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Maddancer from Toronto (Markham), Ontario! Mad about dancing and mad about Sudoku. Mad about a lot of other indulgences as well! Love this site and enjoy being here. Kiss

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hehe...we need another mad dancer on the site...stop me being lonely!
maddancer to sudokuland.
Lots to do around here other than puzzles...enjoy exploring...
BTW..where in Canada are you from?
29/Dec/08 11:05 AM
Happy happy to all from Canada (Toronto area...aka Markham Ontario).
29/Dec/08 1:58 PM

to .

So glad you have joined us, we need more mad people around here!
29/Dec/08 3:45 PM

Hope you have a great time here, I sure do, so take a load off, come in and enjoy. Drop in and visit some time and tell me about where your from. cheers for now.
29/Dec/08 9:03 PM
Hi maddancer
Welcome to sudokuland. Hope you have fun in here. I am also a dance lover... Been square dancing for over 10 years. ... but feet get excited to any kind of music.... hard to keep still sometimes! What kind of dance do you prefer?
Looking forward to read your post. Cheers for now.
10/Jan/09 4:19 AM
I dance to anything and everything - I've done all kinds of dancing in fact. I just gotta move!

It's really really cold here in Markham, Ontario, Canada... minus 35 degrees BELOW zero today with the wind. Snow storms imminent too...

Just came back from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon where it was sunny and warm and beautiful!

Cheers! Irene aka maddancer!
25/Jan/09 4:45 AM
Maddancer, a very to you.

I hope your day brings all you desire.

You photos are fantastic, thank you for sharing them.

23/Jul/09 12:11 AM
Hello Maddancer! - to you! I hope your day is a very special one!
23/Jul/09 12:21 AM
Hello Irene, not certain if you are still an active member of our group, but just in case, a very happy birthday to you, hope you are out celebrating somewhere on your special day, here's do dancing the day away, enjoy and be happy!

Aimee :)
23/Jul/09 12:37 AM
Happy birthday Irene (I presume). I missed your arrival on the site, and you must be a lurker as I don't recall seeing you post. A;ways nice to see another Canadian here. Have a wonderful two-day site birthday, and share your fun with family and friends! Cheers! More...
23/Jul/09 4:43 AM
Many Happy Returns.Enjoy your special day.
23/Jul/09 6:55 AM
getting ready to go to the county faire today - got a free ticket from the summer reading program - I hope your day is just as special - enjoy, Mary
23/Jul/09 10:55 PM
Maddancer! Hope you have a wonderful day!
23/Jul/09 11:17 PM
Oh, once again it's fair time here in the Midwest so before I head out the door - wanted to wish you a great day --
23/Jul/10 12:12 AM
Hoping you have a wonderful day.
23/Jul/10 5:18 AM
Happy birthday Maddancer (Irene). Do you still visit the site? I hope so! Have a wonderful birthday! Cheers!
23/Jul/10 7:01 AM
Maddancer, have a wonderful fun filled day.
23/Jul/10 7:14 AM
Happy Birthday, Maddancer! I hope you have a great day!
23/Jul/11 1:05 AM
many happy returns of the day. Hope you have a great day and lots of cake
23/Jul/12 8:10 AM
maddancer! Have fun & hope you get in a lot of dancing for your birthday!!
23/Jul/12 11:37 AM
Happy Birthday Irene! Keep on dancing!
23/Jul/13 7:21 AM
23/Jul/14 3:46 AM
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