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Tough Sudoku for 19/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Very easy for a 'Tough' today. Makes up for yesterday.
9:14 Maen
8:19 no guesses
Good Maen to all. Beautiful little girl Gath, dressed up for a royal birthday!
What a cutie! My brain must be tired today. Had to guess 3 times. Arrgh!
hi all,a very Good day/night from me..
not much of struggle to day to see a baby with colorful crown..took 10 to 12 mts i think.didnt time myself
Needed two guesses to finish.

It looks as if the birthday was a happy one! Queen for a day?
Very simple eliminations today. Must have been very easy for 'tough' in order for me to manage to work it out!
16.17 w/couple of guesses. Happy Birthday Cutie!
10:18 Easiest 'tough' so far.
I forgot to set timer maybe 10 mins. Queen for a day, but daddy's little princess everyday.
Puzzle's done for now so off to work!
Back from the past!hello every body!No timer but the solution evolved straightforward,without guesses,provided that a 6 is placed correctly in square 4 from the beginning as a single choice!
george what cell are you talking about with the 6
Your niece is beautiful, does she have lavendar eyes? When she is older, she will treasure this photo as we all have that wish to be...
After 29 filled nothing seemed to work. Fcs seemed to go nowhere.
This puzzle solves easily with a proper placement, but it is difficult to logically justify such a proper placement. I do not have a proof worth publishing.
forgot the timer, needed a few guesses for this one. What a beautiful little girl
So worth the picture of the princess!
steve what do you mean a proper placement
Hi Mark!
I am not really sure what I meant... Perhaps a nice way of saying that a good WAG solves it easily. (Solves, not proves) This puzzle has a number of 'keys' that unlock it. The problem is, that proving logically that the keys are correct is not so easy.
9'24. 'All girls are princesses.' --Sara Crew.

G'maeN all!
I have a not too deep, but way to many steps and sets proof.
1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 25. (UP 25).
2) Hidden pair 29 at d1,e2 forbids: 3648 from d1 and 4568 from e2. UP 28.
3) Hidden pair 15 at e8, f9 forbids: 249 from e8, 4 from f9. UP More...
In Steve's solution it reads 'i3=7 == b3=7 -- b4=7 == c4=7 -- c4=3 == f4=3 -- d6=3 == h6=3 -- h6=2 == i6=2 forbids i6=7
UP 32.'

Could someone decipher this notation? Right now, the hard are too easy and the tough are too hard.
5.52 a little princess
Butterfly princess!
Diamonds in the eyes. What a beauty.
whose little cherub is this or who would be this little princesses' aunty?
have a great day/night one and all
what a precious princess. who is the lucky aunty or uncle?
cheers. Nice pic.
Fairly easy today.

Cute wittle bubby
I agree with Cindy. I need one more number to solve the tough puzzles.
A rather hastily cobbled together proof above:
One correction needed (there are likely more typos)
Rewrite step 15)
g8=3 == g8=9 -- {h7=9,g5=9} == {g5=35,h7=2 -- h6=2==h6=35}
Conclude: g8=3 =={g5=35,h6=35} forbids g6=3.

Cindy: i3=7 == b3=7 -- b4=7 == c4=7 -- c4=3 == f4=3 -- More...
More typos:
18) b3=4 == b3=13.
b3=1 -- b8=1 == e8=1 -- e8=5 == e3=5 -- e3=6
b3=3 -- d3=3 == d3=6 -- e3=6
e3=6 == e6=6 -- e6=4 == a6=4 forbids a12, b5=4.
Nov. 22, 2007.
23/Nov/07 4:48 AM

05/Sep/10 8:47 PM
1.SST to UP=29
2.FXW(9)eh27 => h1<>9
3.(6=3)d6-f4=c4-(3=6)c5 => e5<>6
4.(2=7)i6-i3=b3-(7=29)ab4 => i4<>2
5.(6)c2=(6-3)c5=gh5-(3=257)ghi6-(5)g5=(*57)g26 => g2<>6 UP=30
6.AUR(18)ei45:sis[(4)e5,(9)i45] &
(9)i5=(4)e5-(*18)e45=(1)f4-(18=9)ei4 => (9)i45 UP=39
7.(5=1)b8-(136=5)bde3 => e8<>5 STE.
11/Dec/10 1:00 PM
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