Submit your own Pics!

Think you have a better picture than the ones we've currently got? Well, we're programmers not artists - so I wouldn't be surprised!

You can submit your own pictures to If they are chosen, everyone will see them when they solve a sudoku.

There are a few points to remember when submitting photos:
  • File size must be under 50kb
  • The photo must be in .JPG format
  • The photo must be square in shape.
  • The photo must be at least 300x300 pixels.
  • Do not submit the same photo to all the categories (Easy, Medium,Hard etc). Just choose the category you want it to appear in and submit it once. Duplicates are deleted.
  • If you do not see your picture in the first 3 days, do not resubmit it. All accepted photos are displayed, which can mean there is a waiting list to get through. Again, duplicates are deleted.
  • Please don't submit multiple variations of the same picture (ie, 50 pics of your grandson/dog/favourite pencil). Once or twice is great; just choose the best and send it in.
  • You must own the copyright on the picture (so no downloading any old clip off the net).
  • This is a family site, so nothing too racy. If you can't tone it down, at least make it funny so we can have a laugh before we delete it.
As we get heaps of photos each day, we will delete any that do not meet all the criteria. If you are having a bit of trouble getting your photos the correct size, then you can download this Image Processor to help you out.

Note:Since there is now a bit of a backlog of photos - photos that are submitted will also be shown on and This way, you get to see your photos faster.
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