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Hi Everyone,


Here is a photo from our recent trip to NZ




I finally got the widget that I want! I love LolCats Laughing


And check out Flynn! - This is just 30 minutes after he was born Smile

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I think I probably lost everything for good !!!
17/Jul/07 6:21 PM
Hi Gath...again
Please forget about answering the previous question. I don't want Mike to see that I lost all our pictures. Thanks.

I just tried to upload 2 pictures to my page. I clicked on browse for each one then, since I still can't figure out how to make my pictures smaller, I clicked on upload. But, they aren't on my page. What else do I need to do?
17/Jul/07 7:11 PM
Just wondering how you decide which pictures to use for the jigsaws. I not been a member for all that long but have some photos repeated many times and some from the same members constantly. Do you have to be a supporting member to have your photos used? If so you should mention it on the home page so that people know the rules. Thanks. Great site.
18/Jul/07 1:11 AM
Gath, although it's already afternoon there. What will you come up with next, e'mailing each other now.
I don't think I can keep up with all your changes although it's always nice to have a go.
Keep up the good work.
19/Jul/07 12:30 PM
Hello Gath, I came by to say for fixing the picture gallery bug and for this great site. You are always coming up with something new on it. I this place. Some for all your hard work. With your new features and More...
25/Jul/07 5:34 PM
Thank's Garth,this sudoku site just keeps getting better.Cheers.
25/Jul/07 7:08 PM
You rock Gath. I received an e-mail today saying I had a new message. The message was one of those scams that keep cropping up. I headed to my page to report it, and it was ALREADY GONE! Thank you...
18/Aug/07 6:18 AM
Hi Gath, I see you are also the recipient of the scam emails. It must be annoying that someone is hijacking you site to scam people.

21/Aug/07 6:44 AM
testing the new anti-spam
21/Aug/07 10:11 PM
Gday mate, just popping in to say hi. Thought I'd leave you with a bottle of bubbly and a plate of nibblies to munch on while you sit at your pooter. Thanks for all the work you put into making this the most addictive thing any of us have ever encountered before!
ps Kisses to the Missus.
03/Sep/07 4:15 PM
Gath, At the time of posting this comment all of my previous avatars were the heart (even though I had not selected that Avatar at the time of posting those particular comments) I will now post this comment and see if they ALL change to ying yang (see my previous with heart on your page 8) Here we go !!
05/Sep/07 11:36 AM
OK so they didnt change on your page here or on My page BUT they did change on other peoples pages ie Jim/Jupiter and Billy/Perth. All of my comments on their pages now show ying yang even though I did not use those at the time of posting the comments on their page.
05/Sep/07 11:42 AM
I just changed back to my heart and it has also changed previous ying yang on here too LOL
05/Sep/07 12:07 PM
Test Change 1
05/Sep/07 12:12 PM
Test Change 2 - sorry it took so long work interrupted me LOL
05/Sep/07 12:24 PM
OK it just changed 11.36 - 11.42 above also, they were butterflys before I changed to heart! But 12.12 stayed the same (butterfly)
05/Sep/07 12:27 PM
Gath, Prior to posting this message my avatar on the message dated 5 Sept was ying yang, (and is so on all other personal pages) I have now changed my avatar to a heart lets see what happens! If it changes to a heart on 5 Sept and other personal pages then the problem still exists :)
10/Sep/07 7:05 PM
Ok, so they all changed on your page and not on others this time :(
10/Sep/07 7:12 PM
Have a great time away, you two...or else!
13/Sep/07 12:15 PM
I am having trouble with the site, I get no puzzle, pictures, ads, anything, just a blank page - this has been true for about 6 hours. Don't know if it is just me or a site problem. Thanks! good mAen!
15/Sep/07 7:39 AM
Gath, for all the work you do. Now... would it be a simple task to give us more space to work on the jigsaws? You could put the left hand column further down the page so that we have the full column width for playing with the pieces.
20/Sep/07 2:20 PM
I mean full page width
20/Sep/07 2:22 PM
hey gath. long time no see. first my work got in the way then i spent some time in the hospital. when i got back on everything was changed. you have done a very great job with the site. take care.
06/Oct/07 4:06 AM
Hi Gath! No question. Just a sincere thank you for this great site! You are always right on top of any problems that occur, so my withdrawal symptoms are short lived
Thanks again....
09/Oct/07 3:36 AM
Good Mean Gath,

I was wondering if you have ever considered not asking people for their year of birth. I know that I myself would gladly provide the month and day of my birth but am somewhat leery of providing the full birth date because of the escalating problem of identity theft and such, More...
16/Oct/07 12:26 AM
Hi Gath, thanks for such a fun site. There have been lots of repeats lately, some very old ones, but some that are recent but have been doing the circuit - Sudoku to jigsaw & vise versa repeatedly. Some are mine, some are other peoples. Lots of people are saying they've submitted photos which More...
21/Oct/07 10:36 PM
ok - no comments?
25/Oct/07 5:26 AM

All this time I find one bugging difficulty.

Suppose if two places are like this

xy xyz ... ....

Somes times I fail to understand when to take xy as a hidden pair and when the part of the solution is tobe taken as xy z ... ....? Kindly let me know.

Your discussins have helped me a lot.
03/Nov/07 10:41 PM
Checking on the time
09/Nov/07 10:59 PM

Specially for your own page, here is a re-run of my thank-you for your recent work in revamping the site:

Great King Gath hath,
like Hal and Wenceslas before him,
tamed a whirling surge of time, which,
like reactive force from ascending More...
14/Nov/07 1:20 AM
Gday Gath, just passing, thought I'd drop in!
All is well in my corner of the globe and I hope it is the same for you and yours.
Will be going to the Chrissy get-together, looking forward to seeing you both, assuming you are coming.
All the best,
24/Nov/07 8:45 PM
Hi Gath.
One small question about the site - what has happened to the 'horror'scopes? They seem to have disappeared. Is it the site or are the problems at my end? Have clicked on the link 'Daily Horoscopes' without success either.

Congratulations on a wonderful site and all More...
26/Nov/07 1:53 AM
Hi Garth,
Amazed the members are all over the world. I like it.
I raise my glass to you.
Take care,
Broni & Bella
06/Dec/07 12:02 AM
On the 16x16 - there is a problem with the use of possiblities. When you enter a second possibility, ABCD also come up. You cannot get rid of them without removing all the possibilities.
06/Dec/07 5:47 AM
Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
10/Dec/07 4:13 PM
Gath & Kym - with best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Best wishes
Anne x
16/Dec/07 9:56 PM
Have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years xx
17/Dec/07 3:12 AM

Gath & Kim
Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing More...
17/Dec/07 10:16 AM
well I'm not in the chat room but I was. Merry Christmas Gath and Kim. Just wondering if there is any way that I can be fi rather than fii as a member?? or do I just have to sign in as a non member to keep my old name?
18/Dec/07 1:51 AM
For got to get all festive with the smilies
18/Dec/07 1:53 AM
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