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I'm a student studying in the USA. I'm currently a high sschool senior, I'll be unhappily going to college next year because all the incompetence and my inability to study hard and acount for productivity will be shown significantly throughout the course of the incoming miserable years... I shall be hammering away at life little by little until I've achieved greatness, i.e. success. Everyone lusts for money, I'm no different; however as you get to know me, I'm not all about cas$h, but what this generation and every other gnerations of men want... success and happiness...

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Welcome to the site,had to laugh at your first
12/Aug/10 8:53 AM
hot summer days here in the Chicago area - don't really lust for money - but I am off to pay college costs this morning - just a little windfall would be nice -- I guess, have to learn to make my More...
12/Aug/10 10:37 PM
Lust! Hoping you enjoy your time here with us! Cheers!
13/Aug/10 12:47 AM
Dear Lust4Money.
You are ,

13/Aug/10 2:52 AM
thx all, but i have a question to ask... does doing sudoku tell anything about a person? particularly a hard puzzle
13/Aug/10 4:55 AM
to your own page, Lust4Money!

That's an interesting question. Personally, I think doing Sudoku puzzles does tell something about a person. It would tell me they enjoy mental exercise, are logical, use common sense, and have good More...
13/Aug/10 6:40 AM
I wish you sucess in your studies, doing the harder puzzles will help in your concentration. Good luck.
13/Aug/10 8:27 AM
thank you ill try to do some every week
13/Aug/10 9:43 AM
I hope your studies are going well and you are still doing the Sudoku puzzles!
17/Nov/10 5:43 AM
im actually doing printed ones
17/Nov/10 1:58 PM
To: Lust4Money

17/Nov/10 3:49 PM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
Just wondering - has your outlook on life changed in the last year?
17/Nov/11 12:23 AM
17/Nov/13 7:52 AM
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