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Medium Sudoku for 13/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Oh how pretty! What a beautiful color! It is nice to see this on such a gloomy day here in Michigan. We are expecting rain all day.
13/Nov/07 12:08 AM
a pansy?
13/Nov/07 12:10 AM
Not awake. Much trouble with this in the middle.
13/Nov/07 12:20 AM
Pretty pansy!! We had rain yesterday. A nice steady sprinkle that went on all day.
13/Nov/07 12:35 AM
9:44 very slow time tonight, just couldn't get it together.
A pretty coloured pansy.
13/Nov/07 12:40 AM
6:36 and that was a fluke. Good close up.
13/Nov/07 1:17 AM
OK you Pansy! Suns up (behind those clouds somewhere).
13/Nov/07 2:06 AM
I quit after five minutes--I'm with Anne--just couldn't get it going. My poor addled brain ...
13/Nov/07 2:08 AM
Beautiful red flower.
Good mAen to all of you.
13/Nov/07 2:18 AM
I was slow - feeling guilty about not grading papers!!
Pretty pansy, though.
13/Nov/07 2:36 AM
6:24. Tough for a medium!
13/Nov/07 3:00 AM
I see some of us are in the same boat (or grid, as the case may be) Slow, slow, slow! Is it an epidemic?
13/Nov/07 3:02 AM
4:41 - It did seem a bit tough. Must be because it's Monday (at least in the US!)
13/Nov/07 4:54 AM
7:09. Good Maen too All.
13/Nov/07 4:55 AM
This photo must be for MizTricia after her comments on easy!
13/Nov/07 5:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice colored pansy!
13/Nov/07 5:48 AM
Normally, living a day in the (Aussie) past is not strange. Like Einstein said, time is relative. Here in the States it is still the 12th and yet it is already my birthday in Australia. Hey Oz what's it like in the future?
13/Nov/07 7:05 AM
Glad you liked it. But it's been around & around &...............
13/Nov/07 7:39 AM
Great pic - beautiful colours
13/Nov/07 8:00 AM
10.02 i must be sleeping
13/Nov/07 8:08 AM
4.28 lovely pansy
13/Nov/07 9:36 AM
9:58. no mistakes no guesses. good mAen
13/Nov/07 9:57 AM
It is so good to read that others struggled a little with this one I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me
13/Nov/07 12:30 PM
11:09 That time should make a lot of you feel better
13/Nov/07 1:33 PM
Lovely flower!!

Happy birthday Jim for tomorrow over there, please don't mind if we start without you!!!
13/Nov/07 1:39 PM
Hi All. we have just returned from a couple of days on the Hawkesbury River and I notice that one of my photos appeared on yesterday's 'medium'. I hope you enjoyed it. It should make a fairly challenging jigsaw when it turns up on that site.
13/Nov/07 7:13 PM
13/Nov/07 8:19 PM
6.37 After reading the comments on hard, I came here to medium and straight away I used possibilities which I never do on med. And it still took 6 mins!
Just didn't feel up to having my brains kicked in by a sudoku puzzle tonight!
13/Nov/07 8:46 PM
14/Nov/07 7:21 AM
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