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Tough Sudoku for 25/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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That photo has 'Wilodene' written all over it!
25/Jul/14 12:22 AM
Great picture Wilodene. Do they know how old it is?
25/Jul/14 1:39 AM
I've seen a handful of petroglyphs (in Arizona somewhere?). What amazed me is how LARGE they are.
25/Jul/14 4:31 AM
site puzzle (clearly too tough for this site!, SE=8.4) * level, 2.85 points.

1. aahs[(172')abe2=*(2)d2-d5=(2-1)i5=a5] - (149=5)a178
(2)c2-c8=b8 # -5b8
// VW(92)c8,(28)c2.g28; -9g8
// SS(8)d932.ei1; -8i9
// xy: (2)b8=b3-e3=(2-1)e2=a2-(1=4)b1 # -4b8
// xy: (8=5)d9-e9=(5-2)e3=c3-(2=8)c2 # -8d2
25/Jul/14 5:12 AM
X-101 evidently this will remain unsolved - too tough very current players....

// MW(47)f9/(7)d72.(4)d45; -4f5
1. (8=7)d7-(7=1)d2-SS(1)fa1.ad6*=(1-3)i6=(3-5)e6=(95')e78 # -8e78
// SW(18)f5/fa1,da6; -1a6, -8a1
2. [(7=4)f9-g9=*g2-(4=67)hi1-(67)f1=YW(14.7)f19,d2] - (7=8)d7
(4-5)g8=g7 # -8g7
// MW(18)d6/(8)dh7.(1)i7; -1i6
25/Jul/14 5:25 AM
1. Note h6i5=12.Unique possibilities to 26.
2. Whether g8=8;OR g2=8,c28=29;g8<>9,(h4=35).
3. If a5=5,a23=36,i5=1=e2,d5=2;27 have no place in Box B2.So g5=5.UP37.
4. Whether g2=8,ia1=91;OR g2=3;i5=1, to avoid the 13 UR @ fi78.UP81.
25/Jul/14 1:05 PM
3)( 7)b2=e2-e6=(7-3)c6=g6-(3=5)h4-(5=6)b4-(6=1)b6,=>b2<>61
4)(7)e6=(7-3)c6=g6-(3=5)h4-b4=(5-1) More...
25/Jul/14 11:23 PM
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