May/09 7:52 AM
Good Morning Bo and Sudokuland, my pooter is still sick hope everyone is well.
09/May/09 9:06 AM
Patience is the ability to keep your motot idling when you feel like stripping your gears.
09/May/09 9:26 AM
He who is waiting for somethng to turn up might start with his own shirtsleeves.
09/May/09 9:26 AM
I love little Bo, I watched Marley and Me earler this week - the story of the world's worst dog - He was a lab, but the coloring of little Bo, Bo looks like a good dog. I just love chubby little puppies. enjoy your day.
09/May/09 9:28 AM
I just called my Son - away at school, on the news they were talking about this storm, just lighting up the skies, called to ask if He was okay, it's sunny and bright there. Sometimes you gotta see it to believe it. take care. Mary
09/May/09 9:30 AM
and a quick CP before I head out - the iliacs are in full bloom - enjoyed a quick walk at lunch and caught a sniff of the flowers in bloom -- my gift from nature today. enjoy youself -- bad storms on the way.
09/May/09 9:36 AM

If the iliacs are in full bloom, you're in big trouble, mymare.

09/May/09 9:48 AM
I did it! I put a YouTube on my page (with Gath's easy instructions)

In honor of Mother's Day, Paul Simon and the Muppets singing "Loves Me Like a Rock". Enjoy!
09/May/09 10:08 AM
Well done Aileen! Great job.

Congrats Keith for 22. First time in a while.
09/May/09 10:18 AM
What a cute little guy. Can't get much better than Bo...............
09/May/09 11:24 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Sue!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

09/May/09 11:35 AM
Morning. Quiet day here, Mr P was awake most of night so has gone back to bed. 4T and girlfriend are out at a scout Gang Show bonding and rehearsal weekend. Sun is out and wind is calm - it's all good!
09/May/09 11:43 AM
Good night worldly people.
09/May/09 1:31 PM
hope all is well is Sudokuland.
Been a very busy couple of weeks here, especially the last few days, so I havn't had much time to drop in and say hello.

Anvil, aka "my hubby" wishes to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, More...
09/May/09 1:57 PM
A nice quick one today - 1:25. everyone.
09/May/09 4:23 PM
I'll bet he is a Big Bo' now!
09/May/09 6:30 PM
Chucks, missed the 2 hour marker by 7 minutes
09/May/09 6:31 PM
Sounds fun and exhausting all at the same time Angie!

Happy 15th to Monica and Emily.

09/May/09 6:42 PM

GMo, you really ought to try the one-hour mark and work your way up to two. It takes practice.

09/May/09 7:42 PM
I know Ian but I never seem to be around 'On the Hour'!
09/May/09 9:08 PM
See what I mean? I managed 1 hour 26 minutes then
09/May/09 9:09 PM
Well that's 90 minutes. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow for those in Oz.
09/May/09 9:12 PM
GMo. You should be in the garden with a white wine, not sneaking under my neck. Nevertheless I am enjoying a tokay with my late night Saturday cable.
09/May/09 9:15 PM
Any lurkers to turn the page?
09/May/09 9:16 PM
09/May/09 9:19 PM
09/May/09 9:21 PM
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