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Hard Sudoku for 11/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Beautiful bloom to almost be!
Pesky impossible possums!
11/Mar/09 12:06 AM
Oh how pretty.
11/Mar/09 12:28 AM

Let's hear it for cameras and memory! Thanks, Kate. Glad you were one step ahead of that possum. In my yard, it's the deer, the rabbits, and the woodchuck that enjoy munching on buds and flowers.

11/Mar/09 1:31 AM
11:46 Hi to all. Nice photo Kate.
11/Mar/09 1:32 AM
Lovely, Kate! But will tomorrow's photo show the tragic devouring?
11/Mar/09 1:58 AM
11/Mar/09 2:38 AM
3:15 Maen! That's what I was thinking, Judy... what does the "after" picture look like? :)
11/Mar/09 2:44 AM
It's a beaut Kate - but I also think its great when there are still animals around that can come into our gardens from the wild. In my last house I had a striped genet that used to sneak into the house at night if I didn't close the window. He came in one night and ate the icing off all the little pastries I had made for a dinner party I was giving the following evening.
11/Mar/09 2:50 AM
Very good picture Kate
11/Mar/09 3:08 AM
How pretty!
11/Mar/09 3:19 AM
Great picture Kate. Those possum have no appreciation for natural beauty.
11/Mar/09 3:59 AM
Okay I'll bite Lucy, what is a striped genet, I am assuming that although wild it is not dangerous from the tone of your comment?

Aimee :)
11/Mar/09 4:53 AM
re: Genets - I went to a little zoo in a town in SW Michigan a few years back and they had a pair of genets. Genets are cat-ferret-raccoon civet type animals. They are easily house trained as pets when young and can stink like ferrets (or skunks) if frightened. I'd prefer keeping them out of my house.
11/Mar/09 11:03 AM
Kate - are you familiar with the Beverly Hillbillies TV show from the 1960s? They could learn ya to whomp up a mean meal of possum innerds. (Ain't nuthin' like Grannie's vittles.)
11/Mar/09 11:06 AM
Ah Plum...what a splendiferous idea...
I am so tired of feeding the pesky possums my magnolia and rose buds!!
[whomping possums is against the law downunder...but not in New Zealand!!]
11/Mar/09 4:25 PM
Morning Aimee and Plum - the genet is from the same family as the mongoose (you remember those doods that like to fight snakes?). Our genets dont smell which is why they can be cute to watch as they explore around the garden and altho they arent usually made into house pets as such they do get used More...
11/Mar/09 4:37 PM
Slow tonight, 16:37. all.
11/Mar/09 9:06 PM
Since we moved from San Francisco to semi-rural Orinda, we have lots of critters - deer, owls, coyote, squirrels, skunk, roof rats, quail, various birds and the newest, as of last week - wild turkeys! They're dumb & slow.
11/Mar/09 9:43 PM
That sounds really exciting Janie - quite a change from SF. Enjoy it - you are priveledged.
11/Mar/09 10:24 PM
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