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Tough Sudoku for 4/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Start with the 7's and 8s for a head start on this one. In case you didn't read the comments yesterday, (I didn't do the yesterday tough puzzle until a few hours ago) I took this picture. It is the Black Watch Memorial (site of the first gathering of the Black Watch in 1739) in Aberfeldy in Scotland. Check out this site for more info. http://users.tibus.com/the-great-war/memorial.htm
Thank you fi, it got me 11:22.
at 11:40pm - 27.3 celsius, 66% humidity
thank you fi......really impressed with your tip..fastest tough I've ever done without using 'allow incorrect' but....bugger ..forgot to time myself.
Pleasure Baz! Congrats on your time!
You too Jim. you're welcome. I think this one was easier than the hard puzzle (which I stuffed up) Ah well, it's nearly midnight- I might try again tomorro if I get some time. Good night (or Good morning etc etc)all.
This one was a piece of cake. All 7's and 8's placed before starting.
I posted some comments yesterday (late) for gb and Mike. So as today you don't need your brain, I would be very grateful if you could have a look at my question. Thanks anyway for your comments.
Easy tough puzzle. All logic.
Thanks fi. 10:33. But more importantly, I didn't have to make any guesses - the first time ever for a tough.
11:24 but again a couple of guesses.
Thanks for the tip, fi! Went very fast but forgot to set time...hey ho
10:49 Night night everyone
19:39, guess I should stick with the easier ones for a while.
10:08. That's pretty good.
So excited that I forgot the timer Opps just as well I as slow as can be.
Greetings from the land for Fried Chicken
Easy one, very nice pic.
Beautiful pic fi ! Read the site - interesting information. Thanks fi !
yay 9.30 no guesses
fi, NT - I went to the website too - actually think your picture's better! Fi - Scottish name? what's the family connection?
'Easy tough puzzle. All logic.'

But isn't this the objective?
I find the ones with loads of deductions, the cubes and pentagrams and whatever (you almost have to do the entire puzzle on a piece of paper) to be just for those with lots of time on their hands, and in the end it's not really logic.
16.09 fastest yet for a tough one - better go and get dinner on!
as there's little to say today, notice the symmetrical way 7s and 8s are filled in the beginning. You might recognize by yourself the next reappearing of this easy puzzle (always the same up to minor changes). Last appearing was nov29th, with rows/columns exchanged and 2s and 3s initially filled instead of 7s and 8s.
Beat you too it lizzy D
Based on reading the comments first, I decided to time myself. I've never been brave enough to do that on a 'tough' before, but I got 10:22!!! What am I going to do with the rest of my morning?
14:15 one mistake
Valy, fi : discussion continued on yesterday's comments.
To gb: You can't have the configuration you mentioned in yesterday's comments as it has to be individual candidates in only 2 cells in a given group (row, column, block)to form a chain of conjugate pairs. (see www.angusj.com/sudoku/hints.php for clearer information)
3:47 I really am inspired tonight
8.52-either this is NOT tough,or I've grown tough enough!I think the former is most likely.
My School Rocks!
missing Andre with thought for the day
9:34 Too easy for tough.
Thanks everyone for the comments. HH- Menzies - Mum's side.
Hi everyone! well of to easy. very different building! beautiful architecture.
12.46 Fabulous picture - looks like the temple of Shiva in Java (Indonesia) or somewhere in India?? Thanks to whoever submitted it - I loved it.
15:59 A really, really good Tough time for me. Unfortunately, I think, the people who said this puzzle wasn't THAT tough are correct.
4.11 is that got to go
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