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Tough Sudoku for 30/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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itsy bitsy spider climbs up again
30/Jan/08 1:04 AM
31:45 to everyone. J, you were first! I thought this was quite difficult.
30/Jan/08 1:57 AM
Hi Steve (from Ohio),

Please help...! Over 2 hours then... gave up.
Maybe this one's the same level with Nov. 28/07
30/Jan/08 3:59 AM
3.54 all, again too easy. (Hint start from last no.)
30/Jan/08 4:13 AM
Definitely more of a challenge than other recent toughs. If you're having trouble getting started, know that all of the "reductions" in the top three boxes are pairs and not triplets. Look for them and that should get things rolling. :)
30/Jan/08 4:31 AM
Pretty Flowers! Have a great day/evening everyone.
30/Jan/08 5:28 AM
ttt, I'm with you. I'm giving up. For the second time.
30/Jan/08 5:47 AM
Lovely lilies, thanks Sue.
30/Jan/08 7:56 AM
Ahh, Sue's lilies! Still beautiful!
30/Jan/08 12:52 PM
Whew! That tough was tough.
30/Jan/08 1:28 PM
Very pretty, and a good jigsaw too!!
30/Jan/08 3:15 PM
mAen. 9.36
30/Jan/08 3:15 PM
I got all the reductions, but then had to resort to guesses, one of which solved everything. But I saw no way to know for sure which one that guess was. Definitely the toughest of recent puzzles. Glad to be challenged!
30/Jan/08 4:40 PM
Ok, so that was the most shocking game I have done! Full of guesses and wrong moves, I think I have left it too late in the night.
30/Jan/08 9:40 PM
I can't make a dent in it.
31/Jan/08 4:29 PM
Could anyone present a solution for this?
04/Feb/08 7:23 PM

07/Sep/10 10:44 PM
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