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Tough Sudoku for 4/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A place I visited about 12 years ago. A wonderful experience. I wonder whose photo it is. I don't think it's mine.
04/Mar/19 12:23 AM
Whoops! Just checked my photos and it is one of mine.
04/Mar/19 12:25 AM
Enough Sudoku. Good night Anne
04/Mar/19 12:31 AM
04/Mar/19 12:43 AM
It’s a great photo Anne. Must have been a fascinating trip.
04/Mar/19 1:25 AM
Thank you, Fi. It was amazing. I think there will be quite a few photos of that trip coming up now. It's been a few years since they were last on here.
04/Mar/19 1:28 AM
04/Mar/19 2:01 AM
(S.E. 8.3) Basics to 26
1. (5)b8=h8-g79=(5-2)g3=(2)b3 =>-2b8; basics to 31
2. *(6)gh2=d2-d8=e9-^g9=(6)g123*-(69=7)h12-h8=(7)i9^ =>-6h1.i13*, -6i9^
3. (5)h8=h56-(5=9)i6-de6=e4-(94=8)bh4-(82=7)f48 =>-7h8; basics to 32
4. (7)c7=df7-(7=2)f8-f4=(2-6)i4=a4-c5=(64)c13 =>-7c13
5. (9=7)b2-a1=(71-6)a46=i4-(6=2)i5-d5=(2-6)d8=h8-(6=79)bh2 =>-9df2; singles to 81
04/Mar/19 4:33 AM
Beautiful place to visit!
04/Mar/19 5:09 AM
Basics to 26
1.X-chain x=6 =>[h1,i3,i1] <>6 Kraken cell h8
if h8=5 => g3=5 b3=2
if h8=6 a7=2 b3=2
if h8=7 => f8=2 a7=2 b3=2 =>b3=2 Basics to 31
2. if g3=5 => UR 17 df27 =>i3=5 solve
04/Mar/19 5:39 AM
SE= 8.3,
Basics to 26
2)(6)e9=e3-g3=(6-4)g9=(4-5)g7=(5)e7,=&G T;cdi3i9<>6,e9<>5
3)(6)e9=(6-2)d8=d5-i5=(2-6)i4=(6-1)a4=e4-(14=9)de6-(9=5)i6-i3=(5-6)g3 More...
05/Mar/19 6:06 AM
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