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Tough Sudoku for 11/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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It's a cute lil' baby!
11/Aug/12 12:12 AM
Must be from that same wedding - great catch, Kate!
11/Aug/12 12:24 AM
11/Aug/12 1:59 AM
'57 Cheby stretch limo?
11/Aug/12 3:44 AM
Overlapping ALS Logic:
(3)b4=(8)b9=(47)d19 or (2)b4-c6=(2)d6=(478)d129 => d6<>4,d58<>7
I don't have time to finish this but I thought it was an interseting move.
11/Aug/12 4:20 AM
#1. LC and LS up to UP30
#2. +3b4 -> contradiction (via ac3=16 and +4gi4) while +2b4 -> UP81 (via +4e46 and i47=47)

Note : the controlling cell b4 is directly connected to all the bivalues in the upper left box and to the XChain snippets on 2s and 3s and indirectly connected to the More...
11/Aug/12 4:34 AM
Hi JC.
I apologize if my notation is not clear. What I am trying to show is that If (3)b4 then (47)d19 and if (4)b4 then (478)d129. Since one of these must be true, all other 4's & 7'3 can be eliminated from column 4. I don't care which one is true. Also, I don't use contradictions to solve puzzles, so I don't care about these.
11/Aug/12 8:56 AM
In the spirit of posting partial solutions:
1. Unique possibilities to 30.
2. Whether i5=2,i47=47;OR i4=2=b3,b4=3,b9=8,ac3=16,f1=9(to avoid the unresolvable 47 rectangle at df19);eg3=48.UP31.(e2=6).
Here, i12=9 results in b4=2, but I couldn't prove i3=9 also makes b4=2.
11/Aug/12 11:05 AM
2)(5=278)dfi5-(8)b5=(8-1)c4=f4-d6=(1)d8 ,=>d8<>5
4)(9)f1=(9-2)f2=d2-d6=c6-b4= More...
12/Aug/12 2:22 AM
Hi Bud.
Don't worry, your notation is very clear and I understood your interesting move exactly as you explained it.
On the other hand, to remove any ambiguity, I am writing '+x -> contradiction' as a shorthand notation for 'Chain[...] : forbidding matrix ... => derived SIS ... :=> -x' when I don't give details.
Regards, JC.
12/Aug/12 7:32 PM
Hi sotir, I followed your excellent logic to the end, but after step 8),I couldn't make it to UP81 yet, only to UP37.What is the next UP after e4=7?
(Some minor typos: Step 2): -(8)c5;Step 5): (8=2)f5;and Step 8): e5<>7.)
12/Aug/12 10:24 PM
I see it now sotir, I missed the 12 pair at cd6.
12/Aug/12 10:44 PM
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