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Hi Ms Tricia,
Thanks for your complimentary remarks about the tribute. I did work hard to make it nice. It seems to have paid off. After a bit of nail-biting over delivery it reached Peter, Lynda's husband in Perth, and he is grateful for it and approves of all the moving comments. He also liked More...
20/May/08 11:48 AM
I tagged you MizT. I didn't check if anyone else did too so sorry if you get thumped twice....
21/May/08 10:38 AM
Thank you Tricia for making my birthday a special one. and for sending the E-card it was very thoughtful of you.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 12:50 PM
Thanks for the welcoming
Thanks for letting me know about your recipe… what a surprise! I am having a bad flu and was looking for something simple to eat when I found it on website www://.chefs.com you may want to give a look. Did you give recipes to that site? Are you a chef? I haven’t try it yet …too much headache…I will as soon as I feel better.
28/May/08 10:20 AM
I am originally from Canada. I moved in Australia 2 years 1/2 ago. Since I left every thing behind, Web sites are my cook books. You may want to brows this one ….for recipes from all around the world. http://fooddownunder.com/
28/May/08 10:34 AM
No hurt feelings... We use recipes the same way. It is more fun that way and most of the time easier. I never can remember more than one step at the time....and never seem to have all the right ingredients at the right time. ..the good thing I don't do the same recipe twice even though I use the same basic one. Have a good day
28/May/08 2:29 PM
Hey MizT I hope you had a great one
04/Jun/08 1:11 PM

My Medicare started on the first day of my birthday month. Sorry for the confusion my SA4 post about medicare caused! BUT thank you for the good wishes. Those are always welcome!
04/Jun/08 1:25 PM
Taking the time to say thank you for your message of love and support through the tough times with my mum, and her death. My heart has been lifted by the warmth and love shown to me here.
05/Jun/08 12:57 AM
I'm back MizT!! All is forgiven!! Ta muchly!
07/Jun/08 6:29 PM
Hi MizT, I tried to take photos but they keep coming out with a bit white blob in the middle. The whole point is that the scars really arne't that bad. They are visible, but not disfiguring, if that makes sense. I don't think I could cope with 4 at a time - unless I was out to it. BCCs are More...
09/Jun/08 6:15 PM
Hi MizT
Hope things worked out okay after the lightning strike. Do you have any more news about the damamge? And hubby DOES need an internet connection in the dome - so you don't have to negotiate for sudoku time!

I so related to your feeling after hubby has run inside in the storm! I was lucky and had time to think before mine did the equivalent in the riots!!
14/Jun/08 7:13 PM
A good news, bad news kind of day. I agree it must have been something on a power pole that was hit - the odds against 3 houses in the same street being hit at the same time must be huge! I am sooo glad you are your home are okay..
15/Jun/08 6:22 AM
Hope your special day is filled with many happy surprises!
18/Jun/08 12:38 AM
my dear friend Tricia

18/Jun/08 12:43 AM
young lady!! Enjoy your day!
18/Jun/08 12:50 AM

to you
to you
dear Trish
to you

You deserve 2 days of celebration!! Enjoy and:

May the Dear Lord bless you
May the Dear Lord More...
18/Jun/08 12:58 AM
Dear MizT,
Peace for your soul. Joy for your spirit. Love for your heart. May these things be yours, especially today. Have a wongerful birthdayday.

18/Jun/08 1:12 AM
only one day in birthday but you can keep the extra day since we get to celebrate for two here!
18/Jun/08 1:15 AM

18/Jun/08 2:44 AM
, Tricia! May one of the Super Ladies of the site have a wonderful day!
18/Jun/08 3:40 AM
Happy Birthday MizTricia1.
18/Jun/08 4:25 AM
Hi MizT! Are you up for a two-day party? Happy birthday, and I hope your day is filled with family, friends and fun! Cheers!
18/Jun/08 5:24 AM
MizT! May your day be full of fun, laughter, friends and love!
18/Jun/08 6:41 AM
MizT, May you have the most wonderful Birthday ever.

18/Jun/08 7:14 AM
Hi MizT - I hope you have a very happy birthday. May your day (or two days for a Sudoku birthday) be special.
18/Jun/08 7:54 AM
Lots of Hugs and Kisses. Be good!
18/Jun/08 8:27 AM
to you
Have a very nice day
18/Jun/08 9:12 AM
Miz Tricia happy birthday have a good one

Cheers frpm Oz

18/Jun/08 9:31 AM
Well, to you this fine day, I hope you are enjoying your speical day - it's a nice cool day here and will be the rest of the week. Take Care, Mary
18/Jun/08 9:46 AM
hey MizT Have a great one
18/Jun/08 10:11 AM
MizT, hope your day(s) are filled with freinds, family, happiness and laughter. Wishing the coming year is even better that the last.
18/Jun/08 12:30 PM
Happy Birthday, MizTricia. I hope you have a lovely day. It was my birthday on Monday and I received lots of wishes from the sudoku family.
18/Jun/08 2:54 PM
Dear Tricia..HAPPY, HAPPY
Hope you have an absolutely splendiferous day..lots of love, laughter, good friends, good wine, sudoku, plenty of and anything else your heart desires.
18/Jun/08 2:56 PM
MizTricia. I hope your day is ful of fun & laughter with plenty more to follow! More...
18/Jun/08 3:18 PM
MizTricia, my dear SA friend, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly (for me really, I know you don't drink it!), a Choc Mud (I was up all night baking it for you) and a HUGE bouquet of roses to help with the 2 day celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.

18/Jun/08 3:52 PM
MizT, hope your day is all that you wish for and much much more.
18/Jun/08 4:24 PM
MizT, wishing you good health and happiness on the second day of your Birthday.
18/Jun/08 6:41 PM
MiZT - although I'm very late wishing you a I hop you're having or had a really great day. Some pressies for you to enjoy
18/Jun/08 6:44 PM
Sorry I hope ( not hop) you have a really great day
18/Jun/08 6:50 PM
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