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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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Have you all 'cracked' yours yet - what ? - you didnt' get one?

Here you go - and you - and you - let's have some cracking now.

And dont forget to share your 'cracker' joke.
OMG! I started out from Melbourne and got lost in the smoke, Rose I drove past your Motel in Wang but decided to keep going. On to Boorhaman, up to Chiltern and then had to double back thru Carboor and Bobinawarrah. Finally arrived in Beechworth, starving, had a great pie at the bakery …. Now More...
leave the gingerbread man alone ......... ok billy just a little nibble. billy .... billy ... now he has no head left billy .....
puff! puff! Thought I would be late but looks like the party is still swinging.. bought a decorated gingerbread house to decorate the corner. Don't worry that they lollies look to have been pre-licked. Sophie assures me that she was just doing quality control and they are all delicious!!
rotfl Mel and sophie
not sure we will know the difference after all the fruit punch!!
Pssst - Rose - has she put the poor GB Man down yet ?

shhhhhh Col
think she is devouring him ...
OMG poor GB man
OK time for another sing-a-long

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
dr. Elmo, 1979, dr. Elmo's Twisted Christmas

Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
Walking home from our house Christmas eve.
You can say there's no such thing as Santa,
but as for me and grandpa we More...
Did someone say Christmas party?
Hi Everyone,

Is there some problem with the comments?

Okay! I'm home from bowling. Where's the party. You girls drank all my eggnog!!??!! It's coming up to midnight here in Ottawa, so why aren't the songs are getting raunchier? Poor Grandma. That reindeer shoudn't drink and drive. Where's Gath and Kim? I want to wish them a wonderful party (and a Merry Christmas!! Party on all!
Lost page 2! Found page 3! And three french hens!
It was christmas in prison
And the food was real good
We had turkey and pistols
Carved out of wood
And I dream of her always
Even when I dont dream
Her names on my tongue
And her bloods in my stream.

Wait awhile eternity
Old mother natures got nothing on me
Come More...
Hey! Gath! It was waaaay cool to talk to you, thanks for creating all these great websites and friendships. BTW the 'Christmas In Prison' lyrics are from a singer named John Prine
Gath, a few of us (at least) can't use the next page button (it brings you to a blank page). The only way to get to the last page is by posting a comment. This is troubling for those of us who want to know what exactly Billy has been up to on page 2.
Dashing through my chores,
or ignoring them today.
House is none too clean,
It really turns me grey.

Bills on table pile
Making it a fright
Oh what fun it is to do
My sudoku tonight.

Oh su do ku, su do ku
Su do ku's the way
to sharpen up your logic
but More...
OK....we talked about this..Billy JJ , Anne and I are the GingerbreadMEN M ?if so are they X-rated or
ambiguous?hmmmmm just a thought for the cookie...person M/F ?
Love the jingle sudodu fi...were you looking in my window?
tut tut tut - I asked him to fix it. Does anyone else think Gath might be having a little laugh at our expense?
and Gath and Kym. Thank you for a great site!
Jingle Bells. Santa smells,
From his busy day,
But who cares, I can tell,
We're all here to play,

Sudodo puzzles and the games,
This is why we come,
Some use really idiotic names,
But we all have fun!

Dashing over the Internet,
Meeting virtual friends,
Having More...
I think Gath is playing christmas games with all of us but we will overcome that by just adding more comments and songs and party till we can party no more.
Fi and CG
great songs, we have so much talent here on site ........
heard there were four calling birds somewhere around here
Party on all! I need to get some Cheers to all, and the best of the season!
Sorry, no calling birds on page 3. But give us a call on page 4. (Now where did I put my cell phone...)
Night! JIM Night! Greg Promise we wont party to late ...(pause)... NOT! LOL
I still haven't found WOORAGEE, Got distracted browsing the antique shop in Yackandandah, I saw a bottle shop just down the road, a Local Red will be nice. I tell you they just love Mel Gibson up here ..... still trying to find WOORAGEE ..... Rose !!!! Help !!!! you are a local.
----i/>$> $ >\i
--i/vvvvvvvvv v\i

Dah dah!!!!
what a beautiful christmas tree .... and you spent so much time decorating it too .... you must need a glass of eggnog or a drink fruit punch. non-alcoholic of course!!
if we find the woolshed at Wooragee we may have to change personas and have a different type of shindig.
mmmmmmm could happen after a few more of these delicious drinks of fruit punch!!

Big Russ may be hangin out at the woolshed!! did it! Beautiful tree!
Goodnight all. Have a wonderful party!
Time for another christmas carol while I can still read the lyrics ......hic...

Jingle Bell Rock
Bobby Helms

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun
Sarah Beth
good night ... we could be still here in the morning ..hic ... thanks for joining in the party.
♪♫♪Clickin onto Gaths Wonderland♪♫♪

Clickin away... on the keyboard
clicked on a site... 'Sudoku Puzzles'
now here we all play
all night and all day
clickin onto Gaths wonderland

Here we can play...all the puzzles
or you can go ...into the chatroom
I guess you More...
Phew, finally made it. The snow is so damned thick, or is it the smoke, or the traffic. Hell, I know, it's those bloody reindeers blocking the way.
I'm dying of thirst, where's something to quench my parched throat. some of us had to work today, you know, well, for awhile until we started on the wine.

Hey, fi, I love your tree. You finally conquered it.
I'm dreaming of a dry Christmas
Just like the ones they have up north
Where the dust is swirling
and the blow flies twirling
but oh, how nice to be up there

Hey, where is everyone. I finally make it to the party and you've all buggered off and left.

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas
without my friends from sudoku land
they've all gone AWOL
and left, the turmoil
oh, how mean they are to me
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