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Tough Sudoku for 14/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Really??? Can't imagine her ever posing like this. What is she doing, anyway? Think I need to do a little search...
14/Jul/09 12:08 AM
14/Jul/09 12:22 AM
16:24 that was a bit of conceit, n'est-ce pas?
14/Jul/09 12:41 AM
Marie looks like she studied Karate! Something under 12
14/Jul/09 1:31 AM
Have a great day/night, everyone!
14/Jul/09 1:37 AM
Aah, Marie the Vampire Slayer!
14/Jul/09 6:09 AM
Ah the beginning of feminism. Too bad she went overboard and lost her head over it.
14/Jul/09 7:16 AM
Cast iron puzzle today:
1. Unique possibilities to 28 (pair 67 at df5).
2. If a5=1,e8=1.If c4=1,h2=1.So pairs 68 at ce2;79 at ab2;57 at df1.f2=3 (UP29).
3. If h4=3,h6=9.If h4=1,i5=8.Now (A) If g3=9,h6=9.(B) If i3=9,i9=3 (to avoid the 39 rectangle at More...
14/Jul/09 12:48 PM
We have had a lot of these lovely French statues lately! I wonder who the poor downtrodden one is??
14/Jul/09 1:55 PM
Please forbear the likely typo's. I did not really have the time to pare this one down. Here is a possible path, piecewise very shallow:

1) start 23 UP 27
2) (NP45)ef6 => b6<>4, h6<>5, df5<>45 UP 28
3a) (HT357) df1.f2 => def3<>5,d1<>68. More...
14/Jul/09 8:14 PM
Thanks,Steve for cracking a very hard nut.Your piecemeal approach to paring down the possibilities is very productive.Small typo in 4d).I think you are talking about cell g7,(not h7)?Regards,Alfred.
14/Jul/09 10:41 PM
A long path for this one
1)Start at ,basic techniques to UP=28
3)(45=4)bci3-(4=2)i8- i2=(2-1)h2=h4-(1=6)c4-(6=8)c2,=>bc3<>8
4)(8=1)i5-(1=2)i2-(2=4)i8-i13=(4-6)h1=g13-(6=7)g8-b More...
15/Jul/09 5:45 AM
Hi Sotir.I followed your solution to step 9.Some small typos, "0" instead of ")".But in step 10,you are talking about h7 and f7 (not h6 and f6)?Can't 6 still occupy d7,not only f7,after h1 becomes 6 in this step?Regards,Alfred.
15/Jul/09 11:13 AM
Thanks Alfred,
10) to read:....=h1-h7=f7,=>f7<>1
16/Jul/09 6:58 AM
23/Jul/09 3:13 PM

09/Sep/10 10:59 PM
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