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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2011


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and over!
09/Jul/11 3:29 AM
world. I went out and cleaned my car. (Yes, it really did take that long. I tend to stash everything in it, then when it comes time to vacuum, I have 3 long haired dogs). Smokey is still at the vet. She is not hydrating, despite the subq fluids. She is p@@ing, so the vet is wondering about her kidneys. He called for permission to do bloodwork. Two more hours.
09/Jul/11 3:40 AM
The obvious thought is "What did she get in to?" TM didn't seem to think that that is a problem, despite all the pesticides, herbicides, and such out here on the farm. Not to mention, he drained a radiator earlier in the week.
09/Jul/11 3:42 AM
Plum we will have a light frost this morning but will be gone by 9am and then the day will be about 16*c (60F).There was heavy snow in the mountains over the last few days and we have good places for winter sports in NSW and Victoria. It also snows a lot in Tasmania.We do not have any permanent snow. I live in an outer suburb of Sydney.
09/Jul/11 3:51 AM
I'm sorry, Sarah Beth. Poor Smokey didn't have to actually lap up coolant or the other stuff. Just getting it on her feet and grooming herself would do it. Fingers crossed she'll be okay.
09/Jul/11 3:54 AM
WooHoo! I got my car back and a friend and I are now the topic of small town gossip.
The air condition works wonderfully, to the point that by the time we got home, there was a voice in the backseat saying, "Mommy, I am cold."

As for the rumor, a male friend took me to town, More...
09/Jul/11 4:06 AM
09/Jul/11 4:07 AM
Whoa, Karen! What else happened???
09/Jul/11 4:08 AM
Sarah Beth, I've the same problem but not the car, my desk!
I keep clearing off the paperwork but more keep showing up! Can paper proliferate???
09/Jul/11 4:10 AM
Plum, I just put two photos on my page that were taken two weeks ago when we took Laura and her mother to the snow. There have been heavy snow falls since then.
09/Jul/11 4:11 AM
Well must go off to get my medication before I go off to Arizona. Pray I don't return as a puddle to be wrung onto the LAX tarmac!
09/Jul/11 4:12 AM
There is not a banana in my Icecream Sunday, the monkey would not let go of it.
09/Jul/11 4:14 AM
Ahh, Shosho it is a small town. I stood beside him and he played with my children. As of now, I have been seen in town more often with him, than I have been seen with Man. It was two different locations in the middle of the day.
Of course, I teased the man, in public to the point there was an laugh at loud moment. I ruined his reputation in a town he grew up in.
09/Jul/11 4:17 AM
09/Jul/11 4:39 AM
I wish Smokey the best, Sarah Beth.
I had a similar problem with a dog of mine who stepped in a pan that had one drop of Ivermectin spilt in it, been rinsed out, and was set on the ground by my husband. The dog stepped in the pan and went into convulsions. He spent 2 weeks at the Vet clinic More...
09/Jul/11 5:45 AM
I'm so sorry your pet suffered greatly, Heidi. I didn't realize such a minute quantity of a chemical could be so devastating. Makes you afraid for your life!
09/Jul/11 6:24 AM
Sarah Beth, here's hoping Smokey gets better without lasting damages.
09/Jul/11 6:25 AM
Karen, your town is soooo small! Just on my block I know only a handful of neighbors. The rest are strangers who I couldn't recognize as those who live here or not!
09/Jul/11 6:28 AM
Karen, I see you like to stir also. While we were stationed at Pax River MD I had a male house guest while Harry was away to where ever he went {too long ago to remember}. Our friend was coming down from PA to go to a school at Pax. I also let him use our van while he was there. One day he was More...
09/Jul/11 6:33 AM
I grew up in the big city and am still amazed, though I've lived here the majority of my life now, that in small town areas everyone seems to know everyone, recognizes your vehicle and remembers who was in your car, which way you were driving and at what time of day!

In the big city More...
09/Jul/11 6:51 AM
In my neighborhood we tend to let everyone know when we will be having visitors and there will be a strange car about. They take the "neighborhood watch" very seriously here. Just ask my brother!
09/Jul/11 7:04 AM
Sarah Beth: Hope Smokey gets better soon.
Rayray: just loved that joke! That's why I come back, most days, to share the joy, sadness, and the rest of the life here. Thanks to all. God bless.
09/Jul/11 7:23 AM
09/Jul/11 7:27 AM
I have lived in my house for 57 years. I know the last names of two neighbors, and the first names of three more. I think I would recognize three of four more by sight, but I'm not sure.
09/Jul/11 7:35 AM
It seems to me that once I get to know someone, they either dye or move.
09/Jul/11 7:36 AM
I'm nor kidding, there has been six murders on these block. Three in one family.
09/Jul/11 7:38 AM
We are still considered 'newbies' in town as we have only lived here 6 years. We have fitted in so well here that I am often amazed when locals forget that I didn't grow up here & have to explain why seeing so & so with what's his name is so scandalous.
09/Jul/11 7:46 AM
Good grief Dorthea, I think after the first murder, I would have gone house hunting for a new location.

My road is 10 miles long, 5 houses and one church and cemetary, I could not tell you who lives out here except for my closest nieghbor, who has given me many lectures for not waving while More...
09/Jul/11 8:50 AM
Mum and Dad lived in Coffs Harbour for 22 years before Dad died, 33 years before Mum died - they were not accepted as "locals".
09/Jul/11 8:52 AM
Nearly choked on my tea after Rayray's "letter", will be sending it to my Army brother and son-in-law, and many other service friends.
09/Jul/11 8:54 AM
As for stirring a pot, I do thank this one man for walking into my view on occassions, because he wears his jeans nicely. He walks into my view, becsuse I do not have wondering eyes.
09/Jul/11 8:54 AM
Heavy frost here this morning when I went out to collect the paper.
09/Jul/11 8:56 AM
Back home with Smokey. I am giving her subcutaneous fluid. The good news, she is resisting the treatment.
09/Jul/11 8:59 AM
Two blocks away there is a Mexican community, Lovely houses and beautiful gardens, if you like cactus. They are are friendly and often ask me to sit on benches and have lemonade, as a walk with my walker, but the houses on my block are simple two and three bedroom houses. Starter houses. Lots of More...
09/Jul/11 9:44 AM
back from work - and being able to ride my bike is great - esp when I found out - that Cheesecake Factory has a Red Velvet Cheesecake -- and where the store is located - they are having a fine arts faire this weekend --- oh, I have to work the WHOLE weekend !!! I have had cravings for Red Velvet - anything for the past 2 weeks - I have gotten my "fix" but yet, the craving remains....
09/Jul/11 9:51 AM
09/Jul/11 9:54 AM
The Path to good health -- I'm sure is paved in Red Velvet ......... --
09/Jul/11 9:59 AM
still having the movie fest at my home - picked up 9 DVD on my ride home from work - and forgot 1 -- now up to 34 items - nice that I have a week loan ! watching 1 now as I surf the net and get my puzzle fix -- enjoy your night
09/Jul/11 10:02 AM
Resisting the treatment, Sarah Beth? I hope not. I hope Smokey is responding to the treatment.
09/Jul/11 10:03 AM
Just maybe
09/Jul/11 10:10 AM
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