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Medium Sudoku for 28/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh how pretty!

Good Maen to everyone around the world.
28/Mar/08 12:20 AM
Glorious sunrise/set. Love watching the colour develop as the picture appears.
28/Mar/08 12:30 AM
Hoped the sunrise in San Diego would be as pretty, but it appears to be overcast.
28/Mar/08 12:35 AM
Beautiful sunset...Is it one of Anne or Appy?
28/Mar/08 12:36 AM
Maen all - 7:15 here. What a lovely picture!!
28/Mar/08 1:40 AM
2:59 Maen! GORGEOUS sunset!
28/Mar/08 1:55 AM
3:49 - timer must have stalled.
Lovely reds in that sky.
28/Mar/08 2:51 AM
Great sunset pic. What kind of tree is that in the lower right?
28/Mar/08 2:53 AM
With all those oranges, it must be sunset. But whatever...it's gorgeous and the photographer was the lucky one to see it in it's full glory in person! And we're glad they had their camera!
28/Mar/08 2:57 AM
5:06 Wow--that's quite a sky. Magnificent.
28/Mar/08 2:59 AM
Looks to me as an evergreen...Pine, fir, a Christmas tree...why not?
28/Mar/08 3:15 AM
5:10 no poss. I am really liking that photo... and I really like not using possibilities. Takes longer, but I have to think harder, too :)
28/Mar/08 3:24 AM
6:04. Good maEn to all.

28/Mar/08 3:24 AM
maen all! red sky at dawn....
28/Mar/08 3:48 AM
5:55 Hi to all. Lovely photograph.
28/Mar/08 3:59 AM
Wow - that is a RED sunset.
28/Mar/08 4:25 AM
Maen All... 5:00 flat. Snow again this morning! Will it ever end? We're over 140 inches for the season. Well over the annual record set in 1915-1916.
28/Mar/08 4:35 AM
This is called 'Sunrise Over Bronte' and was taken earlier last year from the kids' flat (apartment) at the end of a rather sleepless night waiting for Anne to return from UK where she had been visiting her sick mother. (Unfortunately she died two days after Anne's return.)
The tree, I think, is a Norfolk Island Pine, which has been planted along some of the Sydney beaches - notably Manly.
28/Mar/08 5:29 AM
6:54 to you all. That is a wonderful sunset photo, Ian.
28/Mar/08 5:45 AM
Lovely photo - "Red in the morning, sailors take warning; red skies at night, sailors' delight!"
28/Mar/08 5:55 AM
GOOD NEWS!! Spring has sprung in Michigan - a chipmunk has come out of his torpor and visited my patio for seeds and peanuts - I'm SO EXCITED!! Yes, I'm shouting that right now.
28/Mar/08 5:57 AM
Glorious sunrise thanks Ian.
28/Mar/08 7:17 AM
Wonderful! Thanks Ian.
28/Mar/08 8:44 AM
4.04 going up or coming down? thanks Ian
28/Mar/08 9:23 AM
Lovely sunrise Ian - I remember those Norfolk Island Pines at Manly. I stayed at the Manly Pacific once in the eighties at work's expense.
28/Mar/08 9:39 AM
28/Mar/08 10:50 AM
7:46 no poss
28/Mar/08 11:03 AM
Ian, sorry this sunset was a harbinger of bad tidings. As Jenny has so deftly quoted, the old salts apparently knew of which they spoke. I'm sorry for your family's loss, and the fact that this most magnificant display of color I believe I've ever seen coincided with your family's loss.
28/Mar/08 12:36 PM
Terry, thank you for your kind thoughts, it doesn't hurt so much now.
28/Mar/08 2:59 PM
Ian, this photo of the sunrise is Seriously, it is an incredible piece as so many of yours are. Thank you for sharing it with us despite the memories it calls to mind.
28/Mar/08 4:04 PM
5:35, a little slower than normal this evening. I thought that was one of yours as it was appearing Ian.
28/Mar/08 7:18 PM
Ian what a lovely sunrise we have just come back from western australia visited Anne in albany had a lovely time put the car on the indian pacific & drove back home via Adelaide where we stayed 3weeks with our daughter then home we were gone 8 weeks didnt have any rain saw some beautiful sunsets &sunrises.
28/Mar/08 7:52 PM
This should not have taken as long as it did but I got all finger-tied!
Well worth it though, spectacular.
28/Mar/08 9:29 PM
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