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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am yet another of your adoring, loyal subjects, King Gath. Altho, according to my husband, if I dont turn the computer off in 7 min he'll me from it indefinitely. I think thats your fault.
09/Jun/07 9:55 PM
Gath, HEEELP! The SA page has disappeared. I didn't do it! Please fix it. When I go to the link it takes me straght to the first page with no comments!
10/Jun/07 7:10 PM
I don't know what kind of magic you used but so much. (bowing whilst leaving)
10/Jun/07 7:23 PM
Good afternoon Gath, how are you this fine long w/e. Sorry about yesterday, I was acting like a sook! Angie said you wouldn't mind if I came back calmly to mention another minor prob I'm experiencing. Cant get into the chatroom, is that because of where I come from? Any suggestions? Also, while I'm More...
11/Jun/07 1:30 PM
Hi Gath, thanks for the newsletter! I was wondering if it is possible to program the site so that when you enter a particular area, ie: Easy page, personal page, SA page, etc., you could be sent to the most recent page rather than the first page? I don't know if it can be done, but I thought I would ask anyway! Thanks!
14/Jun/07 2:40 AM
Oh thank you, thank you. I was not to sure about being an asterisk! I'll try it out later.
14/Jun/07 1:08 PM
wonderful photos two make a lovely couple !
15/Jun/07 4:31 PM
Gath, have left a question for you on the 'Members help and info,clips page'
16/Jun/07 7:25 PM
Gath for getting my page started. I really enjoy visiting all the different members pages. You do a great job!
18/Jun/07 12:51 PM
and Gath for all you do. I really enjoy doing the sudoku puzzles and love the pictures that become my 'treat' after I'm done. Thanks again and have a great day. Mary

19/Jun/07 4:16 AM
Hi Gath, I haven't visited you since I became a member, but I really do love this site - have been playing the puzzles for about a year & 1/2. Thanks for all your hard work. I was just wandering if it may be time to do something about the SA page as we are all experiencing problems from time to More...
19/Jun/07 1:46 PM
Thanks Gath, you are tops.
20/Jun/07 2:40 PM
Hey Gath. Thanks for the great time at the Melbourne bar tour last night. Great bunch of people there and a good time was had by all. Well done, you and Kym are great hosts.

P.S. Robotech aka, Battletech rules :)
23/Jun/07 12:45 AM
Hello Gath -
I have made my way to your page (nice pix, btw!) in hopes that you are the go-to guy for problems. I am a fairly new member (maybe 2 months now), and quickly became enamoured with the 'remove possibilities' feature. This feature suddenly stopped working for me this past weekend. More...
27/Jun/07 5:13 AM
Gath and Kym
thank you for the good wishes and gift for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot here More...
27/Jun/07 4:26 PM
Gath and Kym,
So glad I had the pleasure of meeting both of you. What a great night Thursday was, many thanks for that and sorry we inconvenienced you re the unscheduled rooftop tour...
I never got to say goodbye after Rose's fantastic BBQ brekky, but i reckon we'll be doing another bar tour sometime in the future. Take care you two x
27/Jun/07 7:23 PM
I would like to continue my supporting membership. I thought I would be automatically billed every six months, but my membership no longer exists. Why? Please bill me and reinstate my membership for your wonderful site. Thank you. Tricia from Nemo, TX
27/Jun/07 9:56 PM
Hey Gath - thanks for your quick response. I don't seem to have your e-dress so I'll have to send the requested info to your page. I use Windows XP (Prof) + IE7.0.5730.11 Seems like you guys have a frolickin' good time down there. . .
28/Jun/07 3:08 PM
Gath - me again, and hold the phone - it turns out my problem is resolved simply by clicking the 'Auto Remove Possibilities' radio button. I am embarrassed (I thought I looked at that) and confused (how did it get turned off???) - but in any case, I'm good to go. Thanks much - Meredith
29/Jun/07 2:58 AM
Hi Gath. Just popping in to wish you well and thank you once again for providing this international site for games, fun and friends. Hope all is well with you and Kym! Cheers!
03/Jul/07 5:15 AM
Thank you for visiting my page.
04/Jul/07 12:30 AM
lovely photos Gath and Kym!! will make it down your direction one of these days - if I can only persuade André...!!!
05/Jul/07 5:51 AM
I'm not having any probs mate.
05/Jul/07 5:00 PM
But I noticed your times are a...about!
05/Jul/07 5:01 PM
Who.....widdle old me???
I would never do anything wrong Gath, you know me!!!
BTW tell the missus she's got a page will you so she can play as well.
05/Jul/07 5:33 PM
oh cutting copying and pasting the addy from the you made me more lazy Gath!good job..and thank you for the same..
06/Jul/07 6:51 PM
and shall we use this gallery as our online storage?just like flickr??if so whats the size of the space provided?
06/Jul/07 6:54 PM
If you guys and ladies liked my soccer video than you will like what I put on this site. Just go to clips and go down to movie trailers and theres ratatouille.
07/Jul/07 12:48 AM
GATH!! it appers that PUZZLE BUBBLE HAS GONE MISSING!! eeeeep! please can you fix it i must finsih the game....mwhahahah
07/Jul/07 11:24 PM
Yes - thank you so much. Really appreciate it and sorry again for the bother :)
08/Jul/07 4:13 AM
Thank you once again Gath for all you do for us. Now even I can have photos on my page.
I know its early but CHEERS!
08/Jul/07 11:06 AM
Gath, I love the gallery but the link to it has disappeared from my page. What should (or should not) I do?
08/Jul/07 11:58 PM
don't worry. I found it hiding under the print on the right hand side of the page... a firefox prob when i have it restored down.
09/Jul/07 12:02 AM
Hello, Gath!
I wondered if you had added a link on the member pages which would take the member to the webpage where one can shrink photos, as well as a link to the webpage you created to help us upload our photos onto
If it is already there, I don't see it, and if it is not there it could be very helpful!
09/Jul/07 5:44 AM
OK, I used the page to upload my photo, went to my member page to see it... and no picture. What did I do wrong? Was I not signed in? Where did the photo I uploaded wind up?
09/Jul/07 10:47 AM
The filename of the photo is DSCN5463.jpg if that is of any help. I tried signing in again and still do not see it. Thanks for creating a photoshare option on the site, it could grow by leaps and bounds.... hope you have plenty of storage space available :D
09/Jul/07 10:58 AM
Hello, Gath,

I note that when my member page displays, there is a large gap at the top of
the page where I would like the first of the pictures (the picture of me) I
uploaded to be displayed; also, newer pictures replace the first picture I

Is there a way More...
09/Jul/07 12:26 PM
which of the chinese symbols (AKA icons) controls table definitions? I have looked at each and every icon which has the word 'table' in it and removing the only '100%' I could find had no effect, but the icon was not 'table definitions' exactly
10/Jul/07 9:27 AM
Hi Gath, I have sent you several emails via your 'contact us' link, top right of page, but have not received a reply. I wonder if it is working? For some reason my pics are not displaying on my page. I get a square with red X in it ... I have tried four different resizing programs, including yours. What am I doing wrong? Say Hi! to Kym
16/Jul/07 9:15 PM
Hi Gath, Last night I was trying to finally get some pictures on my page. When I tried to download your thing for the pictures (like it said I could), I made the mistake of trying to put it in 'my pictures' area and suddenly I lost all my pictures there. The only thing there was a folder with 4 of More...
17/Jul/07 6:19 PM
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