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Medium Sudoku for 5/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I thought that it would be some time before I published another blog page, but....

Today's tough puzzle is a great puzzle for study for those whom are just beginning to tackle tough puzzles. I could not resist blogging it!
(and it did not consume much time to do so)
04/Apr/07 9:26 PM
4:08 Maen. Pretty castle! This time would have been a lot better but I spent at least 45 seconds fixing DUMB MISTAKES. I hate when that happens!
05/Apr/07 12:15 AM
5:27 on a very wet, dreary day, with more ahead.
05/Apr/07 12:20 AM
7:45 very slow time tonight. I really need a good night's sleep.
05/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Looks like a castle ruin I saw in Belgium. Where is this? 82 and sunny, send me some rain please.
05/Apr/07 12:55 AM
An Impressive Building
05/Apr/07 12:58 AM
Didn't time self, but good time and earliest I have ever posted. I am for for a week for spring break. Wonderful picture, where was it taken?
05/Apr/07 1:00 AM
Is it one of Ian's Yorkshire,England pics?
05/Apr/07 1:02 AM
05/Apr/07 1:09 AM
Nice, sunny and breezy today here.
That what I was thinking, that this castle was from somewhere North of Europe.
05/Apr/07 1:16 AM
5:27, it was in the 80's yesterday, it's 51F at 10:30 today and not getting much warmer.
05/Apr/07 1:22 AM
maEn! 4:08. After a record warm March it cooled down to 30s (Fahrenheit) here again. Luckily I didn't put the summer time tires on my car yet.
05/Apr/07 1:29 AM
5:18 while wasting a lot of time
05/Apr/07 1:31 AM
05/Apr/07 1:32 AM
6:52 Hi to all. Did you know in Kettlewell they have a scarecrow festival in August, wonderful sight to see.
05/Apr/07 1:41 AM
05/Apr/07 2:22 AM
4:22. Maen.
05/Apr/07 2:30 AM
mAen all
very wet in EO today
possible snow tonight
05/Apr/07 2:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! SCarecrows in the belfry André? Post some pictures from the next festival please.
05/Apr/07 2:49 AM
André, thanks for the warning. I'll avoid Kettlewell in August!-)
05/Apr/07 2:54 AM
3:15; nice angle, another setting for a mystery novel.
05/Apr/07 3:29 AM
I took this during our visit to Yorkshire. Looking at it now I realise that it is not a photo of great beauty, particularly compared with the photos on 'Easy' and 'Tough', but I thought it was an interesting view of of a stately old home that had been allowed to rot over the years.
05/Apr/07 5:20 AM
Very interest picture ,Good shot Ian.
05/Apr/07 5:55 AM
05/Apr/07 8:40 AM
interesting pic, would like to see the whole building
05/Apr/07 8:52 AM
Jryki from Finland, you're talking about Summer tyres and Winter tyres for your car. Do the winter tyres somehow have snow chains built into them? What's the difference?
05/Apr/07 9:35 AM
Ian - not 'beautiful', but what a striking picture. Often, old/ancient has its own beauty.
05/Apr/07 10:19 AM
Rosemary, I have some photos of the building but by the time I post them and they reach the head of the queue we'll both be old. How about I post them on my flickr page? I won't be able to do anything today byt I'll try to get them on tomorrow (if I don't forget).
05/Apr/07 11:03 AM
Bill from Texas: We had 80 F yesterday and it was 59 at 5:00 AM today. The temp dropped all day until it was snowing hard about 6:00 PM and it's 30 F now at 9:30 PM. Spring in Ohio is often this way.
I'm interested in ruins, as long as I'm not the subject!
05/Apr/07 11:33 AM
4:19 I like the photo, Ian.
05/Apr/07 4:18 PM
Tess! The winter tyres are often studded, i.e. they have a couple hundred short (may be an eighth of an inch, slightly less actually) metal spikes. They help on icy surface. They don't help on snow at all. For that reason the winter tyres have deeper grooves.

It is major drag to have two More...
05/Apr/07 4:20 PM
Maen all - lovely picture. Have a great day.
05/Apr/07 4:55 PM
Hi everybody. After a couple of hours searching I have at last identified my photo correctly - it is Barden Tower, not Kettlewell. Sorry to anyone I have offended or misled
05/Apr/07 5:42 PM
For Rosemary, photos can be found on -
05/Apr/07 5:45 PM
On the contrary Ian, I thought it had to be yours because the angle and contrasts are quite spectacular.
05/Apr/07 9:09 PM
mean all , didnt missle me, arnt u good joe?
05/Apr/07 10:49 PM
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