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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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Thank you Gath!
11/May/07 10:55 AM

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday ro you
Happy Birthday dear Gath
Happy Birthday to you
12/May/07 10:12 AM
12/May/07 10:47 AM

Have a wonderful day and nurse that hangover.

and for such a wonderful site.
12/May/07 10:51 AM
P.S. It's one of my grandaughters birthday today, too. She's 10 today.
12/May/07 10:52 AM
Happy birthday Gath and wishing you many more.
Thank you for this site.
12/May/07 1:37 PM
Hey Gath there may be a winner in the last to post, but every one is waiting to hear from you!!!, by the wsy happy birthday.!!!
12/May/07 1:50 PM
Happy Birthday Gath,

12/May/07 6:40 PM
♪♪♪Happy ♪ Birthday♪♪♪ Gath
12/May/07 6:59 PM
Happy Birthday Gath! Stay sober!!
12/May/07 8:20 PM
Happy Birthday!
13/May/07 10:56 AM
Hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just attempted to send you an e-mail to thank you for all you have provided for us here. I have one small suggestion. Perhaps you could add some sort of winner announcement at the top of the Last to Post competition page. It appears that some More...
13/May/07 1:43 PM
Thanks for starting this site, and keeping it going and getting better. Well done! It is holding my family together. lol
15/May/07 10:34 PM
Hi Gath, Thank you for starting this site. I really like the challenge of doing the puzzles and the people who you have attracted, too.

I became a free member to your sudoku site 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I didn't receive an e-mail with a password so I can't log in. Can you help me? I will check back on your page to get your answer. Thanks again fo a really great site.
20/May/07 9:35 AM
Gath, I would also like to know to become a supporting member, what the conversion of $15 au. would be in USA $.
20/May/07 9:39 AM
a message
20/May/07 6:37 PM
Hi LynnDee,

I've sent you a message about your membership.

I'll provide a way to upgrade a free membership to supporting in the next few days.

20/May/07 7:30 PM
Hi Gath a belated thank you for the welcome to my page. The guest house you stayed in must have been fantastic it looks great in the photo. Keep up the good work you do on this site it's a credit to you.
20/May/07 11:24 PM
Gath, Looking at the comments on today's hard; Any idea as to why some people see different pictures than others?
21/May/07 6:41 AM
Ok, now I'm really confused. It looks like you are using 2 pictures per day on Hard. You have been starting off with one of mine. Like today with the 4 planes in formation then after some hours, it goes to something else. Also, I just noticed, all the pictures you have been using of mine, since More...
22/May/07 6:41 AM
Gath, Thank You....LynnDee
23/May/07 4:41 PM
The archives look good, thank you. We will have to wait and see how the daily puzzle is working. If everyone is seeing the same picture all day, it's cool. Thanks again.
23/May/07 10:46 PM

Strange things are happening again.

Now we lost the Comments in most places but not everywhere. For example; I see yours and I saw Linda from MN. but Angie, Billy, my own, Canuk Greg and all the puzzle pages are gone. Klicking the Show Comments button does no good. ????
28/May/07 4:31 AM
Ooops, now after I submitted a comment about the comments.... yours disapeared too.
28/May/07 4:32 AM
This one is just to see if the counter goes up from 264 to 265.
28/May/07 4:33 AM
so who r u im just really curious on who u r i like to no who people r i like wrestling do u like wrestling i no its fake but its cool sooo i hav like a million frends how bout u i was just searching 4 sudokos i luv sudokos do u like sudokos ok gotta get off now bye bye hottie
28/May/07 7:19 PM
hi its me again just wondering r u single im single wanna hook up
hi people from altona college
28/May/07 7:23 PM
r u gunna reply 2 me or am i waisting my time
sorry i hav a waiting problem i luv i luv hip hop im also Emo not
28/May/07 7:25 PM
o yeah can i bcome a supporting member can i can i if u dont answer me i can bcome very annoying
28/May/07 7:28 PM
Hi Rachel,

Sorry for not replying - but I wasn't at the computer.

Not really single either, thats my wife in the pics.

You can definitely become a member though, just click the 'join' link at the top left of the page.

28/May/07 7:59 PM
Hi Gath

Just wondering if you managed to find whatever was spooking my computer about your blog site?

And it seems I missed your birthday so a belated from me. I hope it was a good one.
29/May/07 11:10 AM
hi i was just jokeing bout the get together thing thanx XOXOXOXOXOXOXOZ bye
29/May/07 4:21 PM
Hi Rachel,

No problem. You might prefer boxing?

29/May/07 4:32 PM
test of the messaging
03/Jun/07 10:56 PM
the messaging
04/Jun/07 11:20 AM
the messaging
04/Jun/07 11:37 AM
the messaging. hope this works!
04/Jun/07 11:55 AM
testing of the emails!
05/Jun/07 5:39 PM
Thanks Gath, for a great site.
07/Jun/07 7:59 AM
Hello, Gath. I have sent you an email about renewing my membership, which expires on 15th June. Can I send you a cheque, as suggested? How much extra will it cost to do it that way? Time is running out if I am going to get it to you in time! I love this site, and want to remain a paying member.
08/Jun/07 11:00 PM
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