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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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.... you're on the next page Gath!
P.S. - When will be posting a picture of yourself and Kim?
Hi Gath

Just popped in to say thanks for such a great site and the continual work you do to make it better. WOW - hasn't it changed since it first started - is it really nearly 2 years ago ?
14/Mar/07 6:43 AM
Hi Gath, Perhaps we have all been working so long looking at the puzzle the OLD way of how the possiblilites appear, that the new way looks strange. With time, I think this 'oddness' will pass...personally, for me, it made it harder when ENTERING the possiblilites than when trying to solve...once I More...
14/Mar/07 9:11 AM
Thanks for being so quick to respond to the unpopular change in the way possibilites are shown - I liked the old way better and will use that option to revert to it.

Could you please make the final entries in the squares bold so they are not confused with the possibilities which are More...
14/Mar/07 4:18 PM
Hi Cass,

I haven't made the final entries bold as I don't want to confuse them with the original entries that are supplied when you start the puzzle.

However, the possiblities are a lot smaller than the normal entries. Is this not working on your browser?

14/Mar/07 4:58 PM
Hi Gath, this site really rocks!
2 things though - on another site that has sudoku on it you can use the roll button to change up and down the numbers which makes it easier than clicking back down onto the number grid below the puzzle. Just a thought.
Second thing, is there any possibility More...
14/Mar/07 11:28 PM
Hi, Gath!
Checked out your blog--didn't know you had so many websites up and running!

Interesting business you and Kym have with the ''Hidden Bars''. Whilst looking at the photos, I was surprised that the 2 nice looking ladies had the caption 'Eurotrash' until a few pictures later when More...
17/Mar/07 6:30 PM
Hi Topaz,

Topaz - Your membership will automatically bill your paypal account every 6 months, there is no need to reapply. If you have canceled your subscription on the paypal site, then send me an email and I will try to work something out.

17/Mar/07 7:09 PM
Hi Aileen,

The bar tour is great, it gives me a chance to be social after all this time in front of the computer.

You're right, the name of the bar is 'Eurotrash'.

17/Mar/07 7:11 PM
Nice photos Gath. Good to see you and Kim in the same picture! Really like the sign!
31/Mar/07 8:09 AM
Lovely pictures. I hope to go back there one day.
03/Apr/07 7:14 AM
Hi Gath - You are doing a great job with this site. Thank you!

You pictures are great!

Here is wishing you and your lovely wife a very Happy Easter.
06/Apr/07 8:31 AM
Hi Gath - You are doing a great job with this site. Thank you!

Your pictures are great!

Here is wishing you and your lovely wife a very Happy Easter.
06/Apr/07 8:32 AM
Thanks Everyone!

06/Apr/07 9:22 AM
Gath and Kym
wishing you both a safe and happy easter.
thanks for all the new updates to the site but time is not enough to get around all the things the site has now.
06/Apr/07 9:53 PM
Gath and Kym
Wishing you both a very safe, warm and Loving Easter.
07/Apr/07 1:59 AM
Happy Easter Kym and Gath! Thanks again for this great diversion!
07/Apr/07 3:35 AM
Hello Gath,

Just dropping into everyones pages to wish them a Happy Easter (I think you need an easter bunny smilie)... oh well, I hope you and Kym have a safe and Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 8:30 PM
here's easter bunny hopping on by with easter eggs for the kids ...... oh ok the big kids too!
07/Apr/07 10:20 PM
Hello Gath and Kym - just dropped in to wish you both a very Happy Easter and a relaxing(hopefully) and safe weekend.
I love your photos taken in New Zealand. It's a very picturesque place, isn't it. Now that my youngest daughter has just moved there I may have to go back there sometime.
08/Apr/07 7:54 PM
Just atest Gath.
14/Apr/07 1:49 AM
antoher test
14/Apr/07 7:37 AM
Hello Gath - well done on getting the site back to normal after all the trouble you had. I see the couple of comments I made last night but didn't see then have actually shown up this morning.
14/Apr/07 9:39 AM
Gath - the hugest thank you for everything.
14/Apr/07 7:02 PM
Great work again Gath - you seem to have had your hands full over the weekend with all the breakdowns. I hope you have finally sorted it out and things can get back to normal for your sake.
I hope you and Kym enjoy the rest of your weekend.
15/Apr/07 12:33 PM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your support!!!

(hopefully things will get better real soon).

16/Apr/07 12:26 AM
Hi Gath
Just wanted to say thank you for your care of this site and of the people who post to it. It is the one thing that everyone says that the people here are just so nice.
Love the photos - is that North or South Island. I was actually born in Thames on the Corromandel Peninsular near Auckland - but don't hold that against me as I left when I was only 7 weeks old.
27/Apr/07 7:52 PM
hi gath and kim
thanks for the photo - it is so nice to know what the people you read/talk to look like.
hope nz was amazing - the photos are wonderful!
i wanted to thank you for the pleasure this site brings me - i don't get much time to spend with friends, but get my little fix every day More...
28/Apr/07 7:15 AM
Hello Gath. I know how tough the decision you made yesterday must have been. Not something you need or want to have to deal with, but hopefully there will be less personal attacks on you now as well. I, like everyone else I'm sure, appreciate all the hard work you put into this particular site. More...
28/Apr/07 11:20 AM
Great photos Gath, Love the Slow Down sign, that is great!
01/May/07 5:24 AM
HELP!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I love your sudoku site. Someday I hope to be a supporting member but for now I think its awsome the rest of us can get smiles to use. My problem is I misspelled my e-mail, sent it to try the free membership and now can't correct it because my 'user name More...
01/May/07 6:06 AM
gath,great photos. really enjoyed them.
just wanted to thank you so very much for all of this and all you do. i enjoy being with you all, every day. you and kim are adorable!!! have a great day, and thanks again!!!
01/May/07 6:35 AM
Thanks for all your effort in mainaining this site. It is wonderful to see the truly global responses every day... PLUS stimulating games to keep the brain active.
01/May/07 9:45 PM
Gath, we were talking at school today about how everyone can do things that change the world or make it a better place. Do you realise how much pleasure you give to so many people all over the world, and what a 'family' you have created with your wondeful site? It is addictive. At times I seem More...
03/May/07 3:11 AM
What else can I say? This site is the best and keeps getting better. You do a wonderful job.
04/May/07 4:15 AM
Thanks for a wonderful site, Gath. I've wanted to become a supporting member for a long time, but I wish that having a personal page could be an OPTION. The cost, of course, is not the issue. Things that have happened on the site over the past year make me unwilling to display that much personal More...
05/May/07 2:05 AM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your support & nice words! This site is almost 2 years old now (wow!)

05/May/07 1:24 PM
Wow Gath! Congratulations. How time flies when you are having fun!

I am having a bit of a problem updating my page. Are we having a 'hiccup'?
11/May/07 8:11 AM
Hey Gath
Did you get my email about the hacking program on your blog?
11/May/07 10:18 AM
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