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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2016


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
09/Jul/16 12:00 AM
09/Jul/16 12:14 AM
Spent the last hour working with computer technician here at school to get my tablet working just right. It's going to take another two hours or so to finish.
09/Jul/16 12:22 AM
Sounds like it needed major surgery.
09/Jul/16 12:31 AM
Well, Keith, I hadn't had it in school for a good six months and they had changed all the password and encryption stuff so lots to do. I have to bring it in much more often and then it would take care of itself.
09/Jul/16 12:43 AM
Had a modem go kaput on the weekend. New one came the other day and still didn't work ... actually, there was nothing wrong with it, as it turns out; just three phone techs on the weekend who didn't know how to fix the problem and gave us the run-around. All's well now, but geez.
09/Jul/16 1:09 AM
Yes Cathy. A lot of people may think of themselves as experts but really aren't.
09/Jul/16 1:30 AM
09/Jul/16 2:07 AM
That sure is no 'little' anyone... imagine the size of 'big' Stevie!
09/Jul/16 2:19 AM
.....and good afternoon all - have a fine day!
09/Jul/16 2:21 AM
Little? I don't think so!
09/Jul/16 3:17 AM
Good afternoon to all! Little is in the mind of the person that posted this photo! Maybe their youngest?
09/Jul/16 4:08 AM
Good morning.
09/Jul/16 4:09 AM

I agree ''little'' is not the description I would use.
I imagine we have all spent time wrangling with phone techs who are clueless. It makes connecting with one that that knows what he/she is doing one of life's little pleasures.
09/Jul/16 4:10 AM
My thoughts exactly on 'little' Stevie.
09/Jul/16 4:10 AM
History made in tennis today. Our Canadian, Milos Raonic beat Federer to be the first Canadian ever in the Wimbledon final. He'll meet Andy Murray on Sunday.
09/Jul/16 4:11 AM
Computer woes remind me of jokes I've heard - and I'm sure you have too.
09/Jul/16 4:13 AM
Well done, Raonic.
09/Jul/16 4:14 AM
Two favourite jokes have similar endings, but unfortunately send up women - they're funny anyway, just s3xist.
09/Jul/16 4:16 AM
Well, a week from now Lizzie and her hubby will be here in Ottawa, and I'll be showing them around the area plus taking them to a few things they wanted to see. One is the RCMP Musical Ride Stables and then hubby (a former is not still active) volunteer fireman) requested a visit to one of our fire More...
09/Jul/16 4:16 AM
Both have women ringing the tech because their computer won't work. The tech goes through lots of questions and steps with them. The result of this long exchange was that the computer was not switched on. In the first joke the computer tech tells the person (I see no reason this can only be a More...
09/Jul/16 4:26 AM
09/Jul/16 4:26 AM
Lookin' smug.
09/Jul/16 4:27 AM
Joke 2: Ring again in the morning and see if someone else can help you. Tell them I diagnosed an ID-TEN-T Fault.
09/Jul/16 4:31 AM
The leprechauns made me do it, Keith!
09/Jul/16 4:32 AM
Was going to say the devil made me do it, but didn't want DorA unfairly blamed.
09/Jul/16 4:34 AM
I hope it's going to be a chatty day.
09/Jul/16 4:35 AM
See if I can jag a CP this time.
09/Jul/16 4:36 AM
I wonder what big Stevie looks like.
09/Jul/16 4:39 AM


In the today we have Judy, Wombat and Kathy (1/2 you practically had it). for the winners.
09/Jul/16 4:44 AM
You are given five words and five definitions. Each of the words can be anagrammed into a two word phrase that fits one of the definitions. Your task is to assign each definition to its corresponding word.
Example - cobalt: to hit a feline in a high arc (cat lob)

Words: abundant, More...
09/Jul/16 4:48 AM
I know my postings have been less than punctual lately. But, when this one comes up late I have an excuse. My stepsister is coming up this weekend for a visit. We pick her up from the airport tomorrow. I have never picked anyone up from an airport before.
09/Jul/16 4:50 AM
THX, CP, I catch enough 'flak' the way it is...
09/Jul/16 4:54 AM
I think I may have to 'write off' my bluetooth earpiece. I might have knocked it off when swatting at a mozzie, lost it out of a pocket, or put it 'somewhere safe'. Can't find it, though. Shame. It's outlasted 3 phones, and actually stayed on and was loud enough to hear...
09/Jul/16 5:02 AM
So CP. You blame the little Irish folks. Shame on you. No pot of gold for you young lady!
09/Jul/16 6:58 AM
Morning all, Stevie sure isn't little.
Visiting my sister in south Sydney for a few days to meet my new great niece Addison.
09/Jul/16 7:42 AM
09/Jul/16 9:00 AM
Didn't matter which group of little imps I'd picked to blame, I'd have been in trouble with someone.
09/Jul/16 9:27 AM
Gremlins - someone would have wanted to feed them after midnight.
09/Jul/16 9:28 AM
nEVER MIND, THE OINT WAS MADE AND MY Irish anscestors will forgive me I hope.

09/Jul/16 9:31 AM
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