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Hard Sudoku for 26/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Great, I get to see a big butt.
Beautiful day here in Kansas,first time I'm first!
5:09 great pic
5:51 Better yield to that!
interesting picture :-)
Maen all have a good day
6:18. Lovely view!!
11:23 Did the Guy or girl in the safari suit own up? THe same trip as yesterday, I'd imagine. Great pics.
Makes my butt look tiny!!!

You don't see many of them along the road around here!
6:36 Maen
Elephant never forget
How big a pooper-scooper would a person need?
And I thought it was bad when a deer runs out on the road in front of you!
Forgot the timer - memory like an elephant? I love elephants though. When I was little we had a large (to me) fenced yard & I could never understand why I couldn't have a baby elephant.
up close and personal :-o
Well Done
... how that elephant got in my pajamas I'll never know
Good mAen to all. Is there an elephant under your bed too!
Love her 'swish' tail...very sweet...peace y'all
That looks like my ex wifé's rear end
Stop! Thief! It's getting away with my trunk!
7:33 Well, that's certainly not a cat or dog!
Good maEn

Elephants Rock!

I think that Mr. Anonymous' wife is much better off without his insensitive ass!
mmm... another one of my life's must do's: go on an African safari.
'Kiss my fat butt'
Thought I'd join the 'gang', as I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments - especially the jokes! I've found even the 'hatd' can be easy if I don't allow for incorrect moves, but it somehow feels like cheating. I think I'll go back to being slow and keep working the old brain.
12:45 Good mAen all.
Very late doing yesterday's puzzle. Why did the elephant cross the road?
Just getting to and completing yesterday's (Friday) puzzle. Nice picture of Palmo Mallorco.
06/24/06 ng , some poss

Allez l'OM !
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