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One of my better attempts posing with a statue.  All I can say is that it's lucky for anybody seeing it that there's no audio.


Youtube- Julian Bream and John Williams playing my favorite piece of music, Claire de Lune, by Debussy.

It's hard to tell which one was worse, his playing or my voice.

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Hey Keith, Yes, you do have your work cut out for you after looking at some of these other pages. I can't talk although I've tried, my page isn't looking like I want it to either. I'll drop by tomorrow with flowers and some wine and cheese, so we can exchange ideas.
Hey Keith - feel like I'm covering a whole neighbourhood by going 'door to door' to everyone's 'my page'!

My housewarming gift to you...a tasting platter of bbq'd roo, croc and emu...believe it or not they do taste good!
Hi Keith
just passing and saw the lights on and thought I would come and say hello. I will leave you a little for afternoon tea.
Almost bedtime for me, so i wondered if we could have a hot chocolate together?
Just passing by to say hello and of course have brought you some chocolate to eat while you are doing up your room!! Cheers!
Hi Keith,thanks for the cuppa.
Son Robert took some great photos along the coastal road between LA and Monterey, while he was in there in August, looks like a beautiful part of the world.
Hello Keith, nice to see you've moved in and thanks for the welcome. I'll skip the beer, thanks, but if you've got a wine it would be appreciated. Come and visit me sometime at my place.
What a great picture, Keith! My feet are up, the snacks are lovely, the ambience relaxing ... would you mind handing me a cold one? Thanks!
I love it that this is very much a food site. andré, thanks for the chocolate. It's awesome. Billy, absolutely loved the bbq. CP, just before bedtime is perfect for hot chocolate, and it goes well with andré's offering. Rola, I'd love to see those pictures. Are they in Flickr? Anne, I hope you More...
No Keith, the photos are on his computer. I need to have a chat with him about flickr.
Keith my dear, have you gone to my flickr page? Please check it out and meet my family then drop by as we compare experiences with timtams and vegemite. Please note that I've left you a gift of wine and cheese...I do hope you will enjoy. You are also a proud owner of an open invite to my page when ever you can make it. Take care. your picture. My URL is on my page.
Mamacita, I was just at your Flickr site and your page, and enjoyed both. My Flickr name is the same as here, Keith from CA. That should get you to my pictures. Anybody else that's curious should feel free to take a look as well.
Thanks for the hot chocolate, Keith, i enjoyed it.
Keith just been browsing through your photo's. Loved the statue ones!! Nice to meet your family and get a tiny look into your family life x
Hi Keith! Very nice page you have here. I checked out your flickr pics and they were wonderful. Your grandkids are adorable! It's so nice to be able to put faces with names.
Keith, hello! What a comfy place you have here. Thank you so much for the snacks and tea. I love your picture. I will leave you this case of rosé from the vineyard... a very good year, indeed! Oh. almost forgot... please call at the vineyard should your supply run low. We have an endless supply just waiting for you. Cheers!
WoW Keith, When you do something you really do it well. I enjoyed my visit to your flickr site. Your shots are so clear...what did you do? I'm jealous. Wish mine looked that clear. Thanks for dropping by, come again anytime.
Thanks bert and Mamacita. I've put more family shots on Flickr this morning.
Thanks for stopping by my place. The jigsaw puzzle is a nice addition. Hey, looks like you like cruising? I am putting together a group cruise (read: discount rate) to the Caribbean on January 7, 2008. The main group is my alopecia foundation friends, but I am trying to turn it also More...
mAen Keith, nice to put a face with the name. Looks like everyone is comfy here, thanks for the beer and snacks!
Keith. I am now so darn hungy I have to go get something to eat. Do you have any Canadian cheese to go with all these cold cuts?
Keith - thank goodness you have put out a BIG buffet table since I am so late getting here! You really know how to do things up nice. Haven't checked out your other photos yet, but I will soon. Thanks for your hospitality.
Wow, Keith, I love the spread. I just finished breakfast now you bring all the real goodies out. Oh, to heck with the diet. Thanks, yes I will stay and join the party.
Greg, that's just a small glimpse of the buffet. The cheese offerings are from the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon, and the Loletta Cheese Factory just south of Eureka, CA. Both fine cheeses. I'll be by your place to try your cheeses too.
Keith, you are man after my own heart!!! what a spread, mind if I just kick back and have another beer and some of the wonderful food. If I fall asleep just throw a blanket over me and call me satisified!
LK looks so peaceful under the blanket. Shhhh everyone ... let her sleep, but keep working on the buffet, it won't last.
er Keith i need your help a bit here..can you just tell me which are veg??a lil presence of egg i dont mind...yeah,those pastries and cakes will do for me..yes coffee and with whitener plz ofcourse..yes thats great...thank you..
it was wonderful and plz accept this stuffed doll, an elephant studded with gold and silver borders..yes its from Gujarath..
ap, thank you so much. What a lovely doll.
Keith, WOW! What a lovely spread you have here. You are a fine host. Your guests are happy, full and totally relaxed. Thanks for the delicious tasty treats. Have a great day.
Keith you do not dissappoint!!! Where should I start? at 1 and work my way to 9?, do they have numbers on or should I just tuck in? I see Linda is still sleeping so best eat quietly... oh and a little wine.. Cheers!!
Keith, the buffet looks wonderful, just don't know where to begin! Thanks for the redwood! I will try to get some of the naked sudoku photos loaded onto the site this weekend. Just remember, there was a small amount of alcohol involved!
andré, after a while, I'll change to a dessert picture. You'll like that one.
Tres noice, tres noice!!

Just what I need fr lunch... and a clas of crisp sauvignon to go with that!! mmmm

Now I had some tghing fro you Keith... where is it? Ah Here! Some strawberries (from Scotland), Some Johnny Walker Black, and some Tasmanian honey. I'm not sure what you'll make of it... but do your best. :)
Obviously ... from my spelling - I could probably do without the sauvignon.
AHHHHH Keith , you've done it well. The food and drink have really filled. A lovely repast one can say, can only wonder what else you have up youir sleeve. I need your help here and need you to contact me. If you don't have my email , please check with Ed..I want to talk about a matter we both are More...
Keith, I wish redwood burls would grow in FL! I like redwoods a lot better than palm trees. If you need Mamacita's address I can give it to you. How's the buffet holding out? I'm waiting for the dessert section so I can pig out on chocolate with André!
Mind if I pop in and join the party seeing that you night owls are still all up and about.
Keith, the spread still looks as good as ever, I can't wait to tuck in to it. Yum, Yum!
Kieth, Love what you've done with the yard! Do you hire out?
just stopped in to say howdy
Sarah Beth, I must admit I have a gardener that does the hard stuff that I used to do when I was younger and in better shape. I still love to tinker out there, and help him, but I'm realistic about how much I can accomplish.
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