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, Gail! Have a good one! You truly are a great ambassadress for your lovely country!
15/Apr/10 6:50 AM
Happy Birthday Gail! I hope you have a great day!!
15/Apr/10 7:19 AM
Gail, I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of love and fun with your family and friends.
15/Apr/10 8:55 AM
Happy Birthday Gail

15/Apr/10 9:29 AM
Happy Birthday Gail - have a wonderful day, whatever you have planned and remember - birthday/chocolate - words that go together so well!! Enjoy!!
15/Apr/10 10:09 AM
Happy Birthday!!!!!!
15/Apr/10 10:21 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Gail!!!
to you!
May your special day be wongerful with a and lots of !
15/Apr/10 10:31 AM
15/Apr/10 1:03 PM
Hope you enjoy your special day.
15/Apr/10 1:33 PM
Hello Gail, and my very best wishes for your special day also!! Hope it is filled with love and laughter!!!
15/Apr/10 3:24 PM
I'm so glad I slid in in time to wish you the happiest of birthdays. I hope the year ahead is filled with unexpected blessings. Jesus bless you.
15/Apr/10 9:48 PM
At least I got to your page in the that other place....
today and how different it is to this time 16 years ago...WOW...doesn't time fly!!!
16/Apr/10 3:17 PM
Happy Birthday Gail,

and sorry for my late wish, 'coz i'm on a trip and only today i opened my internet.

I'm now in down Southern part of Thailand. If you are interested I took a video on Thai Kick Boxing, and the match was btw the young Thai girls.
You can look up in my facebook.
19/Apr/10 9:19 PM
Thanks for the anniversary wishes.
21/Apr/10 2:49 PM
Oh Gail, thank you! No one as ever complimented my cyber singing before. I thought I squeaked rather decently. Mind you nothing to brag about but I won't send you screaming from the room!!!
22/Apr/10 11:09 AM
Hi Sweet Thing!
So cool to find your message on my I was just thinking of stopping by to see you!
I'm so happy your day was special. You deserve the best, my friend!
Sending big hugs and lots of love your way.
I'm busy getting the veggie garden area set up. I have the deer More...
23/Apr/10 1:01 AM
Gail, thanks for the visit, I enjoyed what you had to say...
26/Apr/10 12:55 AM
HI Gail
Looking forward to meeting them. I'm sure we'll have a good time.
29/Apr/10 9:54 AM
It is a hilarious video , isn't it!!! A little to close to the truth!!!
29/Apr/10 11:00 AM
Thanks Gail for the birthday wish!♥
04/May/10 7:47 AM
Gail, Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed it and many more to come.
04/May/10 1:12 PM
Depends - I think I won't be celebrating my birthday this year. My mind thinks I'm a lot younger than the mirror tells me!! I am lucky though, my 19yo daughter keeps me on my toes.
06/May/10 9:34 AM
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gail!!!
13/May/10 11:48 AM
Here I am, late, my friend, but no less sincere! Haven't been visiting the site much lately so I'm missing out on important news, like your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful celebration and that those you love treated you like the empress you are! I wish you all the best as you go forward in the coming year with more adventures and the love of those around you.
22/May/10 1:36 AM
Hi Gail. for the birthday wishes. Less than 2 months til my first home-water dive of the year (hope the wetsuit still fits )
26/May/10 12:37 PM
Hi Gail, Thanks for the birthday wishes. The wheels keep turning but are a little slower than they once were and a little rusty.
28/May/10 1:08 AM
Thanks Gail
Janet is on the improve. She suffers periodically from sinus. Forgot to take her tablet last night and was blocked up this morning.
04/Jun/10 9:34 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes! how do we find each other on Facebook? I don't know how to send a private message here. Let me know the secrets, please..;)
10/Jun/10 12:47 PM
Hi Gail, and thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope all is well for you in Cockatoo. Best wishes from Perth, Thomas
17/Jun/10 6:20 PM
Hey gorgeous Lady,
Thanks heaps for the birthday wishes. I'm not sure it can get any better than this.
luv you girl
23/Jun/10 9:19 AM
HI Gail - thank you for wishing me a happy birthday - no, my day wasn't a puzzle thank goodness, although one thing is; how come I am already the age I am?? It just doesn't make sense!!
28/Jun/10 8:28 PM
for the anniversary wishes, Gail! Although Jaime and I spent a quiet evening at home last night, we will be heading down to Fernandina Beach in a couple days for our "official" celebration at one of our favorite restaurants. ♥Jane
30/Jun/10 4:08 AM
Hi Gail, thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I hope everything is going well with you and Scott. Love, Ian
04/Jul/10 10:38 AM
For the wonderfully warm birthday greeting. It is so fabulous to have sudoku-family from all over the world share in my birthday.
17/Jul/10 11:55 PM
Thanks Gail, for wishing my boy Stephen Happy Birthday
19/Jul/10 11:01 PM
Gail, for the birthday greetings. My Sudoku family from all over the world is the best.
22/Jul/10 3:15 AM
Thank you sweetheart for the b'day wishes for my dad. What a magical evening we had! My dad even got teary at one point. So sweet!
23/Jul/10 1:12 AM
Thank you so much for the warm birthday wishes, my dear friend! Hope all is well with you and yours ... have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for thinking of me!
31/Jul/10 4:00 AM
Gail - thank you for your kind words of condolence on the loss of my husband's mother. She as 102 years old and had lived a long and amazing life. We are sorry to see her go, but knew it was time.
08/Aug/10 12:10 AM
It is 10:30 am in Montreal. The baby is schedule for between 12 and 6pm . I cannot be in OR room ...too squeezy... Hubby will have a small spot at some time after drapping done. Cesarian is done under epidural... my daughter doesn't like hospital and could faint at the look of blood.... She is very More...
14/Aug/10 12:52 AM
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