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Medium Sudoku for 24/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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3:07 Maen! Prize indeed! Beautiful photo!
24/Jul/07 12:07 AM
You're definitely a ''Prize Rose'' in my book, Rosemary.
24/Jul/07 12:08 AM
4:09. What a lovely rose.
24/Jul/07 12:09 AM
4:26 That rose is beautiful. Is this Ian's photo?
My favourite colour.
24/Jul/07 12:26 AM
24/Jul/07 12:32 AM
Love roses, especially the pink, white, and cream-coloured ones.
24/Jul/07 12:50 AM
nice prize at the end of the sudoku. congratulations to the owner too.
24/Jul/07 1:05 AM
What a beautiful yellow rose. It reminds me of the song, 'Yellow Rose of Texas.'
24/Jul/07 1:09 AM
Debby - beat me to it on the Yellow Rose of Texas
24/Jul/07 1:22 AM
24/Jul/07 1:38 AM
5:26 Lovely Rose!
24/Jul/07 1:44 AM
Beautiful rose. I always loved roses as I had a grandma named Rose. Makes me think of her. I am in Colorado right now. Will put pictures on my page when I return.
24/Jul/07 1:47 AM
24/Jul/07 2:21 AM
Good day all, we just had a million dollar rain.
24/Jul/07 2:49 AM
Now that's a rose I can deal with. I'm allergic to the real thing.
24/Jul/07 3:31 AM

Lovely. Yellow roses are my favorite
24/Jul/07 3:54 AM
maEn! 3:59
24/Jul/07 4:06 AM
24/Jul/07 4:39 AM
Good Morning everyone.
in the Easy One I had asked 2 Quistions and ask You to share it with me.
Reason of these quistions that last weekend I have entered the V.Rich People World not becuase I win 1o,ooo,ooo $,but becuase i visit One of them and Discussed with him his/thier life .
He More...
24/Jul/07 4:51 AM
Speaking of prize winning items. The Fair opens up this week - not sure if I'll be heading to it - but I could go for a funnel cake - - oh, it's just another 15 min on the ol' treadmill
24/Jul/07 5:21 AM
Anne, you have an uncanny knack of picking my photos. I took this at the local Show earlier in the year. It was such a lovely flower.
24/Jul/07 5:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! A rose by any other name is still a rose. A nice photo Ian!
24/Jul/07 5:55 AM
Wonderful photo Ian .
Today the 23rd of July ,It is the Egypt's Revolution Day (1952).In that Day the revolution change Egypt from Kingdom under King Farouk to a republic under the First Presedent 'Gamal Abd El Nasser'
Have a nice time all.
24/Jul/07 6:01 AM
What exactly goes into rose judging I wonder???
24/Jul/07 6:17 AM
4:05 Same as in Easy. Hi to all. Do you celebrate this day Wagdy?
24/Jul/07 6:36 AM
Lizbaby4, I have no idea. Does anyone else know?
24/Jul/07 7:28 AM
Beautiful rose - deserves a prize, as does Ian for photographing it for us!
24/Jul/07 8:41 AM
Oops, I forgot the prize a bunch of my jonquils which have been flowering since 1st June!
24/Jul/07 8:44 AM
oh wow, my favourite flower .... in case you hadnt noticed.....lol
why ty Judy
Ian just beautiful
24/Jul/07 9:31 AM
Beautiful photo Ian, glorious colour!!

Poor you Rena, I love the smell of roses, and we are developing a scented garden at home!

We had just picked up an inkling Rosemary!
24/Jul/07 12:04 PM
3.53 Well, to judge a rose, you must ask it its views on world peace and also, does it look good in a swimsuit!
24/Jul/07 3:01 PM
Gail - whattt? Are you on something?
It would only apply to a 'Peace' rose, and this one ain't.
As for swimsuits - are you talking about the lovely Rosemary/Wangaratta?
24/Jul/07 3:58 PM
A rose by another name wild still smell so sweet
24/Jul/07 4:10 PM
3:25 The peace rose has been my family's favourite for a long time
24/Jul/07 5:31 PM
Rose, is Gail talking about you in a swimsuit?
24/Jul/07 7:10 PM
24/Jul/07 7:29 PM
Or have I missed the point entirely?
24/Jul/07 9:18 PM
27/Jul/07 9:38 PM
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