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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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..... to a new page Gath!
17/Jan/08 2:16 PM
Oh pity the wrath,
From the great mighty Gath,
Directed at Internet hosts.
He's worked day and night,
So all would be right,
And people would not just see ghosts.

I'm sure he's not done,
But like everyone,
I'll visit the site when I can.
Because it's a shame,
When we can't play the game,
I am a Sudokuland fan!

17/Jan/08 2:17 PM
Another one Gath....

After seeing all the comments today, I couldn't resist creating this little ditty....

The Auusies had a party,
On this Sudoku site.
Exchanging comments smartly.
Till wee hours of night.

Then Europe joined the action,
And brought their jugs of More...
20/Jan/08 7:33 AM
Dedicated my current U-tube to you for providing this site and all the hard work & effort you put into it. Hope you can take a few minutes to relax with: Johnny Mathis and "Twelfth of Never".
21/Jan/08 4:39 PM
Gath - Is there someway I can change my server from explorer to firefox? No hurry, but if I go to jizsaw, I have to sign in when I come back.
22/Jan/08 6:30 PM
Hi Gath,
when I tried to put pictures in my text area they come out as a frame with little red crosses. Your pictures on your site are only crosses on my computer. Why is this?
30/Jan/08 8:13 AM
thanks Gath will try again with the ones I have on Flickr.
30/Jan/08 3:20 PM
a test message
30/Jan/08 5:23 PM
message to gath onsite
30/Jan/08 6:35 PM
test from me
31/Jan/08 3:30 PM
Gath, I see you are talking to yourself, is this because you are going slightly mad from all the dramas? I'm not surprised!
Just popping in to say hi and to wish you all the best.
for all the work you have put into keeping this place running for us, as you know, we are addicted, not only to sudoku but to this site.
01/Feb/08 10:19 PM
Hi Gath,
Were is Dilbert the comic strip? or can only supporting memeber see it?
04/Feb/08 3:16 PM
Ok, this widget is different than the ones I have on my desktop (I have an iMac). So when you mean widget it's getting a comic strip? Am little confused.
04/Feb/08 3:17 PM
Hi Broni,

It seems that the widget not visible in FireFox - it works fine in IE

Shosho - here is an explanation of widgets:

04/Feb/08 3:45 PM
Thanks Gath, have checked out wikipedia and as I don't understand any of it, I think I can live without a widget. Enjoyed Dilbert though! Thanks for all you do to keep us hopping happily along.
04/Feb/08 4:07 PM
Hi Kate,

Doesn't anyone have a teenager handy?

'Widget' is just a general term for something you can embed in your page. Eg: The YouTube player is a 'widget'. There is also a sudoku widget provided by this site:

04/Feb/08 4:24 PM
Here is another explanation of widgets:
04/Feb/08 4:25 PM
Using IE7 and can't find the Dilbert Cartoon
04/Feb/08 7:06 PM
Ahh - I *was* stuffing it up. Now it should be visible to everyone (if it still doesn't work, then most likely you need to install Flash player).

04/Feb/08 7:30 PM
Hi Gath. Thanks for all the fun! A set of speakers has appeared on the computer desk here, so my computer might be getting a voice again & I might be able to indulge in people's u tubes as well as all the other features you offer! Thank you!
06/Feb/08 11:08 AM
Thanks Gath for fixing my comments. And for this site.
09/Feb/08 3:40 PM
Just making a test post to check if comments are working.
11/Feb/08 9:56 AM
I love I can has cheezburger so much! Cool Widget Gath.
16/Feb/08 3:12 PM
Thanks, Gath for the info on fixing run away comments! And I can hear You-Tubes now too!
20/Feb/08 10:37 AM
Love the Widget today!
26/Feb/08 3:19 PM
Dear GATH.
Iam very glad to stop by your page to say HELLO and thank your efforts too much to keep everyone happy and keep his mind working.
You are wonderful.
28/Feb/08 9:54 PM
Your widget is hilarious! Almost fell out of my chair reading that one! How is Kym doing? I hope over her morning sickness! I'm sure you'll have a beautiful baby!
I was wondering if it were possible to add the option of joining without getting a page? Was just asking so we don't lose all More...
29/Feb/08 12:31 PM
Hi Gath, you have attracted good people to this site, thank you.
01/Mar/08 12:49 AM
quick test of the date
11/Mar/08 1:57 PM
G'day Gath, it was a pleasure meeting you.
I look forward to the next meeting !
12/Mar/08 11:17 PM
Gath: Thank you for letting us foreigners into your country. A beautiful country it is and all of you folks so friendly. Its been great for all of us to join in. I'm pretty new and your kindness to me has been super. They say no question is stupid, but... I'll keep trying (and learning I hope). Cheers, Cheryl
14/Mar/08 8:47 AM
Lovely to meet you and Kym the other night Gath, always good to have a face to put with the name.
14/Mar/08 11:07 PM
making sure comments work
16/Mar/08 8:51 AM
Hello from Florida USA!
I have noticed that when I first come to the sudoku site and have a new message, a box pops up and asks me if I would like to see it.
Instead of sending me to the proper page, however, it always sends me to page 1 of my personal page. I wish you could make it so that More...
23/Apr/08 5:00 AM
Happy birthday Gath! I hope you have a super day with your family and friends. Enjoy to the fullest!
12/May/08 9:29 AM
Gath, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of bubbly and a Choc Mud to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
12/May/08 9:47 AM
Thank you both - much appreciated

12/May/08 9:56 AM
Rosemary said that today is your birthday! So uh, hm, uh,
to you,
to you,
dear Gath!
to you!
May your day be wongerful with a and lots of More...
12/May/08 10:11 AM
Hi there is a busy little day in Sudokuland for birthdays....

Hope you have a wonderful day ... and that this is the start of an even bigger and better certainly will be DIFFERENT! ... I'm sure Kym will spoil you rotten. BTW hope Kym is well.
I agree with Shosho ... a pullet surprise aint so bad ....
12/May/08 11:27 AM
Gath, Have a wonderful day.
12/May/08 1:31 PM
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